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  1. 4 hour round and they sprayed it all over.....that's a good pace in my book. Maybe next time use the time to chat to your girl about current events lol
  2. The Skydroid app can tell you a distance to any point and it offers the ability for you yourself to go in and add points to bunkers,water hazards or safe landing areas. For the cost it is great and depending on your phones gps strength you can have distance of 1-3 yards off or as much as 10 yds off. I've used it for 2 years and recommend it, but before buying it or any cell app, check if you have good cell coverage in the places you play. If you don't then you'll just waste your money and should get a laser range finder imo
  3. Jason Dufner -9 Tiger Woods -11 Luke Donald -7
  4. Memphis golfers come join our tourny http://www.ushandicap.com/golf-tournaments/tournament.asp?eventID=2938
  5. Shorter trip to your mailbox than to the sporting goods store I guess.
  6. I've got 2 dozen Srixon Q Stars pure white golf balls to get rid of, 1 dz for $26.00 or both for $50.00 paid thru paypal. Shipped via USPS to US only Shipping cost 6.00 for 1 dz or 10.00 for both boxes. Message if interested, first come first served. Thanks Steve
  7. Maybe set up a regional event or something along those lines.
  8. I go back and forth between the Callaway Warbird and Titleist NXT Tour. Both go about the same distance and I have a pretty high ball flight so their isn't much run out either way. And I like to play for the roll instead of stopping the ball on shots inside 75 yds. Doing that helps me to force myself to swing easy and under control. Plus you can see how the green is rolling and breaking on some shots so you'll already have an idea how to roll your putt.
  9. Agree, at my level I can't stand par 3's over 180 yds. That seems to be the norm though.
  10. Was wondering how others go out to play. Collar up or down. How about buttoning up like Bubba does, do you?
  11. Luke Donald -5 Tiger Woods -3 Matt Kuchar -2
  12. I'd love to hit a mid draw on command =)
  13. I do use them, Golfnow and Golf18, I've never had any trouble with them. I think the sites could be better once they get cellphone apps set up and running. They'd be better if they included rates for tee times for walkers. Currently I think all these rates are with carts.
  14. I also use http://www.golf18network.com Both them and Golfnow are pretty good imoI use both from time to time w/o any trouble.
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