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  1. Day 4 - Done. This was soooooo very helpful. That recommendation to flex the wrist to close the clubface was amazing.
  2. @iacas, my feedback thus far on this COVID challenge: 1. I love the drills. I’ve never had real lessons before so having these drills to work on things is awesome 2. I am simple-minded. Because I am voluntarily due to my child-like desire to earn a little badge, I have found out pretty quickly that while I am working on my priority piece, I now have three of swing thoughts going through my head which relate to the new drills given here. I fear I will overwhelm myself and get distracted from the more important parts (the parts you’d have me specifically work on) or just overwhelm my brain. This is, of course, no fault of the COVID challenge, but is more a product of my own inability to focus on my priority piece in isolation. 3. I do think this thread will serve as a fantastic reference for me and others down the road as we (you) find other areas of own swing to address that we can look back on for these drills for those specific problem areas
  3. I’ll have to make it part of routine to grip in air. Thank you
  4. Day 3. - I suck with this Still working on Day 1 issues in myswing thread
  5. Only took me 19 years to conquer the grip. I’ll prob die before getting the backswing down 🥴
  6. Played with my buddy last weekend, winning by 2 strokes. The problem is that I carry a HCP index of 6.3 and he a 10, yet generally when we play raw/gross score I only beat him by 1-2 strokes and occasionally I’ll lose to him. I play worse with him than anyone. He is my kryptonite. For fun, I figured out my HCP when I play with him and it’s a 15.9. I was reading back thru previous pages here and found where I’ve mentioned this before a few years back. Clearly I’ve not made much progress, but will make a note and conscious effect to embrace the challenge, enjoy pressure.
  7. Day 1 - Thursday April 2nd, 2020 Did COVID drills Day 1& 2 Day 1 content matched up with my priority piece which was nice.
  8. that definitely feels different. Thanks. Admittedly a bit embarrassing you have to take me all the way back to “the grip” 🙄
  9. It seems Day 1 of the COVID challenge was similar what you’re recommending here, right? I’ll use the ball during future practice sessions, but wanted to clarify the length of backswing you wanted This was my Day 1 submission:
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