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  1. MiuraMan


  2. He has gone to a lighter shaft and has tweaked the length.
  3. My answer to your post would be to look at what is holding you back from breaking 80. How many greens in regulation are you hitting? How many putts are you taking? If you miss the green how often do you get up and down for par? How many penalty strokes per round do you get? When I was at a similar point in my golfing, I would tee off with the following goal for each nine - Hit three GIR; get up and down 3 out of 6 missed GIR; no penalty strokes; no three putts. Determine your weaknesses and play to your strengths.
  4. The review in Golfweek states that the GPS battery lasts 16 hours. The Front/Back yardages display in the rangefinder display - that is probably what they are referring to as "talking". This would be a Grand Slam if the front/back yardages took into account the angle of approach when ranging the flag.
  5. Here is an interesting video on the impact dimple depth has on golf ball flight - a case for not using refurbished balls.
  6. Give me a couple of days and I'll post some pictures of my version of that putter for comparison. Or I can send them to you via email. Ken
  7. I play in state (Delaware) golf assoc. tournaments. Generally the format is either two-man team or individual. All tournaments are flighted and you play at 90% of your course handicap. Usually they pay out both low net and low gross (two places) in a flight. I have noticed a trend towards stableford scoring (versus stroke play) in the last couple of years. I prefer stroke play; however I think stableford scoring tends to attract more golfers since one or two really bad holes won't wipe you out. All the tournaments are held on weekdays - hence you get a lot of retirees - I always took a vacation day (or two - there are a few two day tournaments) to play. Tournament venues are a good mix of private clubs and public clubs). In fact many of the tournaments are held at the same club year after year around the same time of the year. One of the most popular tournaments is a 27-hole challenge played at a 27 hole course. There is generally 6 flights with approx. 12 two-man teams in each flight. The format is 9 hole scramble; 9 hole fourball; and 9 hole alternate shot. Any way for a small state we get good turnouts.
  8. I wear a merino wool base layer made by Woolx - https://www.woolx.com/collections/mens-tops/products/warmest-merino-wool-base-layer-top-for-men-x702?variant=22155219717 Next layer is a merino wool 1/4 zip sweater with windproof liner by ProQuip Usually this is all I need for temps 40 and above with light wind - if the wind is blowing then I add my Nike Rain Jacket. I'll add a wool or fleece windproff beanie, if needed. Good winter gloves by either FJ or Mizuno. On the lower half I wear UA Cold Gear pants that were sold a few years back; they are windproof and very warm for Temps above 50; for lower temps I'll add a Woolx merino wool layer. For socks I wear Merino Wool hiking socks made of Merino wool. NOTE: Merino wool is itchless, wicks sweat, and does not absorb body odors. It is washable and can be dried in the dryer - it lasts a long time.
  9. Came across this story at golf.com about the passing of a South African pro Wayne Westner. I saw this guy play with Jack N. at the International in 89 - quite impressive. His story is tragic. He did invent a training aid called the Instant Golfer - see the following you tube video.
  10. Interesting topic. I will share my journey relative to this topic. I was inspired to share while watching the video in post #267. In the video the golfer is being encouraged to have a set-up similar to players of the golden age as opposed to the set-up of most current pro golfers. The instructor stated this "none of you are strong enough to stay in the shot from there" - 'there' being the current athletic posture setup being taught. Four years ago that was me. After 40 years of desk work resulting in anterior pelvic tilt; forward head posture and other postural issues - I was "not strong enough to stay in the shot". I started to have severe pain in my left hip where I could no longer walk 9 holes or even sit for more than 15 minutes at my desk. Recurring back pain etc. So I go the traditional route - Primary care physician; who takes an x-ray (which shows nothing); referral to Orthopedic doctor leading to an MRI and diagnosis of moderate arthritis. I was told if the pain gets worse then a hip replacement may be needed. Not what I wanted to hear. I consulted with an outfit that specializes in golf fitness; they were TPI certified etc. After 2 years of working directly with a fitness trainer as well as sessions with k-vest and boditrak; I was able to significantly increase my overall strength and mobility and I am now strong enough to stay in the shot and I am playing the best golf of my life. A key factor in my progression was learning how to do a proper hip hinge so that I could utilize squats, deadlifts, single leg deadlifts etc. in my workouts without injury. I am playing 4 days a week; working on my strength and mobility every day; and when not playing hitting balls into a net in my garage. I no longer have hip pain or back pain. My postural issues have been resolved. Shot my age today 71 (Par 72; 6200yd). My playing partners range in age from late fifties to middle eighties; handicaps from single digit to high 20's. The majority of them are at the same place I was at 4 years ago - not strong enough to stay in the shot - no matter what set-up position they adopt. Now I am going to focus on the threads dealing with putting, which is holding me back.
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