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  1. Tommy_Boy14

    Black Vokey Wedges

    I was in Dicks the other day looking at/hitting Vokey wedges (specifically the black finish ones) and one of the golf associates warned me against getting them saying the black finish wears off after a few months of use. Can anyone attest to this/ does anyone have the black finish Vokey wedges and can say whether or not the finish has worn off after a few months of use? Thanks!!
  2. Tommy_Boy14

    Best Place to buy 2nd hand golf clubs

    I am interested in them!! Hit them at Dicks a week or so ago and really liked them. I think the 790's are a little too strong for me (I dont need the extra distance I already hit my 8 year old 7 iron 185-190 carry) I'd love to try the 730's out but of course they don't have them. But thank you!! this is exactly what I'm looking for
  3. I'm looking into new irons and don't really want to buy them brand new if I can get them used or gently used for less than full value (trying to pinch those pennies and my set now is just falling apart.) I know of Ebay and 2nd swing but are there any other sites like those to buy used or gently used clubs from?
  4. Tommy_Boy14

    Stock set PW or 45* "Wedge Set" wedge?

    I think for me what it comes down to is what I see when I set the club down. When I get that club that looks like a sand wedge or lob wedge I just get more confidence in hitting right down on the ball and taking a nice divot as opposed to a club that doesn't necessarily give me that confident mentality. I wouldn't say I have a problem with distance gapping but am really considering going with the 45* or 46* to give me the confidence to get down after it and hit it with that nice "dollar bill" divot we all like to see
  5. What is your opinion here? Should you go with the PW that comes with your set or substitute it with a 45* wedge from a wedge set like Vokey? Pros and cons to doing something like this? I know most stock PW's anymore come in 46ish degrees but its my understanding that most Tour players are going away from a stock set PW and trading it out for a 45/46 degree wedge that matches the set that they would have for SW, their Lob wedge and a Gap wedge if needed
  6. Tommy_Boy14

    Best Balance Drills

    I have a horrible time with balance in my golf swing. I'm constantly falling out of it or falling back out of my swing and I'm sure it's my balance that is off. I'm also sure that my "swinging for the fences" mentality isn't helping either. It is most noticeable when swinging with my driver but even down to my wedges I notice its incredibly hard for me to balance and hold that nice pose through my finish swing. Does anyone have any good balance exercises to do to help resolve this problem? Thanks
  7. The other day I went to DICK’S and hit some new irons (specifically the P770 and P790) liked the both and didn’t notice a HUGE difference between them 7 iron carry was right around 190 average total being 195-200 on average for both clubs 790 distance being a little further (5-10 yards) other than the P730 being Taylormades blade version iron I don’t know what’s much of the difference is between the P750 P770 and P790 so if someone could please explain that to me I would appreciate it. Being a 6 I assume the 730 or 750 would be best suited for me but I’m just trying to understand the difference between them. Thanks!
  8. So I'm looking into some new irons I think I've narrowed it down to either the TaylorMade P series irons or Titleist AP series. I know it comes down to what I hit better BUT I'm just looking for people who have experience in both or one of the sets I am looking at (TaylorMade P750, P770 or Titleist AP2 or AP3) just from an aesthetic, feel, and overall wear and tear perspective. My irons now are Nike VR Split Cavity, I've had them for about 8 years now and they still look basically brand new, I take excellent care of them. They are bladey looking but have the cavity back that offers the forgiveness on a shot that's not 100% in the middle of the face and I would like to stay with that same look. I'm certainly not good enough to play a P730 that's too baldey for me so I'm looking for something with the looks of a blade but the forgiveness of a cavity backed iron. Thanks!!
  9. Simply put is there any difference between a stock 3 iron and whats being called a 3 "Driving" iron?
  10. Has anyone out there done a FULL golf club fitting… I’m talking Driver thru putter? I’m interested in doing one of those this year my clubs (Nike VR Split Cavity) are old (8ish years I believe), too short for me and I just snapped the head off my 4 iron and came to realize that they are all rusted where the shaft meets the hosel so it seems like its only a matter of time until they all break off which is really disappointing because I love these irons and have take EXCELLENT care of them. I’ve seen videos of people doing this with Taylormade or Titleist, I’m not limiting myself to those brands those are just the ones I’ve seen. I know Dicks offers that kind of service, but I’d really love to do something outside off real grass not a driving range matt. I live in Central PA so going all the way out to “The Kingdom” in Caralsbad isn’t really something I can do but I would drive a little ways for a nice fitting that's worth while. Also, what are we looking at in terms of price for this FULL fitting. I understand it is different depending on what clubs you get and shafts ect… but I’m just looking for a fairly general number just so I know what I’m going to be getting into. I like to think of myself as a "good" golfer whose handicap is 6 and who hits the ball further than average. I'd ideally like to get some sort of blade style iron not the super blades the pros play but something along the lines of what I have now or like the P790's I'd like to stay in the $2-3K range if at all possible Thanks In Advance!!
  11. Tommy_Boy14

    My Swing (Tommy_Boy14)

    So I have just recently developed this problem where I went from hitting this nice beautiful baby draw on every shot to this massive 40+ yard draw (I’m sure there is a better word for it but that’s what it is.) I really think the issue is me over rotating through my follow through of my swing I just can feel myself coming around in my follow through and not “finishing high” like I should be but my contact is middle of the face and solid every time. I have tried everything I can think of to fix this I’ve done the towel drill, slowed my swing down to focus on fundamentals, the water bottle drill, half swings, swinging like there is no tomorrow, dropping my front foot back, moving it forward and nothing helps. I went with my girlfriend and used her clubs just to slow me down and get back to the fundamentals (just a starter set with a really soft women’s flex) and I was hitting the ball really straight, so much so that I considered using her clubs the next time I go out lol. But then I go back to mine apply the exact same swing and back to the huge draw. I’m also having an issue with my woods turning over in my hand when I make contact with the ball but that’s a whole other animal and I can get away with a 3 or 4 iron off the tee at the course I usually play. Thanks in advance for any help y'all can give me!!! (ALSO sorry for the watermark on the video it was the only way to get it into a format to post on here) . I've been Playing Golf for: 18 Years My current handicap index or average score is: Average Score: 78 My typical ball flight is: Baby Draw (2-3 yards) The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: HUGE Draw (40+ Yards) Videos:
  12. Tommy_Boy14


  13. Tommy_Boy14

    Cutting Down Driver Shaft Length

    Driver is Taylormade R1 shaft is 80 gram X-Stiff Aldila RIP Phenom and my miss is a huge slice to the right... were talking 50 yards to the right
  14. Tommy_Boy14

    Cutting Down Driver Shaft Length

    I was having the same issue with the stock shaft and was told by my local golf pro to go to the X-Stiff because of my build and swing speed (110 average with driver). Would just choking down on the shaft as is now help at all? Honestly I think I just need to go get a lesson to help with my driver and 3 wood because every club from my sand wedge up to my hybrids goes dead straight every time.
  15. I'm thinking about cutting down my driver shaft to the length of my 4 iron (39.5") I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, I rebuilt my driver with a new TP X-Stiff shaft (TaylorMade R1 X-Stiff 80g) but still have the old one (TaylorMade stock R1 stiff shaft 55g) so I could cut it down and if this doesn't work out no harm no foul. I hit my irons incredibly well and very pure my 4 iron flies about 225 off the deck. I'm trying to become more accurate with my drives, right now my miss is right and when I say right i mean WAYYYYYYYY right. But my irons are dead straight every time and very pure so what I'm trying to do is eliminate that right miss with my drives. I'm ok giving up some distance if it will come with more accuracy but I'm just curious if cutting down my driver length almost 5" will help with that or not. Thanks

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