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  1. It's called being very inconsistent due to lack of experience. Shoot par on some, boogies on some, double bogey or worse on some, a rare birdie or two. How is that hard to understand?!
  2. It amazes me that some people can't handle disagreement and that everyone has LSW in their profile and that everyone here thinks a certain way. It's almost like this site exists to push books and gadgets in a dishonest way. Quite honestly, I don't need the aggrivation of getting attacked and ridiculed, especially by the administrator of the site that should be acting as a moderator breaking up fights. This experience is definitely a first for me. Yes I struggle to break 100 sometimes, but I have only played less than 20 rounds overall and my score has fluctuated between 105 to 80. Th
  3. I don't think its that simple. Golf is much more than just having a decent swing. I have to learn the specialty shots more like knockdowns, bigger fades and draws, playing from bad lies, managing the rough better, etc. But I think I will definitely get it into single digits soon, within a few years, by working on my weak points.
  4. I don't keep stats on my putting on each hole from the correlating distances. I am really good from 10 feet and within, I also make longer puts. Maybe rarely was an overstatement, but all I know is that I don't lose strokes on the green. You don't have a point, just hanging on to words to discredit me. I really don't care what people choose to believe. I have fun playing golf, and know both my strong points and weak points. My irons are rock solid, my woods are my weak point. Simple as that!
  5. I don't have a problem with any iron. I have even shot 1 irons pretty decent on the range, but I rarely use it on the course. All my problems are with the woods, unless the ball is teed up and I make 2 clock swing. If the ball is on the ground, that is pretty bad news. The hard part of using long irons is figuring out the carry and roll, so as to not go past the green with the roll, especially if the greens are firm.
  6. My short game doesn't cost me any strokes. I rarely miss puts from inside 10 feet when I take the time to read the break and line up my put. My bunker play is pretty good as long as the ball is not buried. Most of my lost strokes is from wild tee shots or bad second shots on par 5s, especially with the 3 and 5 wood. The ball goes into the trees or water hazard and that is two wasted strokes. Then I get aggravated and shot a bogey on the next hole too.
  7. I will admit I have not had much success from the rough, and often I get stuck between trees, branches, leaves, rocks on the ground and have to chip back out in the fairway to avoid getting into deeper trouble. And from the rough I have a hard time stopping the ball due to the lack of backspin imparted on the ball. I have also lost balls in the water hazards quite a few times. I don't have much experience with specialty shots that can get me out of trouble. My swing is pretty good though and I try to control it to keep it in bounds and not make a big score on some hole which would end
  8. Maybe we are splitting hairs. I am not against using a driver when the chances of success are decent. But I see a lot of pros going for extra distance ending up in the rough and losing what advantage they had over some one else going for less. I think making the fairway 40 yards behind someone in the rough has a better chance of making the GIR and 1 or 2 putting, where as the player in the rough would be lucky to hold the green considering the lack of back spin their ball would have. I for one don't have a problem using a 3 to 5 iron to land the ball on the green and keep it at least withi
  9. I tend to view golf as a collection of various acquired skills and talents. Distance is important to an extent, but so being able to control the direction of the ball in terms of hitting it straight, fading or drawing it, hitting knockdown shots to penetrate a head wind, being able to get out of a bunker reliably, being able to chip, reading puts with the plumb bob method and managing distance control, etc. What good is more distance if you keep hitting it in the rough or can't get up and down in regulation? If I can rely on most of my clubs to hit the green and keep it on the fringe or
  10. Hi. I bought a 2 through PW set of Wilson staff irons from 1959, all original set in fairly good condition at a reasonable price last year. I think it was $90. Leather grips although hardened a bit, shafts in good condition with no signs of rust, club heads minor scratches, etc. I would like to find a matching set of woods like 1, 3, 5 or 1, 3, 4 or 1,2,3. What are they called? I guess they don't have to be from the same year, but it would be preferable. I also bought a sand iron replica a few days ago from the 90s in good condition for $20, when an original in excellent condition went
  11. The only player I can easily recall with a two plane swing is Jim Furyk. Its amazing how complicated it is and yet functional for him. There could be others, but I just can't think of them. 99% of all players have a 1 plane swing. Doesn't mean anything. The real distinction is between diggers and sweepers, and I think sweepers have a big edge in shot performance. One of the few "gimmicks" I bought growing up which helped my swing a lot was the medicus five iron. It forces you to keep the club along a certain pathway from start to finish, and if you make mistakes breaking the pla
  12. I voted the third option. There is a hole host of ways to reach the green in regulation that doesn't necessarily require driver as a start. Just because you are closer to the green than someone else does not mean you will score better than your opponent that is further away. Surely statistically you have better odds, but odds alone do not determine the outcome. But at the same time you shouldn't make a habit of putting the driver away and not using it. Some holes have wide open fairways and you would be a fool to go with anything less. The tighter fairways can be a challenge for some
  13. Yeah it certainly looks like she setup for a slice stroke. It's hard to believe someone could misjudge such slight break from such a close distance. Just didn't give the stroke the attention it deserved probably cause she thought it was a gimmie.
  14. Klineka, I don't necessarily view "gimmicks" as bad. Just exotic or uncommon. I like golf courses with lots of scenery, etc. I guess a true gimmick would be a hole with artificial difficulty added to it that seems unreasonable to any decent player. A hole that requires more luck than skill. And that would seem especially true if the difficulty added goes against the overall course design architecture.
  15. I had this problem when I first started before getting lessons with my first golf pro. I tried to kill the ball with poor technique all around. I also got it after foolishly getting lessons with a second golf pro that taught me different things than what my first golf pro taught me and confused the heck out of me. Basically I think going OTT has to do with two things: 1)too upright of a stance which forces an inside-out path and the club gliding over the top of the ball. 2)a strong grip that encourages your arms and hands to take the club way inside and force a short and steep inside o
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