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  1. I’ve had my G5’s for 7 years roughly...I don’t know if there’s really any advantage of getting newer ones...I’d do myself more good by improving my swing and put the $400-600 towards greens fees
  2. I use it regularly when I know I’m gonna play a course with which I am unfamiliar. It gives me an idea as to whether I’m gonna hit more 5w’s or 6i’s than usual or will I need to hit a couple of draws off the tee (etc) so that I’ll hit some on the range prior to playing. But....I’m not exactly the best golfer in the world so I need all the help I can get 😬
  3. 41 (5.5 diff) FW: 6/7 GIR: 3/9 nGIR: 6/6 15 putts (one three-putt bogey) playing solid these first couple of times out. A few great shots, a few flubs
  4. woodzie264

    TV Shows

    GOT - nothing else is close.... except for the Masters..... oh wait, they’re on the same day... Christmas in April 🤩
  5. No good story. One of my fraternity brothers got me into it as I was graduating undergrad. Having an addictive personality, I fell in love quickly...golf is easily the most addictive thing I’ve ever done (and I’m not so sheltered). As the first person in my family to really take it up as a hobby, I’ve gotten my dad, brothers, and several friends into it. I definitely regret not starting as a youth
  6. Yeah - unimpressed. I’d have gone with Enter Sandman, Living on a Prayer, something...
  7. 38 (+1) - diff 1.6 1 birdie, 2 bogeys FW: 6/7 GIR: 4/9, nGIR: 2/4 Putts: 14 (a couple of lucky 12-15ft putts saved me) great round for me, wish I’d had time for back nine
  8. This won't be much of a thread, but who else is stoked about April 14th?!!!! Masters Sunday being immediately followed by GOT's final season's opener - truly Christmas in April. Definitely taking Monday off
  9. I'd be proud of an 81 shot on my home course on a beautiful sunny 75* day
  10. Several times - once a skipped a ball across a frozen pond onto the green for a two-putt par.
  11. I have a pair of Ray Bans and love them. Totally worth the price.
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