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  1. I hit my mp 14 irons Driver 10.5 degree 270 to up to if I kill it 330 3 wood - 260-270 5 wood - 240-250 3 iron - 235 4 iron - 220 5 iron - 205 6 iron - 190 7 iron - 175 8 iron - 160 9 iron - 150 P w - 135 S wedge - 100 - 120 My short game sucks always 2 putt and some 3 putts
  2. I think considering todays information and technology, Jack was a creator, inventor, and an Einstein. He did not have the equipment nor the technology to help him. Tiger had all of the help, plus he was able to read Jacks books haha. Tiger is considered the better putter, and Jack is supposedly more consistent off the tee. I think it all boils down to money. Tiger gets paid more, so he trains harder haha. With the help of technology, Tiger has an advantage over Jack. He is also stronger than Jack, so when distance becomes necessary, there is another advantage. Therefore Tiger is better....
  3. I have a Termite and Pest Control company. We also do construction and light remodeling. For my hobbies I like to fish and work on cars and motorcycles, of course golfing.
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