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  1. Hello was wondering how long a driver shaft should measure with adapter if I want it to be 44 "and a half using a ping g400 head I think most guys on the tour use this length most store shelf shafts are 45 "to 45 "and a half any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hello was wondering if purchasing a new golf bag as far as cart bags which one of these bags would be the better of the 2 any information would be appreciated thought maybe somebody on here may have these bags thanks
  3. Does anyone on here have the new AP3 iron set from Titleist and if so do you think they are better than the AP1 set thanks
  4. Hello I just got a set of iron's 4 thru pw,aw is there any more clubs I should add as far as wedges go thanks
  5. Fleckcrowe

    Golf clubs

    Hello have a question my golf iron set includes 4 thru pw ,aw do I need to add any clubs as far as wedges go thanks
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