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  1. DJ is 36....I’ll let you tell him he’s gotta give his up next year ☺️ Not sure I’ve seen him wear it lately though, so maybe he knows what’s up
  2. No white belts for me - not that trendy. I answered accordingly that I’m a slob and can’t pull it off
  3. I bet I can out 3-putt you any day of the week 🙃 Welcome to TST! Look forward to getting to know you. Also, if you haven't already, check out and create your own Member Swing thread on that page
  4. Heels, big toes, 6” outside at 80bpm
  5. You’re right, I’m assuming they know what’s best for their own businesses in their own respective communities.
  6. ^^^^^^I’m going echo what nearly everyone else has said, not to bring any new information to the table, but to reiterate the point for the OP that (for the time being) we thankfully live in a capitalist nation and golf courses are businesses. To Iacas’s point, it’s simple economics, they’d offer the discounts if it suited them. No need to speculate further.
  7. I saw that, but assumed it was intentional given the context 🙃
  8. I figure if they want to label it as "not for kids" because it doesn't appeal to them, so be it. Really no one watches them anyway. Pretty soon YouTube will catch on to our derelict group of Sandtrappers 🙄
  9. I have gotten that same thing. I didn’t respond assuming it’s some scamming going on.
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