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  1. I played today, tried to implement a couple of changes into my swing, particularly with the driver, these were to keep my arms straighter on the backswing to give me more width, turn my shoulders more and try not to flip at the ball,  it gave me more length from the driver off the tee but I’m still pushing out to the right and I don’t seem able to allow for it either. Unfortunately this caused me to lose my rythym with my go to club which is the 4i, which meant I wasn’t striking my low to mid irons very well at all, strangely though I scored quite well today because my pitching was really good although I felt my overall game wasn’t good enough, more practice required I think.

  2. 7 hours ago, nevets88 said:

    There's weight and there's pressure, not the same. What you feel and what actually happens will probably be different. You could go to a place with a force/pressure plate to get a better idea.


    I was looking for an idea of what it should be, whether it should feel equal or not and surely the pressure that is recorded is weight difference between the 2 feet? I can’t imagine that you’d find 2 players with the same readings either, so unless I knew what I should be doing then it wouldn’t be that helpful.


  3. Hi all

    I have only recently joined the forum but I have found some fantastic information on here from threads and videos. I am making an effort to turn my hips and shoulders better and have read various threads regarding hip flexing and the rear leg straightening during the backswing to maintain the hip angle, my question is how is the weight distributed throughout to form a good swing, by taking the flex away from the rear leg in the backswing it feels like that’s pushing my weight over to my leading leg, is this correct or should I be feeling equal weight on both feet, also at address with a driver i have read that the leading hip should push towards the target to form an angle throught the legs and torso rather than a straight line, again this feels like the weight is biased towards the leading leg, is this correct.

    I hope this all makes sense, any advice appreciated.





  4. 45 minutes ago, RayG said:

    As I was working on my pull/snap hook, the new Pro came down the range to chat and introduce himself. We chatted a bit about what I was working on and gave me a little drill to work on. Take a normal grip with the right hand, then put your left hand FLAT on the grip in about the normal position with the back of the hand facing the aiming point. Then take some practice swings trying to bring the back of the hand square to the impact. Short swings at first just to get the feel. work your way up as you get comfortable with it.

    You can use a video camera to see where the hand is facing at impact. Easier to spot with the palm flat

    When you take a proper grip, think about PULLING the left hand through to square from the inside instead of pushing with the right.

    Helped me a bit anyways. no more real bad snap/duck hooks. (unless I really screw up and forget everything)


    Thanks Ray, that’s a good tip, I’ll try that next time I’m at the range 

  5. Thanks for all of the advice, I have paid another visit to the driving range and experimented a little, I think I may have been going back without enough shoulder turn so I made a point of turning more and keeping my arms straighter on the start of my backswing to try and give me more width and the results were better, I still have it in me to push one out right, I’ll try and take some decent video footage of my swing and put it up on site at some point.

  6. 1 hour ago, Club Rat said:

    Welcome to TST @Chipster

    There are several causes which lead to the push/slice.
    While members can suggest ideas and discuss the causes, the real issue would be to start at the root of the cause.
    I would suggest you start a "My Swing" thread and post several videos of your swing.
    Best to show a couple of swings with mid/long irons and woods or driver.

    Without seeing the ball flight and impact positions, it's difficult to make any suggestions which pinpoint your situation. 

    Thanks @Club Rat, appreciate the advice and the welcome

    52 minutes ago, dennyjones said:

    Welcome to TST.   @Club Rat has given you some great advice.   Read, ask question and post often.   You'll find there isn't a better place to talk golf.  

    check out this thread

    TST Instructional content

    Thanks @dennyjones, some great information on that link 

  7. Hi all

    i have recently come back to playing golf after a break and just wondered if anyone could give me a few tips on a couple of problems that I have.

    i am right handed, I have always had a tendency to push the ball out right and sometimes slice with woods, I say sometimes because I can hit a perfectly straight shot with woods but more often than not it goes right and if I try and accommodate the push it seems to accentuate the problem, I can hit my irons fine, I have a set of Callaway Razr X Tour irons which don’t have much offset and I’m really happy with them, my go to club is a 4 iron if I’m struggling to get off the tee. I have checked my stance and I have had others check my aim and stance and I’m pretty good, I’m not aiming left, so I’m thinking it’s either swing plane or squaring the club face at impact, I just wondered if anyone has any tips or drills for either that would help.

    thanks in advance.

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