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  1. woodzie264

    Christmas in April!

    This won't be much of a thread, but who else is stoked about April 14th?!!!! Masters Sunday being immediately followed by GOT's final season's opener - truly Christmas in April. Definitely taking Monday off
  2. woodzie264

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    Exactly - I hate the 10yr recert. Good point, Vinsk
  3. woodzie264

    Ever Played While It Was Snowing?

    I'd be proud of an 81 shot on my home course on a beautiful sunny 75* day
  4. woodzie264

    Ever Played While It Was Snowing?

    Several times - once a skipped a ball across a frozen pond onto the green for a two-putt par.
  5. woodzie264

    Prescription Sunglasses

    I have a pair of Ray Bans and love them. Totally worth the price.
  6. woodzie264

    Your First Car

    POS 1985? Ford tempo. $300. My dad bought it so I could taxi me & my two younger brothers to-n-fro sports practices.
  7. woodzie264

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    40 (+4) on a 126 slope FW: 6/7 GIR: 7/9 putts: 19 (two 3-putts) good little outing for me considering I haven't played in a good while
  8. woodzie264

    Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    9.8 - haven't played in a while until today
  9. woodzie264

    Left Hip Replacement and Golf

    Anterior or posterior approach? It'll make a difference on how soon you can take full swings, but either way you'll be fine to play by April. I am not your surgeon and don't know the specifics of your surgery, but if things went in standard fashion, as an orthopedic PA, I suspect you'll be thrilled with it. You will likely not have all your strength back by April, but from a safety standpoint, you'll be fine by then. If you had an anterior approach, I'm pretty sure your doc will let you go back to chipping & putting fairly quickly.
  10. woodzie264

    Cortisone Injection

    I would - you don't want that inflammation to sit there too long and NSAIDs generally won't help that
  11. woodzie264

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played yesterday with my dad prepping for CC tourn this Sat. Admittedly an easier course (slopes at 121), but it was fun. 82 (39/43) - diff 11.4 FW: 13/14 GIR: 11/18 Putts: 37 with 2 three-putts **still couldn't complete the "No 6's" challenge
  12. woodzie264

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    84 on a 137 (10.4 diff) FW: 13/14 GIR: 9/18 putts: 39 (3 three putts) 😡😡
  13. woodzie264

    Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    Up to 10.4 from 9.9
  14. woodzie264

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    87 (47/40): 9/14 FW 4/18 GIR (abysmal) 33 Putts (3 three-putts, 6 one-putts) ball striking was terrible today and hitting only 2 FW on the front didn't help.
  15. woodzie264

    Funny/Bizarre Internet Stuff


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