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  1. @Adam C, Thanks so much for this info. It is just what I was looking for. I know a retired club-fitter who would love to have this as a project. He mentioned there might be a difference in the diameters.
  2. I was custom fitted for clubs three years ago. The irons are the Callaway XR Steelhead with senior flex graphite shafts. This spring, I bought a set of used Ping Eye2 irons on Craigslist because I read many articles on how popular they are (or were). The Pings have steel shafts (probably regular flex). I enjoy hitting them even though there is a club more difference in loft. And by coincidence, the shaft lengths are equal to my custom-fitted clubs. My question is this - Would it be okay to take the Ping club heads off the steel shafts and put them on my Callaway graphite shafts since the fitter recommended graphite senior shafts for a reason?
  3. Considering all the responses in the two forums I posted this question to, your response is the most helpful. Thanks to all who took the time to help me. See you on the tee box.
  4. The Oregon Golf Association came to our course (Salishan) with all their measuring devices and algorithms for the changeover to the World Handicap System. They said the yardage for the Copper tee on 10 (415 yds) was to short to be a par five. So they changed it. Here is the results of their measurements and hole-by-hole scoring in GHIN- Revised Handicap chart - Google Sheets Sheet1
  5. Silver tee is 449. Copper tee is 415.
  6. Sorry for the delayed reply, I just finished a round with the men's group. The hole handicap is the same for all tees (for men) - 16.
  7. We have four tee boxes- Black (tips) Gold Silver Copper There are two combo tees- 5. Players. consists of Gold and Silver tees 6. Senior Players consist of Silver and Copper tees In my mens group, some play the Senior Player combo and some play the Coppers. A foursome team might have one golfer playing the Senior Players and three golfers playing the Coopers. Now this is where it gets complicated (for me). The 10th hole is a par 5 from Silver (course par is 71) or par 4 from Copper (course par is 70). Let's say a golfer on Team Silver gets a par (5 strokes) and gets one hcp stroke. So his low net is 4. Now let's say a golfer on Team Copper gets a par (4 strokes) and gets one hcp stroke. So his low net is 3. My question is - Who gets awarded low net on Hole 10 (at the pay-out at the end of the round)? Both parred but one has a 4 and the other has a 3.
  8. I looked but I don't see any securing cinch to help take up the slack. These carts were given to us to use instead of golf carts during the closing of the course (COVID-19) so I didn't get a tutorial on the features. Maybe the staff can help me or another member. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the tips. I will try the towel method today. That should also take up the slack in the tie-down straps (which probably "helps" the bag to rotate).
  10. I have been using the Clicgear 3.5 (the club has this brand for walkers). The two things that cause me concern is how my bag (with shoulder strap and retractable legs) is cradled in the bottom support. The bag hardware causes the bag to rotate in the support. Is this an issue with other push carts?
  11. The pro sends me my "before and after" swing videos after each lesson. I keep them for reference. This most recent incident of opening my left shoulder instead of dropping my right shoulder on the downswing had been covered but I forgot about it. I am retired and my house has golf course frontage. So I play on average five times per week even in the rainy Pacific Northwest winter.
  12. I took up golf last year. After getting frustrated with my progress, I bought some lessons with the PGA teaching pro and my game improved to a 24 handicap before the winter rains soaked the course. I played through the winter with no improvement so I decided take more lessons this spring with the same pro. In nine one-hour lessons, my index was lowered to 17 and I was pleased with my game - bogey golf is my goal, for now. All of a sudden, my game went south and I lost confidence in myself. I doubted every decision the game required of me. I did a search in the Sandtrap forum and found a range of answers to this same dilemna - from put the clubs away for awhile to consult a pro. I chose to see my teaching pro and for me it was the right prescription. Within minutes, the pro identified a flaw in my swing - subtle but detrimental - and I was cured (for now).
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