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  1. What'd You Shoot Today?

    81 - great round for me
  2. Claim Your Achievements Here!

    Death by 6ft putt challenge. Admittedly not the worst putt in the world, but it was the most difficult putt on the green. If it's not hard enough, I'll find another course.
  3. 1. 3% Right to left, 3% downhill 4/12 2. 2% Left to right, 2% uphill 2/4 3. 3% downhill 1/2 10 mins Admittedly, this particular practice green isn't the most difficult I've ever been on, but I feel like this was the most difficult place on it. It combined some breaking right to left on one putt going downhill, then a left to right break going uphill on the next, with the third putt being straight downhill. I had more putts prior to my clip that were edited out, but this was 4mins long (sorry) and so I wanted to cut some of it out and by time this clip starts I have first putt fairly figured out Fun to do.
  4. Home Practice Nets

    yep - I put mine down atop pavers for a smoother slide/retract.
  5. Playing a course for the first time

    same - probably the only reason why I'm not on Tour
  6. Home Practice Nets

    Sure thing! Thats the beauty of this community
  7. Home Practice Nets

    It's the FOV in post #66 in the My Swing Thread. Sorry about that.
  8. Home Practice Nets

    I recently put up a 10'x 15' net ($50) strung on a cable between two trees so that I can pull it/retract it to one when not using it so as to keep it out of sight. Nothing exciting. But I did build a way to reproduce the idea behind the SKLZ glide which allow some for a down and through swing minimizing the shock on the wrists and eliminating the false security of fat shots. mine: Demo in my swing thread video above
  9. My Swing (woodzie264)

    I have regressed regarding the centered turn and still suck with maintaining my walls , but I wanted to post something by the end of the week and I'm a man of my word:
  10. Claim Your Achievements Here!

    opposite swing challenge attempt:
  11. Show Us your "Opposite" Swing Challenge!

    so I'll start by saying most of you guys have a better "opposite swing" than my usual, so this is ugly:
  12. My Swing (aasimzkhan)

  13. My Swing (woodzie264)

    After a few months off from a shoulder replacement, I've played a couple of 9-hole rounds (with abbreviated swings) and am ready to resume my swing improvements. I have put up a 10'x15' net in my back yard and am excited about the prospect of getting better. I hope to have a video up by the end of the week. It's nice to be back.