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  1. oh, I'd agree with you there, I play with emotion and don't act like I'm 3yo - the point I was trying to convey, was that if people are "playing with emotion," some are going to manifest it differently; while we all curb our behaviors despite strong emotions at times, not everyone will, or is able to, to the same degree. So, in response to the quoted comment, I trying to say that I would prefer to see the emotion of players, accepting an occasional outburst, than have them not play with emotion, and because different people are going to handle their emotions differently, I wouldn't throw out t
  2. yeah, this "carpet" runs around 11 in one direction and 10 in the opposite, so it's faster than most greens I play on, but I'm just working on the consistency of my motion so it works. It's definitely nice to have
  3. Day 57 - putting in office for Speed control. At 32ft, this is a huge improvement from the “old pre-Blast, pre-putting pendulum trained me”
  4. I don’t think you can have it both ways...they are either going to play with emotion (both positive & negative) or they won’t. To your point, I also enjoy seeing them relatable, rather than a stiff ice cold professional. Granted, guys like DJ who seem impervious to the externals benefit from that ability, but still fun to see guys be human out there
  5. For that price, Paige Spiranac should keep your score
  6. Day 56 - more putting for distance control at the office today; then hit a few balls in the net when I got home with focus on straighter right elbow and getting it off my right side early
  7. Saw that - how much golf would that pay for?!?!? Definitely better ways to spend $6-7k
  8. Yeah, seems like it would take more work to clip/unclip the shaft into position vs simply drawing the club out from the top and returning it. I’m not opposed to unconventional innovation, but this doesn’t seem to be helpful in improving the round’s experience. Maybe it’s not as bad as it looks?
  9. Day 55 - Blast putting in office for rhythm and face control x 10 mins. Slow takeaways with 8i focus on club back & up with straighter right elbow
  10. Classic - love it A Fist Full of Dollars:
  11. was reviewing quickie pitching video and reminded me of this older challenge - just wanted to give it a bump to see if there were anyone interested trying
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