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  1. Thought I would chime in on this one...when chipping my goal has been to get the ball rolling on the green ASAP so as to minimize lateral deflection but I make sure to always land it on the green, as the aprons are rarely carpet smooth where I play. Will use 6 to pw for all chips depending on how close I am to the green and how close the pin is. When pitching I normally land it (try) before the pin and run it up. There are, for me, rare times when it just has gotta stop fast so I'll launch it up. So in most cases a non urathane ball, less expesive, would be fine....In spite of what might be on the tee at the moment ☺️
  2. Thomasredstone

    Selfmade Putting Tutor HowTo

    Late to the party I know...how bout a metal yard stick...quite a challenge!
  3. Grizvok, I think I misunderstood your point about "loose the range ball"...I think you meant to willingly use ones gaming balls, albeit prolly scuffed ones, for longer pitch shots at the range and consider them a donation to the range. I do have a handful I hit in the garage that could be used but it would be hard to walk away from em...cost of improvement I guess.
  4. You certainly are right...I would like to work on spin wedge shots that bounce once then stop...difficult on the range...maybe stick with my bump n runs...
  5. Pitching practice is not available in my area...lots of chipping, putting, range use but nowhere to hit 10-30yd shots...
  6. So I'm blocking the driver badly and found a drill that's supposed to help...hitting the driver while on your knees...so today I went to the range and hit maybe 20 on my knees...looked great...straight with a little draw out 200yds or so...got up..swung...block city...did the same thing with the same result... Has anyone had luck with this drill? Thanks Tom
  7. Thomasredstone

    My Swing (Thomasredstone)

    Greetings to the group again....another question or two if yall dont mind... About a month back, after looking more closely at why I was hitting fat or thin about 90% of the time I noticed that my posture was too upright, causing my upper torso to bob up, 3-4" estimate, on the backswing then down on the downswing and through. So I needed more spine angle to create more of an upper body twist/turn. After a few minor adjustments was striking the ball very nicely with my hands driving down through the ball.To encourage more of an inside-out downswing I would intentionally start back outside and try to stay over the ball through impact. Then.... :( my lower back started to complain big time....went back to more upright and the divots started flyin again...before the ball...now muscles in my lower right rib cage are taking no prisoners...really hurts to swing...I think caused by the strenuous backswing loop (outside back to inside through) with being too close to the ball at address. In searching on the site for like experiences I found the following thread seeming to speak to the rib muscle issue...specificly entry #31....the chap stated upon taking a break and getting back on the range: "Today I went back to the driving range realizing I could not repeat what I was doing before. I really concentrated this time on proper shoulder turn keeping my left arm close in to my rib area, and using a good hip turn to lead my shoulders through the swing with my arms following along instead of doing the leading. All the posts on this web site and videos were a great help in getting me to realize what I was doing wrong. But it took this injury to make me attempt to really put it in practice. I simply did't have a choice anymore. I had to change the way I used my arms. " His comment "using a good hip turn to lead my shoulders through the swing with my arms following along instead of doing the leading"....arms following along? I gotta tell ya that is such a foreign concept...I have never swung a club in that fashion...its always been a relatively short backswing then pow with the arms/wrists/hands into the back of the ball and through (hands well in front of the ball at impact...have always played a low ball). Could someone point me to where I can find more details of this "arms following" technique, as I really want to keep playing but may not if the swing doesnt change.... As always thanks for reading my blather....all comments/recommendations/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Thomasredstone

    My Swing (Thomasredstone)

    Thanks for the helpful guidance...greatly appreciated....In working with slow swings (maybe 10-30%) a couple things have come to mind... 1) I find its difficult to have properly sync'd weight transfer...which feeds the next thing... 2) also find tempo to be a challenge.... both seem to come back around once 50% is hit...Another question...when we are encourage to swing at, say, 50%...does that mean a half length swing at full speed, a full length swing at half speed, or something in between? One final question...when one is working up the %'s (30%-40%-50%-75%-ect) when is it "ok" to go back to playing on the course? I'm afraid that if I wait until I hit 100% it could be a year, or at lease many months before I see a tee box again. Thanks again
  9. Thomasredstone

    My Swing (Thomasredstone)

    Ok...well I have been working on the swing quite arduously since the posted videos. I remember back at that time I would make a nice practice swing then step up to the ball and the swing would drastically change...jerking...topping...thinning...fatting...almost everything the practice swing wasnt. About 3 weeks back I found a helpful lesson from Golf Digest by Hank Haney who said to take 100 practice swings every day, as many of his students said they have never shot better.....Well....so I started doing 100 in the morning before work and another 100 at night...I mean if 100 is good then 200 must be fantastic....after a week I started to integrate some ball striking into the practice (in the garage)...still had difficulty in making the ball swing the same as the practice swing. While explaining to my son how beside myself I was he suggested swinging at the ball with my eyes closed...you have to be kidding...but being at witts end I gave it a try and could not believe how well I struck the ball...incredible...blew me away...he then said "see Dad...its all mental". Didnt think much of it after that. The last 2 Saturdays my rounds have never been worse in my life...ok...maybe when I was 10 I shot worse. And to top it off I went to the range earlier today and the wedges and 7 irons were nice...good tempo...smooth. Then came the 5i, 3i, 4 wd, 4i and back to the 6i and everything I touched went to pot...topping, thinning, fatting, jerking, no tempo, no releasing...even my practice swings were mostly just skimming the top of the grass. So with 3 balls left I remembered what my son recommended and tried the 1st one with eyes closed...wonderful...straight and about 170 yd with 30 yr old 6i blade with 33.5 loft...then the last 2 were slightly heavy but an order of magnitude better than anything earlier. I am flummoxed. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions other than to find another hobby...or play blindfolded? Thanks Tom
  10. Thomasredstone

    My Swing (Thomasredstone)

    Thanks gents for your comments greatly appreciate...as I remember I was working hard to keep in my back posture (not pulling up and head not bobbing up/down/up)...
  11. Thomasredstone

    My Swing (Thomasredstone)

    Sorry for the long intro/explanations... I've been Playing Golf for: 40+ yrs…not continuously unfortunately…had a cut-off 9 iron put in my hand at 6...played junior golf then on the high school team…picked it up again mid 80’s to mid 90’s (best index was about 4.5) then sporadically up to about 5 yrs back…just picked it back up seriously a few months back and have played maybe 8 times but doing lots-o-practicing…put a practice net in the garage (didn’t know balls go through wall board so easily) and taking lots of video to see what is, or isn't, happening My current handicap index or average score is: my best calculated index so far is 9.9 My typical ball flight is: always been a low ball hitter…if my drives are high its because they went off the top ;) Driver, if hit well, usually 270-ish, 4 wood 240-ish The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: hitting thin (unless its miles fat)…coming up and/or not staying down-through the shot…more often now, as I’m not quite as flexible as I once was and being 6‘3“ does not help…though I don’t and never had a full “parallel at the top” back swing, even playing hardball through college coaches asked why my swing didn’t start back like everyone else, though they never complained about the outcomes. (those low inside pitches were heaven) I sometimes line up open which seems to restrict the backswing and results in thinning and/or blocking out...when I close it up seems to get better...or so I think. Been finding that if I stand too upright my upper body raises up on the backswing top then comes down at impact, often resulting in hitting fat…concerted focusing on the ball usually keeps the head movement to a minimum and really helps. Never had an official lesson…primarily dad’s mentoring. Going through lots of swing thoughts, prolly the usual stuff...most help most of the time... Here are two videos of hitting my 4 wood well...sorry if they aren't the best but plan to post better next time I’m out at the range. Thanks for all comments... Tom Videos:
  12. Thomasredstone


  13. Thomasredstone

    Hello from Huntsville AL

    Greetings to the group...thanks for the chance to share/discuss this fabulous game...I'm just now seriously getting back into the game after being out for many yrs and 1) suprised at how rusty the old swing is and 2) how much the balls and drivers have changed. My background....started playing both golf and baseball at about 6 yrs old...played in the same junior golf program/league that Cory Pavin was in (he was lightyears ahead of the rest of us)...kept up with both on high school teams...then only hardball into college (early 80's) for lack of a golf team. Picked up the game in ernest in the early-mid 90's time frame...worked dilligently on the swing and got down around a 4.8 hc...got to a point where I could no longer aford the time/cost...since then only played a couple times/yr. Been out a half a dozen times in the past few months...best calculated hc is just under 10 but coming down...hopefully ;) I find I can get to a point where my striking is good in the garage then when I get to the course everything is gone...its like I've never played before...well almost...I have been surprised that with all the duffs hit there have been some remarkable shots....250 yd slow rising 4 wood draw...makes my heart sing! (yep...its my dads old persimmon wood). Still playing my hogan blades I bought new in 88' and a driver I assembled in mid 90's consisting of a Dynacraft cobra clone head with a SWIX shaft....or my dads old persimmon driver....been thinking about trying a new driver but will have to save up a bit for that I think.....oh....back in the day there was no such thing, that I remember, about being "fitted" for clubs and certainly not balls....so maybe its time to consider a proper fitting...I have been amazed at the emphasis on driving length these days and the new driver market...length was never my problem...was always one of the longer hitters on my team....maybe it was due to hitting the Top Flights I could afford to play and not my swing! Been facinated with the threads on here about swinging slowly then going up from there...never tried that...time too! Also the emphasis on a deliberate practice regimine...thats great....quite anxious to give it a serious go....wish I had these concepts back in school... I have setup a net in the garage and try to swing every day or so...taking lots of videos...would like to post a couple but cant figure out how to upload them from my android phone. I would value any and all comments, as I'm sure there are lots to work on... Thanks again for the forum...and the terrific instruction... Tom

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