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  1. Download free e-books from Joey D Golf Sports Training Center at Free eBooks | Joey D Golf Golf fitness eBooks packed with golf fitness tips and exercises you can use today. Players at all levels can work on game improvement right here!
  2. Wow I am loving this viewing option for the Masters. I am streaming the Featured groups - Bryson, Jon and Louis; Tiger, Lowry and Ogletree. No commercials, no piped in bird sounds, no endless prattle from commentators. No patrons means you really get to see the golf course. And Tiger is, so far, having one of his best first rounds at the Masters.
  3. Interesting read on Bryson's wrist rotation: "His swing is a great example of release with a lot of wrist rotation through impact which allows him to maintain clubface control while having huge clubhead speed." How Bryson DeChambeau Releases Clubhead Speed by Rotating The Wrists - HackMotion Understand how Bryson Dechambeau controls his clubface even when generating so much power
  4. I have also been trying to reverse-engineer this whole MAT stuff; so far nothing concrete. There are no practitioners that I can find on the east coast.
  5. Yes, Bench Presses are not a part of his routine, but he tried one out and decided not to incorporate them in his routine - too great a chance for injury.
  6. Another good read on Bryson's Masters prep. It is going to be interesting. Bryson DeChambeau says he’s ‘pushing the limits’ heading to Augusta Bryson DeChambeau is bigger. He is stronger. And he’s still tinkering to crank up more power and speed. The reigning U.S. Open champion who goes by many names these days – Bison Bryson, the Incredi…
  7. Bryson DeChambeau on why you can't just work out and expect distance In a recent chat with FlightScope, Bryson DeChambeau explained why you can't just work out and expect to make massive distance gains without injury.
  8. Yes and No. The Maltby Playability Factor is based on head design (not technology); If you look at the MPF Charts you will see a variety of physical measurements and calculated measurements which impacts a particular head design's playability according to golf club designer Roger Maltby. Head Weight; "C" Dimension1; Basic VCOG0; Moment of Inertia (MOI); Actual RCOG0; Loft; VCOG Adjustment; Actual VCOG0; VCOG Correction Factor; MOI Correction Factor The technology used to implement design has changed dramatically over the last 25 years - multi-material technology was not in use 25 years ago. These new technologies alone merit many pages of discussion. The MPF itself is a controversial topic; thousands of posts have been written discussing its "usabilty" for selecting a golf club for personal use.
  9. You may want to try the JumboMax JMX Urtralite grips. They are oversize but under 50g. X-Small (+1/8") 38g Small (+¼") 40g Medium (+5/16") 47g Large (+11/32") 49g X-Large (+⅜") 51g https://www.jumbomax.com/jumbomax-jmx-ultralite/ Here is a review and test to determine if oversize grips affect your consistency
  10. Here is BAD talking about his swing https://www.facebook.com/GOLFTV/videos/752497061989415/
  11. For those golfers interested in how Strength and Conditioning impacts golf performance you may want to follow @golf_physiologist on Instagram. Alex Ehlert is the golf_physiologist PhD candidate studying sport performance. Volunteer coach for UNCG Men’s Golf, and interested in all things sport science. He has many interesting post's. For example: Just a series of figures to remind the golf world that 1) physical training tends to have positive effects on performance metrics (clubhead speed, ball speed, distance), 2) the results are consistent across studies, and 3) being strong and powerful generally correlates with swinging faster and hitting 💣’s. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGzy1fyF78l/
  12. Good points. I think the split-hands drill is a good alternative to what is presented above. Many examples on you tube. Here's one
  13. This video popped up in the recommended list on you tube today. I have no clue who the presenter is, but he is presenting a new "swing thought" to help those golfers who hit from the top/flip at the bottom etc. Watch it and let us know your thoughts/impressions.
  14. I am going to nominate Glenn Dale Golf Club; which is just outside the Beltway, northeast of DC. It is on hilly land and I know the firs hole was a 50 ft drop and likely the 10th hole as well since the Clubhouse sits on top of a hill. I played there at least twice in the last 10-15 years with a DC area league that ran competitions in the area. I used to drive down from Wilmington DE to meet up with my son and play. The course closed in Aug 2019; but their facebook page is still up; search for Glenn Dale Golf Club
  15. Another interesting read where Bryson explains how to Bryson-proof the golf course. "In Bryson’s mind, the toughest setups are the ones that force him to think about a club other than driver off the tee." Here's how Bryson DeChambeau says a golf course could 'Bryson-proof' The idea of designing a course to stop a certain player isn't new, but here's the surprising way Bryson DeChambeau says courses could stop him.
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