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  1. John Madden, "Did ya see that"......no John I wasn't watching the #@$%ing TV
  2. what ever foats your boat, if soda and sandwich do it for ya, fine by me. I'm a sucker for the day old hot dogs at the turn
  3. I agree, some of my best shots really stick out in my mind, still excites me to think about, like driving green on a par 4 or sinking a 7footer with my eyes closed in a tourney because I felt it, my best score not nearly as memorable
  4. Post up what you ride! I have a 09 Kawasaki ZX14 monster energy edition Mods are full system TiForce, PowerCommander V, K&N; filter, Muzzy fan, and Vortex sprockets
  5. For me, gotta have lots of beer in the bag and some mint snuff, once in a while i will have a jack and coke, gotta have some sort of aiming fluid, last year I played with a guy smokin pot the whole round, talk about performance enhancing drugs..that guy was in the zone
  6. Meadowbrook alot, also shadow hills is nice, I have played all but the Rawls course, they want an arm and leg to play there.
  7. Wow....thanks for all the feed back guys. Looks like I have plenty of choices.
  8. I love to watch Tiger but I always go for Phil
  9. Headed to lake Austin in a few weeks to take a vacation and planned on playing a round or two. Anyone recommend any courses in the area? Thanks
  10. Did you like living in Lubbock?
  11. to not be so drunk at the end of the round that I blow my score
  12. Hey Guys Another new guy from Texas here...
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