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  1. Day 63 - back at work today. Jeeez, can't wait to retire...only 25 yrs to go. Anyways, did kettle bell work at the gym this morning for emphasis on balanced weight shift forward with centered turn. I'll get some lag putting in over lunch break down the long hallway. I'd guesstimate it runs about 9.5 on the stimpmeter
  2. Day 62- range work today; hit through the bag, but spent 70%-ish of the time on 130-160yds with focus on steady head and centered turn. I've noticed the last few range trips have been significantly better...I think of this has to do wit me being intentional about slowing down my tempo.
  3. Shotmakers - New Golf Television Competition at Topgolf

    Agreed - never been to a TopGolf and is likely to be fun to play...not watch It's definitely forced/artificial
  4. Shotmakers - New Golf Television Competition at Topgolf

    Maybe I'm delusional, while I would get embarrassed by most everyone else on the show, I feel like I would be a better partner on the show than Maurice....
  5. Shotmakers - New Golf Television Competition at Topgolf

    first we need to get some bad commentators and crowds that cheer after each shot
  6. Day 60- 6ft putts for bead at work over lunch break; I hope to play Sunday if I don't get rained out
  7. One Word Answer - Standing on the Tee

    Ball-flight (I made it one word )
  8. Day 59 - Some swings in front yard with UW focusing on centered turn and steady head
  9. Day 58 - hit at range with my 8yo. Lots of fun. Focusing on centered turn and steady head
  10. Day 57 - lag putting at work today with new putter. getting more consistent. Will hit tomorrow with my 8yo
  11. To be clear, golf has been around a long time before you and will be around long after you. That's an idiotic statement
  12. Day 57 - did kettle bells swings for balanced weight shift and centered turns at gym this morning. Will also get some pitching work in this evening, but wanted to log while eligible and thinking about it.
  13. PGA Tour's New Slogan: Live Under Par

    It's dumb. Period. Yep
  14. Day 56 - hit through the bag at the range with focus on steady head/ centered turn. THAT was fun - I have never hit the ball so well in my 16yrs of golf. Hit the 250 net in the air twice (awesome for me) and was accurate with irons...I would've been an asset on the TopGolf show. ...of course, had I actually played I'm sure I would've 3-putted six times; never all comes together on same day

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