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  1. Congrats! Reminds me of when I had a couple of out-of-the-blue exceptional rounds about 1-1.5yrs ago that lowered my handicap significantly and it took a while for them to fall off. It’s taken a long while for my HCP to finally get back to where it’s more reflective of my game again.
  2. 41 F: 5/7 GIR: 4/9 putts: 18. SGP: (-1.28)
  3. Went back to standard size grips (from mid-sized). Grip feels much better. Will post a video in near future.
  4. @MiuraMan, fun topic! I think both Shauffele and Conners have higher rankings than Reed. Good guess. Personally, I have no idea...Cantlay?
  5. in that group pic, are you standing 6-10ft behind the rest of them? 🙃
  6. I guess I forgot to “submit reply” from yesterday: “Day 2 - more grip work hitting a few 9i’s into net. Trying to set the grip in my left hand fingers perpendicular to the club and wrap hand around it more.” Day 3 - more of the same this morning before heading into work
  7. 5SK’s are the prevailing principles - if you want individualized teaching/swing coaching you can always get started with starting a swing thread or getting signed up with Evolvr Welcome to Evolvr - Online Golf Instruction - Evolvr - Online Golf Instruction Golf Evolution's online golf instruction.
  8. Day 1 - got back from vacation late last night. Restarting. Did some grip work based on the most recent video posted by Iacas. I currently have mid-sized grips and will be transitioning to standards, that may help some. Did a feel swings with 9i into net while working on that.
  9. @Lane Holt, I don’t understand your logic. @iacas is having a discussion of ideas and because he is pointing out his perceived errors of your ideas, doesn’t mean they aren’t welcomed. It means he disagrees. But yes, you are simply proving what we have already seen, you don’t really want discussion
  10. I’m not one to give advice, but I think you have a great looking swing. I love the “Typical Ball Flight: Volatile.” welcome to TST!
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