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  1. Hogan discovered stack & tilt before it was called stack & tilt.
  2. I just recently bought the book from Amazon. Very interesting concept. Tom Saguto has a ton of videos on the subject & has an online golf school. He recently attended a Stack & Tilt seminar in Florida hosted by Mike & Andy. Tom's videos are on u-tube.
  3. Ernest Jones & Manuel De La Torre were excellent teachers. They didn't teach swing mechanics. I make a simple statement and you make me look like an idiot. hocus pocus...….frou-frou stuff. Yeah, I feel insulted!
  4. The mechanics don't cause the swing. The swing causes the mechanics!
  5. The plane is set at address. Tall players will have a more upright plane. Short players will have a flatter plane.
  6. I noticed today that one of the Tour Pro's had metal spikes. I guess us amateurs are not skilled enough to use them!
  7. I know who Todd Graves is. I have no idea who Greg Lavern is
  8. The Feeling of Greatness; The Moe Norman Story by Tim O'Connor
  9. Golfer6969. According to the scores that you said you shot, look into the PAT (Playing Ability Test) schedule in your area. It's a requirement to enter the courses for obtaining club & instructor pro. The test is to play back to back, same day, 18 holes. add the total score plus 15 strokes to pass. Hope this helps. Good Luck to you.
  10. It's pretty obvious that prema donas don't watch the LPGA!
  11. DeChambeau & Watson; no class. McCord tries to be humorous like Trevino, but can't come close.
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