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  1. I have a TheraGun knockoff; KRAFT. Have had it for two years now. It is quiet (60dba); has three speeds 1800, 2100, 2400 - I usually use 1800 with the ball attachment. Once a day minimum I use it all over - well what I can reach - soles of my feet, calf muscles, front and back of upper legs, glutes, upper back - particularly the area between neck and shoulder and about 6 inches down. I will also take it to the course and use on the upper back - as that tends to tighten up during the round. Here is a youtube video by Bob & Brad (Physical Therapists) - they post lots of helpful videos.
  2. What that graphic does not show is "spin rate"; Spin rate will impact distance, a higher spin rate generally results in lower distance overall and a higher ball flight. We know Bryson's trajectory is really high. The other number we aren't seeing is Dynamic Loft; Bryson's driver is, I think it is around 5.5 deg. But based on his trajectory his dynamic loft is a lot higher. Also a higher spin rate generally results in more accuracy; unless of course it results in more side spin.
  3. Bryson DeChambeau has gained size. He estimates that he's put on about 40 pounds since he left college in 2015, and about 20 pounds over the PGA Tour's recently ended three-month hiatus.
  4. There are a lot of golfers - some professional's at least based on their comments i.e. Rory - maybe a little; Player; Nicklaus and others; plus many posters on other Golf Discussion groups seem to think that the modern golfer has forsaken "other" ball striking skills. Bryson demonstrated at this particular tournament that he has all the "skills" necessary to play the game at an elite level. 41% Fairways hit (field avg 39%); 64% greens in regulation (field avg 51%); strokes gained off the tee +5.38; strokes gained approach +6.98; Total strokes gained approach +6.98. His short game performance was also very good: Strokes gained putting +4.59; strokes gained short game +5.42. Will he dominate on tour - probably not - there are too many other players at any given tournament could put up those numbers and win. What is amusing to me is the random speculations about what to do with golf courses to throttle back what we see every Tour stop - thicker rough; narrower fairways (done that!); random pot bunkers scattered out in the fairway to put a premium on accuracy; more trees; less trees yada yada yada!
  5. Here is an interesting article about DeChambeau at the 2016 Masters FROM THE ARCHIVES: THE INVENTIVE MIND & FAITH-FILLED SPIRIT OF BRYSON DECHAMBEAU From the Archives: The Inventive Mind & Faith-Filled Spirit of Bryson DeChambeau Bryson was low amateur and T21 overall.
  6. Had a good overall round today, 72. Hit a lot of greens and fairways. Had opportunities for birdies (defined as putts from 15 ft to 6 ft for me); but did not make any of those putts. My only birdies were a 3 ft and a chip in.
  7. Here are two videos I use for speed training (along with superspeed); though I take it further back than shown in the first video. It takes a lot of swings for the body to adapt. I will also use these swings prior to hitting a drive, if I am 'gripping and ripping' and the risk-reward is low (or is that high?). The second drill is
  8. Here is a you tube video demonstrating how a faster backswing is an enabler for a faster swing speed overall.
  9. Here is something for all you fathers passing on your love of the game to your son or daughter. Tiger talking about his son's game.
  10. I do not have a deal!! You quoted my words and did not identify who was the recipient of your pedantry. "The Golf Machine" sure seems to be a "school of thought" regarding the golf swing, as evidenced by the following web site and numerous instructors on you tube detailing aspects of the swing; outdated or not. The Golfing Machine | Golf Instruction System, Homer Kelley, Authorized Instructors Our mission is to educate, train and support professional golf instructors around the world.
  11. So your main point of contention is that I called it the Homer Kelley swing. So I'll correct that and call it the Bryson DeChambeau swing. The basics of which he was taught at 12 years old by Mike Schy; the article describes Schy thusly: "Schy was a disciple of Homer Kelley, who in 1969 published a somewhat radical book called The Golfing Machine, which described in exhausting detail the process of building a golf swing using science instead of the traditional cultural methods. The book earned some popularity in the underground California golf world but never really caught on in the main. "In the '70s, they didn't know what that was," Schy said. "It's so difficult to read."". DeChambeau is now working with Como and I am sure they are using all the latest tools to tweak his swing to give him the accuracy he needs to be competitive. Does that satisfy you?
  12. Yes. Did you read the article posted above or are you being contrary?
  13. Do you consider Ben Hogan's book: "Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf" to be outdated? "high speed video, pressure traces, and stuff like GEARS" are tools used to measure data points, these data points are taken from high level players and are then used by instructors to modify golfers swings into swinging like those measured players. The you tube videos from Athletic Motion Golf are prime examples. What do you call that "swing style"?
  14. Nick "Old School" Faldo commented during the Rocket Mortgage Classic that Bryson DeChambeau was getting inconsistent wedge yardages due to using graphite shafts. So TXG Tour Experience Golf set out to test that hypothesis. The bottom line: no difference performance wise between a graphite shafted and a steel shafted iron. See the video
  15. Tropical storm Fay has the courses closed in my area; hence I am able to catch up on my golf reading. Here is an interesting article on Bryson's game plan for Augusta. This is Bryson DeChambeau's game plan to conquer Augusta National Bryson DeChambeau has more length off the tee than anybody else on Tour, and he's ready to unleash it on Augusta National.
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