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  1. It’s common knowledge that links lovers can eat their heart out in the United Kingdom and Ireland. There’s just one downside with hitting the links there: the weather is not always your best friend. So what if we told you there is a way to play links style courses with sun all year round? Portugal is the place to be. Fair enough – the courses we list below are not all ‘real’ links courses (what is a true links anyway?), but they do have links characteristics. So put your puristic links views aside for a moment and enjoy a round of golf on the best links style courses in Portugal. West C
  2. Thank you all for your comments. They are all very useful. In fact my aim was to ensure that the 5 ks system was in biomechanical terms advisable for seniors.
  3. I bought the videos of the 5 keys system and I'm trying to learn. I have 2 questions that I would like to put in the forum regarding key 2: 1 - This system can be used by senior golfers with regard to weight transfer by the hip forward. 2- In my swing I would like to incorporate the indicated rotating movement below instead of putting the hip forward. Are there any inconveniences? Thank you
  4. With 46% of your strokes in a round coming from your putter, maybe you should consider changing the "stock steel" shaft in your putter to the new STABILITY putter shaft from BreakThrough Golf Technology. Is this realy good?
  5. I have played in 3 of the 7 camps in St. Andrews including the old course....last may.... its a unique experience... if you have a problem of not getting a tee complet...dont worry... there have everyday actions to substitute players.
  6. @kpaulhus @klineka @divot dave @nabzi @GolfLug @Pepsivanilla93 @Vasco open open open Count me in. Let me know what info you need
  7. Can I join your list....if you sell to UK you also sell to Portugal ...
  8. 1 Club de Golf Alcanada Alcudia, Spain The 18-hole-course of the Club de Golf Alcanada, situated directly at the sea, offers and almost ideal terrain, grown with olives, stone pines and oaks… 2 Monte Rei Golf & Country Club Vila Nova De Cacela, Portugal The Golf Club of Monte Rei was situated in the picturesque foothills of the Eastern Algarve… 3 Golf & Country Club Praia d'El Rey Obidos, Portugal The typical links-course for the most part runs directly along the steep coast of the Atlantic Ocean and offers fabulous voews over the sea, dunes, lake
  9. Vasco


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