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  1. I suppose I want something I can hit farther than my 3-iron (comparable to my 2-iron) but with a little bit more loft and with a little bit more forgiveness.
  2. I currently play an 8.5 FT-9, 3-PW + 52, 56, and 60 and then I switch back and forth between a 13 degree 3 wood and a 2 iron. I think it's time I put a hybrid in the back but I'm not quite sure what loft (or brand) to purchase. I am a long ball hitter so this will be primarily for off the tee and the occasional par 5. My coach was thinking I should get a 3 iron hybrid because it will be good to have the loft and I will still hit it farther than my 3 iron. Is this logical thinking or should I get a 2 iron hybrid? I don't really need the distance but I don't want something I hit the same di
  3. I recently purchased a new FT-9 and put a diamana whiteboard 83x in it. I played an aldila 85x for the last few years so I figured this would be a good replacement. The shaft feels a little bit whippier than what I am used to with the aldila shaft and the ball tends to pull left off the tee. Granted I can still put it in play but I have to hold off on the shot. Is this an indicator that the shaft isn't stiff enough? It certainly feels less stiff than the aldila I had been playing so I'm not sure if this is the cause. Thanks
  4. Hi there, I am buying a new driver and would like some input as to what I should select. I currently play an 8.5 FT-3 with an Aldila NV 85-X but have hit the FT-9 and really like the feel of the new head. The driver was given to me at the Callaway testing center in Carlsbad three years ago so I trust the specs I have but don't know if I should alter them at all. My swing speed is about 118-120 and I currently hit the ball 305-310. Firstly, should I get an 8.5 or a 9.5 head? I hit the ball fairly high right now and when I hit the 9.5 FT-9 it seemed to go pretty high but I don't know if I
  5. I prefer the midslant as well. It is really just a matter of preference.
  6. 66 a couple times in tournament play.
  7. 77 at the Bridge in long island from 7500 yards. Pretty beastly course.
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