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  1. Admittedly, those pics look a little incriminating, but I am 100% sure I am good with the grip.
  2. First post in a while: grip & club back then up Happy with right elbow staying short of 90* at A5
  3. Day 72 - missed posting yesterday, but I think that’s allowed (2/30 days). Did some putting in office today with focus on bead...gate drill.
  4. Day 61 - gripping...again. My hands and forearms getting really sore. I haven’t played with a glove in years, but gonna try one to see if it’s easier on my hands.
  5. Day 70 - a little pitch work with focus on letting the club fall on downswing
  6. Day 68 - more gripping. Gonna start getting back to swing stuff once grip becomes natural.
  7. 84. Playing poorly tee-green, missed more fairways than usual today, lost a couple of balls, but had 6 one-putts which helped.
  8. Gotcha - sorry about all that then. Admittedly, didn’t read you first post! Feel free to delete the post. I will say that I’m learning more and growing in my understanding via this movement
  9. not here - but it seems that on many social media platforms, folks who genuinely respond with ALM are shunned as being unsupportive of the BLM, being racist at some level.
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