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  1. I was walking through a used sporting goods shop today looking through bins of older golf clubs and I noticed some drivers and woods with much smaller heads like from the 80’s and 90’s and I got to thinking, I wonder if that wouldn’t be be a terrible thing to buy in order to improve consistent ball striking especially with longer irons and woods. I just thought you’re getting the same length as a stock driver but with a much smaller head which would force you to be more consistent with your ball striking. Is there any truth to this thought? Honestly with this “drill” or “experiment” I’m not looking for distance as much as trying to be more consistent with my ball striking
  2. I really don't think size is the issue, like I said before, if I were to go .5 size smaller my toes are really crammed in there... that being said I wonder if its an issue of not tying my shoes tight enough and with that does anyone think I would maybe benefit from a BOA style shoe to keep the tightness consistent through the round? Does anyone have any experience with the BOA style vs traditional tie shoes and can make a recommendation one vs the other in terms of keeping the shoes tight through the round?
  3. Would they help my foot to stop rubbing on the back of the shoe creating the holes back there and causing my blisters?
  4. If I can get 2 years out of a shoe walking almost all of y rounds I'll be really happy with that. Right now im getting about 1/2 a year out of mine and that's around 30ish rounds. I'll definitely have to give those a look Price isn't exactly an issue for me if they are going to last a while. Right now I'm in it for about $200+ and I still need ANOTHER pair because they are wearing out in the heel. Thank's for the suggestion I will definitely look into them
  5. I have this horrible problem with golf shoes where in the heel of them it wears out really quickly and I get these horrible blisters on my heels. I have the Nike Lunar Command 2 that I wore for less than a year now and other than wearing them to the driving range they are basically unwearable. I walk frequently while playing and I need a shoe that will hold up over many rounds of walking. I also purchased the Adidas 360 Traxion Bounce spikeless and I am starting to notice the same issue with them as the Nike's. I don't think it's my shoe size that is the issue, I wear a 10.5 and if I try anything less on my toes are really cramped in the front of the shoe. I've thought about getting socks with the little grippy things on the heel to help my feet stay in place while walking in the shoes. Has anyone else had this same issue and have found a shoe that they have liked and has lasted more than half a season. I really don't want to have to buy new shoes twice a year and I enjoy walking courses and don't want to give that up either. The Adidas Tour Boost 360 might be something I'm interested in because the inside heel is more "leathery" and I think might help keep my foot in place when walking. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it!!
  6. Tommy_Boy14

    Snap Hooking Woods

    So... I've been having this issue with my woods ONLY (Diver, 3 Wood and 2 Hybrid) where i have this horrible snap hook. The ball doesn't get more than 15 feet of the ground and violently snaps right to left. I guess I'm just looking for drills to help combat this I know on my driver I've been hitting the ball really low toe recently and I think I'm really getting outside to in with my longer clubs (I want to hit them further and just get excited and try to really crush them) but I'm just looking for some range drills to help combat this short of me just relaxing and slowing my swing down. Thanks!!
  7. Tommy_Boy14

    AP2 like irons

    My issue with them is they're far too strong for me, doing the math in my head the distance gapping for them would be too far apart for my liking and I would find myself, far too often, in between clubs on a majority of my shots
  8. Tommy_Boy14

    AP2 like irons

    Definitely not against giving them a go, mostly just out here looking for suggestions on what to hit that is sort of in line with what I play now and looking for peoples feedback on if they have them in the bag or not, how they hold up and how they have liked them so far
  9. Tommy_Boy14

    AP2 like irons

    I guess I should have maybe included this in here too right now I play the Nike VR Split cavity irons and am looking for something that is in line with the specs and look of those as well (probably everything everyone has suggested is in line with what I play now and what I'm looking for really appreciate all the advice everyone is giving BTW y'all are amazing)
  10. Tommy_Boy14

    AP2 like irons

    I hit the 718 AP2's and the first time I hit them I crushed them and I was ready to leave and go buy them right then and there (I'm actually getting used irons from callawaygolfpreowned.com) so they would be the 716 version. Then my local pro convinced me to go try a few others first before getting them and I just haven't found anything I liked as much as the AP2's when I hit them well other than a few sets that were too strong for my liking
  11. Tommy_Boy14

    AP2 like irons

    For me the issue with the MB's is the offset... When my game is on its really on and I'm hitting all my shots as pure as can be but my worry is when its a little off am I really going to be punished with the MB's because they offer so little forgiveness? Or am I just totally wrong about that? I'm going back today to hit the AP2's again, like I said I hit them really well the first time around and not so well the other few but I'm going to chalk that up to me not swinging well and not the clubs not being right for me. What I really like about the AP2's is the look of them, the offset as well as that forgiveness they offer with still being a club that tour pros would use (not that I'm a tour pro but I'm also not the kind of golfer whose looking for max distance and max forgiveness in a club) I hit them inside with ProV1's. I liked the feel of the P790's they're just too strong for me and my distance gapping will be wayyy off with them. The rogue pros same thing they felt great and sounded great to me again they're just too strong for my and gapping would be off. Maybe when I go back to hit the AP2's again today I'll give the i200's another go and chalk it up to my swing and not the clubs
  12. Tommy_Boy14

    AP2 like irons

    Looking for new irons and one of the first sets I hit was AP2 and hit them really well. Since then, I haven't been as pleased with them (maybe it's just me not putting great swings on them) but I hit the callaway rogue pro's the other day and fell in love with them. However, upon doing some review searching and youtube review watching I came to find out that they are far stronger than I would like in an iron and not forged. With that being said I have no brand bias but I am looking for something that more fits in the AP2 category (normal lofts, blade look to them with some forgiveness nothing like the Titleist MB's, forged, something a single digit handicapper would play) I'm just looking for ideas of things to hit the next time I have some time to get out and try out some new irons. I hit the P770 and P790's and wasnt overly impressed with them honestly 790's were nice but again too strong for me and the 770's just didnt feel as nice to me. I also hit the Ping i200 and hated them, I thought they were really hard even on the perfect swings. Thanks!!
  13. Tommy_Boy14

    Black Vokey Wedges

    I was in Dicks the other day looking at/hitting Vokey wedges (specifically the black finish ones) and one of the golf associates warned me against getting them saying the black finish wears off after a few months of use. Can anyone attest to this/ does anyone have the black finish Vokey wedges and can say whether or not the finish has worn off after a few months of use? Thanks!!
  14. Tommy_Boy14

    Best Place to buy 2nd hand golf clubs

    I am interested in them!! Hit them at Dicks a week or so ago and really liked them. I think the 790's are a little too strong for me (I dont need the extra distance I already hit my 8 year old 7 iron 185-190 carry) I'd love to try the 730's out but of course they don't have them. But thank you!! this is exactly what I'm looking for
  15. I'm looking into new irons and don't really want to buy them brand new if I can get them used or gently used for less than full value (trying to pinch those pennies and my set now is just falling apart.) I know of Ebay and 2nd swing but are there any other sites like those to buy used or gently used clubs from?

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