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  1. Day 15 - club back and up with straighter right elbow with longer clubs on the range. Hit well today, very happy
  2. I watched that yesterday and thought his comment about winning more majors, while possibly true, was a bit audacious. His rant about tree-clearing was very uncomfortable for the commentators who, IIRC, not knowing what to say, seemed simply ignore it and move on. I voted “on the fence” as different courses have different styles and personalities and not every course should have the wooded feel. The Old Course and links style courses are the obvious examples
  3. Day 14 - straighter right arm w/5W. Slower swings today trying to make good solid contact
  4. When someone lacks credible or valid substance to their arguments, they start to deflect...it’s what people do when they’re losing. Don’t worry, despite his “deuces,” I’m sure he’ll be back.
  5. good to know - one day I'll get it checked - it was more of a curiosity
  6. 1. Obviously, the answer is to get fit or try some different options on a monitor, but in general, what I'm hearing is that a higher compression Bridgestone Tour X should be a longer ball than their lower compression RX even for a slower swing speed of 80 with my irons (not recently checked driver swing speed) despite their recommendations, correct? 2. as an aside, I was hoping to find a away to estimate my driver swing speed based on my known/measured iron swing speed. I found this chart online, but it doesn't seem to mesh with my numbers, maybe my swing speed readings were off? My 9i carries about 135-140 with my 8i flying 150 which puts my estimated swing speed between 100-106. That seems awful high - I do not swing that fast
  7. Well, that’ll go a long way to helping Bryson play with confidence. Or maybe not with Wolff making his putt
  8. 9/20/20 - right elbow straighter
  9. I hear you and agree that we all can appreciate those who are skilled in their respective sports rather than simply over-powering a sport, but I would offer that all of the time and effort today’s athletes put into their training and bodies is probably a bigger requirement to be successful in today’s era than in the day’s of our fathers and grandfathers, thus power naturally becomes a bigger factor in the sport than in years past. As athletes get bigger, stronger, faster, sports will inevitably change/evolve in they way they are played out. If you seriously don’t want to watch golfers over power courses and the sport in the years to come, there’s always the Champions Tour to watch 🙃
  10. I made huge improvements in 6 months by working on 5SK skills While reading LSW. He’s just got to put the work in.
  11. I was thinking the same thing - everyone is just now realizing/seeing what @iacas & Dave Wedzik have been preaching for years.
  12. Day 11 - more of the same; right elbow straight with 9i. I did go to range and work on it there with 5W and driver and my trajectory was much straighter.
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