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  1. How many three-putts (or more) did you have today?

    Three; struggled today putting. I missed several putts right and several short. I gotta get out and practice putting a little more.
  2. What'd You Shoot Today?

    11/05 - played today....like garbage. 93 on a 126 driver: C irons: C- short game: C+ putting: D
  3. 11/05 - played today....like garbage. Pitches were good though
  4. 11/04 - wedge work: distance control with full/half swings, full/pitches
  5. 11/03 - wedges into net focus on low point control. I play Sunday!
  6. 11/02 - a few wedges into the net working on varying length of backswing smooth rhythm
  7. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    Holding at 8.7 Playing Sunday and will set my eyes on the "No 6 challenge"
  8. 11/01- 8i into net with focus on centerned turn/steady head. Honestly was just trying to knock the cobwebs off since being in Disney last week.
  9. 10/31 - kettlebell swing for balanced weight shift with focus on centered turn. Walls drills with focus on maintaining bookends this completes Oct 5min challenge
  10. 10/30 - lag putts down the hallway at work with focus on speed
  11. 10/29 - last day of doing wall drills for a bit. Just got home from trip so I hope to put a club on a ball this week
  12. 10/26 - wall drills with focus on not dipping my head (still in Disney)
  13. 10/25 - at Disney today and for the next 4 days. Got some wall drills done in the hotel room
  14. 10/24 - centered turns with 7i. Trying to steady head so that I'm not bobbing

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