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  1. Here is a link to an interesting (for me at least) article on how wrist angles work with the wedges. "A skill set based on the following control variables was developed: attack angle, club speed, face angle, contact point, club path, shaft lean, and intellect. Players should learn to control these variables to be able to perform a range of shots. An essential skill that enables player to control most parameters of the swing is ability to adjust hand and wrist motion." Enjoy The Dynamics of Wedge Play - Mark Blackburn, Layne Savoie - HackMotion
  2. Thanks for the post. From the USGA website the cost is $1500/yr. Seems pretty reasonable for the services provided.
  3. Here is what Peter Kostis has to say about the distance issue. Peter Kostis says USGA, R&A should not reduce distance in golf After years of looking at golf swings through the trusty Konica Minolta BizHub Swing Vision camera, I have learned to see things differently than most people. So, with the distance debate raging on…
  4. I really hope I don't jinx Jordan, but here are some other numbers. Last win: 1244 days Last top 10: 237 days last top 5: 629 days
  5. That was a blind shot; Dustin could not see the marshal and vice versa. Bryson was playing in front of DJ and drove his ball on the same line though further up. With the pin on the right; the miss was on the left.
  6. Player 2020 Earnings Events Rory 4,408,415 15 Tiger 2,083,038 7 Day 1,943,898 17 Spieth 1,138,146 17 Koepka 1,123,227 13 Fowler 947,309 14 Kim 0 0
  7. We'll make him a write-in 😍
  8. Here is Rory's take on all of this: “So I think the authorities, the R&A and USGA, are looking at the game through such a tiny little lens, that what they're trying to do is change something that pertains to 0.1 percent of the golfing community, while 99.9 percent of the people play this game play for enjoyment, for entertainment,” McIlroy said. “They don't need to be told what ball or clubs to use. “We have to make the game as easy and approachable as possible for the majority of golfers. Honestly, I think this distance insight report has been a huge waste of time an
  9. I don't know if you have seen this paragraph - But it feels like Bifurcation. I am in the "leave the game alone" camp Other than the three specific proposals everything else is "research". It seems like they are "fishing" or throwing a lot of stuff out there to get reactions. We will also evaluate the potential use of a Local Rule option to specify use of a defined subset of conforming clubs and/or balls intended to result in shorter hitting distances and/or an enhancement in the balance between distance and other skills. The concept is that a Committee or golf facility would have th
  10. Ok I found a Document titled "1 February 2021 Notice and Comment" with the following text Therefore, as a separate workstream, we have taken the opportunity during the last year to progress our work on some specific topics. The purpose of this communication is to issue, as a Notice and Comment to manufacturers, three specific proposals for their feedback. The link to this document is in the document you linked above: The text in there reads Document Link: Official USGA/R&A Document
  11. I believe this is what you want From the PDF titled R&A/USGA Research Topics - Areas of Interest. I provided a link in my original post. Regarding club and ball specifications we will evaluate the following: • Reduction in the limit within the overall distance standard • Modification in the limitation of ball efficiency (update to IV) • Other ball specifications (size, mass) • Reduction in the performance of drivers: club length and clubhead dimensions (including volume) • Changes in the clubhead specifications on spring-like effect and moment of inertia, also
  12. good reference on "chopping" exercises by a noted "guru" Gray Cook: Chop and Lift Basics - On Target Publications From PNF patterns to sport-specific exercise, Gray Cook covers the chop and lift basics to get your clients and patients working two arms against one core. Search you Tube for Gray Cook and you will find some good stuff; one of my favorites is:
  13. I would probably do a pallof press for the core isometric hold; followed by a standing chop exercise (w a lite band) pulling down, with speed, from A4 as you rotate and hips open.
  14. If you are replying to my post I would like to understand what is the point you are making? Other than my "observation" regarding the Reed's relationship; everything else is factual.
  15. Patrick's wife Justine appears to be a great influence on him, along with his caddie/brother-in-law they form a great team. They met his first year at Augusta State, so she probably has a pretty good idea of how things were between him and his dad. Patrick was living at home, at least that first year at Augusta. Here is a little bio data about Justine: Who is Justine Reed? JUSTINE - nee Karain - married Patrick Reed on December 21, 2012. The couple met at Augusta State University after Patrick transferred from Georgia after his freshman year. When Patrick turned pro i
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