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  1. +1 A friend of mine suggested these and I think they're great.
  2. Haha, I think 'Alice' is the best. Especially when you're playing with two older guys who are always on each other's cases and constantly calling each other that. Hilarious.
  3. I know how you feel. The muni I play occassionally is the same way. Played today - great golf shots except for putting b/c I couldn't get used to it. Shot a 46 (Great for me) with three 3 putts >.< Which is quite uncharacteristic of me. Usually putting is where I shine.
  4. Yeah, she ordered it yesterday, so I'm probably going to get it when we go back to school, or like October ish, but either way I'll maybe only get to use it once or twice this season.
  5. 49. I'm really bad at this game >.<
  6. My girlfriend is getting me the red plaid OGIO Vaporlite for my birthday and I can't wait to have it! Too bad I won't get it until December and won't be able to use it till next season It'll be nice to replace the old Ping bag with no dividers that I have - my clubs were always getting tangled.
  7. Probably would have shot around 50 if I had kept score. Shot a 7 on the first two holes and decided it would be a practice round Drained some huge putts though so that was a plus.
  8. Congrats! On an aside, You guys are lucky. Putting is the only thing I'm good at >.< If I could make it to the green in GIR + 1 strokes, I'd be getting pars and bogeys all day.
  9. 51/45. Really should have been at least 45/45, but I didn't get a chance to use the range or practice chipping, so the first 9 was my practice. Looking to shoot low 90s next round.
  10. His question was "was it legal for me to play my provisional or should I pick the provisional and hit another from the tee box in this situation?" which suggested that he wanted to do option A, and not the other two. But no, he does not HAVE to go back to the tee.
  11. I agree. You hit your first ball. Afraid it's OB, you hit a provisional. You find your first ball, so you have to abandon the provisional ( 27-2.c ). You then decide that the ball is unplayable, so you have to go back to the tee to hit another ( 28.a ).
  12. Picked up my GreenJoys for $40 shipped. Great shoes. But yeah, you can wait to get them.
  13. I had a similar problem where all of my shots were hooking left - what I had been doing was trying to increase my swing speed to gain some distance. The problem was that I ended up using my arms too much instead of my hips/body and I was turning over my wrists too early, resulting in a closed clubface at impact. My right arm had started to dominate the swing which made me want to rotate my right wrist at impact. A friend of mine gave me some advice, he talked about allowing the left arm/hand to control the swing, that the right arm/hand is just along for the ride. So, my advice for you is to make sure when you grip the club with your right hand that you hold it inyour fingers (middle and ring) and avoid holding it with your forefinger and thumb - that might make it less likely for you to try and rotate your right wrist early. Also, try to be less "armsy"; that is, let the rotation of your body and hips pull your shoulders, which pulls your left arm, instead of trying to muscle the club using your right arm.
  14. Good choice. If I had some extra money, I was either going to pick that putter or the White Hot Tour #1. Maybe next season...
  15. I'm pretty sure he'll make it. Is there anyway to watch this now? I know it's on the Golf Channel at 3pm Eastern, but I'd like not to have to wait, if possible.
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