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  1. I've got one listed on ebay, ending tomorrow.....starting bid $19.99. Check it out
  2. I've been playing for a couple years now and until recently was hitting my irons pretty well. I upgraded my starter box set to Ping G5 irons which I just sold today. The reason I sold them was ever since I was given a 5 hybrid......I cannot hit my irons anymore. I shank nearly every shot with my irons. It frustrates the heck out of me. My thought was to buy a hybrid set. My current clubs are: TM burner superfast driver - 10.5 degree - stiff Nike sasquatch 3 w - 15 degree - stiff TM burner 08 3 hybrid - 19 degree - stiff TM burner 08 5 hybrid - 25 degree - stiff
  3. ^^ agreed. I enjoyed the Tavistock coverage much better than the GolfLogix, Ab Circle, and Medicus infomercials :D
  4. You are da man Three Putt!! That's perfect. I never even thought about the driving range. That along with the optimal viewing areas.......greatly appreciated.
  5. I think Nike Golf has a very valid point about having an opening the entire round and players up your butt. That makes me very uncomfortable and makes me play faster. I hate holding people up. If I'm waiting on a group and there are others right behind me, so be it.......but if there's something I can do to speed up play I will. From what it sounds like in this case tho is even if there wasn't a gap the people behind would've still been hitting into them because they were a**holes. And hitting into the group in front of you ONE TIME being forgivable.......whew. I have done this but not
  6. I found some info on the tourney at http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/r475/ this includes tee times for the first and second rounds.
  7. if i was on the course 6 days a week i would very likely go once a week if i could afford to do so
  8. i'd have to say it's going to depend on how much you're going to practice if you're taking a lesson weekly but can only get to the range one more time per week, you're not going to have enough time to work on what they're showing you so really you're paying for practice time in my very short experience with lessons i'd say every 2 - 3 weeks is optimal - even with 2-3 range days and an round per week. i did once per week for 3 weeks and for me it was overload. i had to take a week off to get back to enjoying what i was doing.
  9. I'm going out on Friday. I've never been to a PGA tour event. Any pointers?
  10. i couldn't even fathom a hole in one at this point of my game.........if i did I might be so excited that I would...........but probably not i agree with everyone in my group, including strangers. i would think that after buying the house a drink people would be kind enough to treat you the rest of the time you're there..........but in this day and age that probably would not happen.
  11. like stated above - it's the little things that will help you get your ball flight where you want it to go will the angle adversly affect your ball flight? i don't thinik so but consistency is what you're aiming for in this game
  12. i've got a similar handicap and am taking a lesson package right now previous to the lessons i was playing about twice a month, sometimes weekly my mother booked the lessons as a pair and she paid for them - she set them up every week this forced me to start going to the range and playing more often because I actually want to get something out of the lessons lesson 1 i learned how to swing - i was doing nearly everything wrong lesson 2 - i was corrected on some thing - learned some basics on chipping (8 iron and pw distance in air vs roll, etc) lesson 3 - corrections on my swing again
  13. I started UNT back in 94. I didn't finish......but I had a blast trying ;)
  14. I prefer people standing behind me on the tee box. More eyes on the ball helps me keep my head down as i'm not worried about where it's gonna go. I don't talk, stand in someone's line, or move around when they're about to hit the ball and have always gotten the same respect. Anytime I'm paired up with someone or a group I gear up mentally to play with a-holes but have been pleasantly surprised most every time.
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