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  1. The Hook Meister

    Problems striking the ground behind the ball?

    My father used to do that and he found that he was not dragging the club back in his back swing rather he was picking the club yp and it was throwing his whole swing off, You might try slowing down your back swing.
  2. The Hook Meister

    How Hot Is Too Hot to Play?

    I have played in 100 degree weather as long as you have water with you its okay, besides id I have a bad round there is a built in reason.This topic will vary form golfer to golfer depending on were they are from.
  3. The Hook Meister

    Worst golf tip you ever received

    Yea keep left arm straight and keep,your head down. Another one that drives me nuts is you are picking your club up on your back swing.
  4. The Hook Meister

    When does a fade/draw turn into a slice/hook?

    What do you call a fade that misses left or a draw that misses right Answer: One horrible looking next shot and a lot of superlatives to follow. The answer to the question is its a slice when you are so far to the right you a playing a different hole , the same for a hook only left.
  5. The Hook Meister

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    For me its taking my brain out of the equation. Don't look at the score card and think about the next four holes because you are thinking about your final score instead of the shot right in front of you. Don't over think your shot you will talk yourself onto the absolute wrong shot every time, unless you get very lucky. Yep the six inches between my ears thats the problem area.
  6. The Hook Meister

    How Many Mulligans Would You Need To Win The US Open?

    Someone should have cut him off because he was clearly not sober. To answer the question about 75 to 80 the greens would kill me. No chance of doing it in four hours or four days for that matter. Those greens are mean and very very very fast.
  7. The Hook Meister

    The "Stop Conning Yourself" Thread

    We do like to con ourselves out there don't we. When I was a kid I used to shoot in the low to mid eighties. I always said if I could putt I would be dangerous. I have since figured out what I was doing wrong with my putts I was in to big of a hurry to putt. Of course by that time the rest of my game went all to hell. I am a lot happier now because I stopped looking at the score card and this got me out of my head. I can shoot in the mid 90's now the price of getting older yea well. I no longer have to con myself I know my sucks now and I really am not all that worried about it. Well maybe I pump up the good shot a little, but who doen't right.
  8. The Hook Meister

    Is Phil Mickelson Going Nuts?: Hitting a moving ball at US Open

    Phil knows better bit that was probably just a little frustration. That course and the wind was brutal. No excuses he was wrong to hit a moving ball.
  9. The Hook Meister

    Which Improves My Game More?

    Nothing can replace lessons for a teaching pro. That person will spot what you need to work on and to go about it in seconds. no machine can do that.
  10. The Hook Meister

    Faster Play - Is It Hurting the Game?

    It's to bad that people can't be more understanding of new players, We were all new once. With that said I agree with the idea of newbies playing par 3's for awhile until they get the hang of it.
  11. The Hook Meister

    Melt down!

    Bad days happen if they didn't we would probably get board with the game. Focus on all the good shots you had and don't worry about blame stuff happens. Go to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls you will feel better.
  12. The Hook Meister

    Personal Goofy Rules

    Duck hooks into the trees I like that one. I suppose it would have to apply to slice er pronounced fades as well. Mine would be if there is tall grass in front of the green any thing hit just short of said grass would count as holed out. Sand traps are,man made hazards you should get a drop.
  13. The Hook Meister

    Short Putting

    I have no real answer for you. For me its the speed of the putt I have trouble with. I can read the putts okay, but my ball will stop just short of the hole ,or hit the hole and hop over it, or I hit to hard and it goes right thru the break. All I can tell you is keep making adjustments. I you can't miss them all it just feels that way in the middle of the round..Sorry I could not be of more help but I share your frustration.
  14. The Hook Meister

    How would you play this 495y par 5?

    Its a tough one alright, not to mention very narrow. I would use a 3 iron off the tee and then another 3 iron from there it would depend on pin placement and how well I hit the first two shots. This hole has don't miss written all over it!

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