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  1. Same I'm not sure if that's mathematically possible, but certainly by 2019
  2. 5/16 - not been around much lately (life happens). More work on centered hip turn. Obviously shortened motion using kettle bell...
  3. 5/01 - kettle bell swings for balanced weight shift (forward) with focus on "steady head" and centered hip turn. Will try to post swing progression in MySwing thread...I think it's improving
  4. Game on
  5. 0 - only played 9 holes
  6. 40
  7. Priority Piece: Centered Hip Turn
  8. I suck - up to 9.8 from 9.1 I've only played twice since November but both were ugly
  9. Of all the things you could've told us...this is what you come up with?! We need a better story than that....
  10. Any April applicants?
  11. 4/13 - missed a few days; just not feeling it lately. Did some shoulder rehab/prehab for next surgery. Did some kettle bells swings for forward weight shift with focus on centered hip turn. Continuing to improve there slowly in time.
  12. This isn't going to go over well here. We are adults.
  13. 4/08 - played yesterday and lags were MUCH better. With changes in hip turn, I found myself pushing more than usual. Today: started with a few mins of wall drills as usual followed by slow swings with focus on steady head, centered turn.
  14. 88 w/4 lost balls off the tee. Usually the driver is my most reliable club....not today.
  15. One - big improvement over last round