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  1. Currently I have a Laser Range Finder (Caddytek Golf Laser Rangefinder) to be exact and I like it however every time I go to shoot the pin and click the button to give me the distance pushing down on the top of the rangefinder causes me to miss the pin and have to shoot it multiple times to get a number (could be that I just don't have the steadiest of hands too). So with that I am currently looking for a replacement for it most likely something in the GPS watch or handheld range and was looking for suggestions on something that is no WAY overpriced (in my opinion). I would not wear the watc
  2. I've been noticing lately that all of my shots have been coming out about a groove low. For my irons its not such a big problem because they are still getting in the air I am just losing distance off them and when I am playing not taking divots or getting any amount of spin when coming into the greens. My driver I have also been hitting low on the face but with that it is not getting up in the air at all. I assume my issue (without seeing a video of my swing) is that I am jumping up and out of my swing and that is causing me to be hitting the ball low on the face. I wouldn't say I'm "toppi
  3. So if I were to go hit the 790 7 iron it would give me a good idea of if I would like the UDI?
  4. Did you test it out before you bought it? I think that's my biggest thing right now is that I want to be able to hit it before I get it and I can't for the life of me find any place that has it where I could demo it. I also would love to not have to wait until next year to get it when it would be warmer and Taylormade would be going around doing their demo days
  5. I'm looking for reviews on this from the "average golfer" I desperately want this club (tested the P790's when I was searching for new irons) and loved them but the lofts were too strong for me and so I went with the AP2's I have yet to find any place that has this UDI for me to test out and I don't want to just buy it without hitting it. Does anyone have this in their bag that can give me a little insight as to how nice it is (or isn't) and how much you like it. Also maybe where you got it from so I can see if I cant actually hit it before I buy it. Thanks
  6. I don’t have a video of my swing but one problem I’ve been having lately is I feel like I’m throwing my wrists at the ball almost like I’m casting a fishing rod. My club is coming into contact toe first as opposed to flat and everything I’m hitting is severely on the toe of the club. With this everything I hit is WELL left because the club face is so closed at impact along with coming through toe first. Anyone have any drills to help correct this issue? Thanks!!
  7. Possibly a stupid question here... would you count a hole in 1 on a par 3 course the same as you would on a regular 18 hole course? I've never had one on either but just curious on everyone's take on this
  8. What is the difference between a standard hybrid and a driving iron. I understand that a hybrid is more forgiving than a driving iron like Titleist’s TMB or Taylormades P790 UDI but there has to be a reason so many pros are going to the driving iron and staying away from the hybrid. It’s my understanding that they travel about the same for me I would probably go with a driving iron over a hybrid just because I feel more confident having an iron in my hand as opposed to a “wood” club since I do not typically hit them well but I’m just curious as to maybe the pros and cons to having a driving ir
  9. I was walking through a used sporting goods shop today looking through bins of older golf clubs and I noticed some drivers and woods with much smaller heads like from the 80’s and 90’s and I got to thinking, I wonder if that wouldn’t be be a terrible thing to buy in order to improve consistent ball striking especially with longer irons and woods. I just thought you’re getting the same length as a stock driver but with a much smaller head which would force you to be more consistent with your ball striking. Is there any truth to this thought? Honestly with this “drill” or “experiment” I’m not lo
  10. I really don't think size is the issue, like I said before, if I were to go .5 size smaller my toes are really crammed in there... that being said I wonder if its an issue of not tying my shoes tight enough and with that does anyone think I would maybe benefit from a BOA style shoe to keep the tightness consistent through the round? Does anyone have any experience with the BOA style vs traditional tie shoes and can make a recommendation one vs the other in terms of keeping the shoes tight through the round?
  11. Would they help my foot to stop rubbing on the back of the shoe creating the holes back there and causing my blisters?
  12. If I can get 2 years out of a shoe walking almost all of y rounds I'll be really happy with that. Right now im getting about 1/2 a year out of mine and that's around 30ish rounds. I'll definitely have to give those a look Price isn't exactly an issue for me if they are going to last a while. Right now I'm in it for about $200+ and I still need ANOTHER pair because they are wearing out in the heel. Thank's for the suggestion I will definitely look into them
  13. I have this horrible problem with golf shoes where in the heel of them it wears out really quickly and I get these horrible blisters on my heels. I have the Nike Lunar Command 2 that I wore for less than a year now and other than wearing them to the driving range they are basically unwearable. I walk frequently while playing and I need a shoe that will hold up over many rounds of walking. I also purchased the Adidas 360 Traxion Bounce spikeless and I am starting to notice the same issue with them as the Nike's. I don't think it's my shoe size that is the issue, I wear a 10.5 and if I try a
  14. So... I've been having this issue with my woods ONLY (Diver, 3 Wood and 2 Hybrid) where i have this horrible snap hook. The ball doesn't get more than 15 feet of the ground and violently snaps right to left. I guess I'm just looking for drills to help combat this I know on my driver I've been hitting the ball really low toe recently and I think I'm really getting outside to in with my longer clubs (I want to hit them further and just get excited and try to really crush them) but I'm just looking for some range drills to help combat this short of me just relaxing and slowing my swing down.
  15. My issue with them is they're far too strong for me, doing the math in my head the distance gapping for them would be too far apart for my liking and I would find myself, far too often, in between clubs on a majority of my shots
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