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  1. Here is something for all you fathers passing on your love of the game to your son or daughter. Tiger talking about his son's game.
  2. I do not have a deal!! You quoted my words and did not identify who was the recipient of your pedantry. "The Golf Machine" sure seems to be a "school of thought" regarding the golf swing, as evidenced by the following web site and numerous instructors on you tube detailing aspects of the swing; outdated or not. The Golfing Machine | Golf Instruction System, Homer Kelley, Authorized Instructors Our mission is to educate, train and support professional golf instructors around the world.
  3. So your main point of contention is that I called it the Homer Kelley swing. So I'll correct that and call it the Bryson DeChambeau swing. The basics of which he was taught at 12 years old by Mike Schy; the article describes Schy thusly: "Schy was a disciple of Homer Kelley, who in 1969 published a somewhat radical book called The Golfing Machine, which described in exhausting detail the process of building a golf swing using science instead of the traditional cultural methods. The book earned some popularity in the underground California golf world but never really caught on in the main. "In the '70s, they didn't know what that was," Schy said. "It's so difficult to read."". DeChambeau is now working with Como and I am sure they are using all the latest tools to tweak his swing to give him the accuracy he needs to be competitive. Does that satisfy you?
  4. Yes. Did you read the article posted above or are you being contrary?
  5. Do you consider Ben Hogan's book: "Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf" to be outdated? "high speed video, pressure traces, and stuff like GEARS" are tools used to measure data points, these data points are taken from high level players and are then used by instructors to modify golfers swings into swinging like those measured players. The you tube videos from Athletic Motion Golf are prime examples. What do you call that "swing style"?
  6. Nick "Old School" Faldo commented during the Rocket Mortgage Classic that Bryson DeChambeau was getting inconsistent wedge yardages due to using graphite shafts. So TXG Tour Experience Golf set out to test that hypothesis. The bottom line: no difference performance wise between a graphite shafted and a steel shafted iron. See the video
  7. Tropical storm Fay has the courses closed in my area; hence I am able to catch up on my golf reading. Here is an interesting article on Bryson's game plan for Augusta. This is Bryson DeChambeau's game plan to conquer Augusta National Bryson DeChambeau has more length off the tee than anybody else on Tour, and he's ready to unleash it on Augusta National.
  8. Here is a great article written in 2019, which provides the backstory of why Bryson is well Bryson. Here is 1 quote from the article that was interesting (Schy was Bryson's coach that transformed his swing from traditional to Homer Kelley's 'The Golfing Machine' swing):"Feel is the enemy," Schy said. "You get to the first tee and there's water left and 1,000 people right. How do you feel now? That was why he bought into the whole process. When you look at everything he does on [the] course, it all makes sense. It gets him out of that moment of trying to guess or feel something."" Why Is the Golf World So Scared of Bryson DeChambeau? If you want to understand why people don't like Bryson DeChambeau, all you have to do is watch him swing his club. His mechanics are deeply weird. He doesn't bend his left arm. His club travels on a single plane, and all his...
  9. Actually a smash factor of 1.43 is pretty stellar; the "theoretical max is not quite 1.5". You can read about the physics of smash factor, if so inclined, here: Smash Factor - Myths and Facts If you watch golf on TV or read the golfing magazines, you have heard a lot about "smash factor". If you learn about it from those venues, you get some facts and a lot of half-truths. Let's clear up the confusion about smash factor.
  10. Some comments from a GOLF.COM article after Bryson's win: John Wood, PGA Tour caddie for Matt Kuchar (@Johnwould😞 Bryson seems to have broken the code for Bryson. And I think he has transferred what has been done at the long driving competitions for a while now to highly competitive golf. I couldn’t be more impressed. I was watching today and thought how economical this type of game is to practice. You practice drivers, wedges, chips and putting. He won’t often have to hit mid-irons, ever. Maybe a couple a day to par-5s. But for the most part, playing the game like he is playing it, and how courses are allowing him to play it through setup, why would you spend the time on fairway woods and hybrids and long/mid-irons when they will be used so seldom. Sean Zak, senior editor (@Sean_Zak😞 I like what John said. Bryson found Bryson’s template — bomb it a mile, hit easier clubs into greens and if you putt well you’ll win. The difference between his template and other players’ is that his template works better at 80 percent of courses on Tour. That’s the bottom line. It makes it hard to imagine him missing the cut at a cookie-cutter Tour course. Does it work in Scotland? It’s hard to say right now, but across parkland America, he’s going to be dominating if he putts well. Here is an interesting graphic (from Geoff Shackelford blog post); illustrates the difference between Bryson and the rest of the field at Detroit Golf Club and hole #1 Also from a Geoff Shackleford blog post: A few stats of note: First player in the 16 years of ShotLink and “Strokes Gained” to lead a field in both driving and putting. Averaged 350.6 on the eight measuring holes, compared to a field average of 301.5. He averaged 329.8 on all drives at tree-lined Detroit Golf Club, compared to the field’s 297.6 average. DeChambeau reached 23-under-par to win by three strokes over Matthew Wolff, who started the day three ahead. Wolff hit five more fairways for the week, if that means anything (38/56 to Bryson’s 33/56). According to CBS’s Jim Nantz, DeChambeau’s drives Sunday ended up 423 yards longer than playing partner Troy Merritt’s. And 143 yards longer than Wolff’s tee shots on the non-par-3s. There are, of course, issues that come with all of this madness. In no particular order: I get more questions asking if there is drug testing instead of equipment or COVID-19 testing. Half of most social media posts regarding DeChambeau descend into unfair character assassination about the naturalness of the weight and strength gain without any evidence this is something other than just hard work and an excessive diet. There are undoubtedly kids and parents watching and sending junior to the gym instead of our to play or practice golf. This has always been a risk of allowing golf to become a long drive contest, and now we have an extreme example to inspire a movement. Even with CBS having their best production yet, highlighted by some excellent storytelling around the DeChambeau dominance, the sight of driver-wedge golf and 8-irons into par-5s lacks any significant give-and-take between player and course. I’m not saying it’s boring, but there is less satisfaction in watching a course unable to call on a variety of skills. The obvious question of such a dominant and shocking performance: where do we go from here on the distance debate?
  11. Thanks I had not heard the term switches used in reference to hip stretching before. But a you tube search did come up with a variety of switches; I'll be adding some of them to my mobility routine for sure.
  12. Played my home course today and shot my age, 74 (+2). It was a beautiful day for golf; that along with being paired with a 0 handicap player. I tend to play better when paired with a low handicap player. I had 4 birdies, 4 pars and 1 bogey on the front. 13 putts; 7 GIR's. My weakness is my putting; been struggling with the yips for two years. But so far this year I have seen a lot of improvement in that area. On the back nine started with another birdie; but then had a double(3 putts) and 4 more bogies to go +5 on the back. Probably a loss of concentration on the back nine. Only had 4 GIR's with 18 putts. Click on the link below for scorecard. Golf Pad is an advanced golf GPS rangefinder, scorecard and shot tracker. Use it standalone or with Golf Tags - the new real-time golf gps shot tracking system.
  13. I watched the broadcast's of the last two PGA tournaments and did not see any evidence of slow play on his part; in fact his group was almost always within sight or waiting on the group in front. Do you think his slow play is a thing of the past? Or maybe not having spectators speeds up play for everyone - i.e. Not having to reposition the crowd on wayward shots; not having to wait for the crowds to cross the fairway; waiting for the marshals getting the crowd settled down, etc.
  14. Bryson scoring average: 2019: 70.177 2020: 68.977
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