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  1. Tom-C

    No Yardage Markers

    I have a Garmin watch. But I also keeps notes in a pocket size notebook on the courses I play so now I know when and where to layup and what club to use on blind shots to stay out of water and sand. I also go to google earth and use the distance feature to get some clue on doglegs and blind shots.
  2. Tom-C

    What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    my goal is to shave 9 points off my score by hitting fewer putts and being more efficient from 40 yards and in. Last year I concentrated on drives and fairway woods and improved my game there but I neglected my iron play. Today I got fitted for (and ordered) a new set of irons and that will be my focus over the winter 'off season'. I have already seen improvement in my putting compared to a year ago (when I retired and was able to practice more).
  3. When I lived in Florida I also got spots of rust on iron shafts. I bought some anti corrosive spray at a Big Box Store (several brands available) and used it with 4/0 steel wool to remove rust spots. Then I applied a little anti corrosive with a soft cloth about every 3 months. They look just fine now.

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