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  1. The pro sends me my "before and after" swing videos after each lesson. I keep them for reference. This most recent incident of opening my left shoulder instead of dropping my right shoulder on the downswing had been covered but I forgot about it. I am retired and my house has golf course frontage. So I play on average five times per week even in the rainy Pacific Northwest winter.
  2. I took up golf last year. After getting frustrated with my progress, I bought some lessons with the PGA teaching pro and my game improved to a 24 handicap before the winter rains soaked the course. I played through the winter with no improvement so I decided take more lessons this spring with the same pro. In nine one-hour lessons, my index was lowered to 17 and I was pleased with my game - bogey golf is my goal, for now. All of a sudden, my game went south and I lost confidence in myself. I doubted every decision the game required of me. I did a search in the Sandtrap forum and found a range of answers to this same dilemna - from put the clubs away for awhile to consult a pro. I chose to see my teaching pro and for me it was the right prescription. Within minutes, the pro identified a flaw in my swing - subtle but detrimental - and I was cured (for now).
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