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  1. Wedges.... my nemesis

    It sounds like you might be pressing a little bit due to frustration. been there. What I did was to relax a bit, Slowed down my back swing and that seemed to help.
  2. I gotta bad case of the slices!!!

    I am glad you worked it out. When stuff like this happens and I can't figure it out, I go and take a lesson. A teaching pro can spot the problem after a couple of swings usually.
  3. Is Joe LaCava Tiger's Best Choice of Caddie?

    I voted yes, I think this what tiger thinks he needs right now..
  4. Greetings From Snow Bound Ohio (on 04/19!)

    Welcome glad you are here.
  5. What Would You Do?

    I have never had this happen to me. Iv'e had a cart or two were the battery died in thew middle of a round. I would not worry to much at this point. Someone will have to inspect the cart to see if there was no mechanical problems.
  6. FBI Arrests NCAA Basketball Coaches

    This is not really all that shocking. Maybe now the NCAA will start paying the players a little something.
  7. Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame

    Yes he belongs there. 4,256 hits puts him in. Okay I will conceed to a big ole * by his name.
  8. Football category dumbfounds Jeopardy contestants

    I will give them the last question, because it was before their time. The other questions clearly showed they are not football fans.
  9. 2018 College Football Rule Changes

    I don't mind the faIr catch part of this, but if you catch it at the 10 that is where you should start not the 25.
  10. Levels of Play Among Amateurs

    The answer is yes they are amateurs..
  11. Paying for handicap scam

    I am with you, I have never had a handicap and I am not going to start now. Why in the hell did you pat him $30 not to play golf?
  12. Does feel help? how?

    Feel is a very personal thing. Everyone has there own opinion of what it is. My father when I was a kid had great feel form 100 yards out, he was almost automatic up and down in two. Then he lost it, I think that his clubs were older the grips were older and the ball was not jumping off his clubs the same way. It's one of those things you kinda have to figure it out for yourself. .
  13. I don't think its possible to design a course that does not handicap some golfers in some way. Designers are designing courses to attract the pro tours, they are money makers, not so much for the weekend duffer.
  14. How to know if your game could be taken to the next level?

    I have to agree that if your 0,5 handicap you should enter a couple of regional tournaments. It will enable you to see how you stack up to others trying to get to the next level. You will see if you like it or not. Being on tour is not that easy, just making the cut every week is difficult enough let alone winning. Look at tiger right now he is shooting around par is barely making the cut. Those courses are alot longer and a lot harder than your .local courses. the hole placements are almost impossible to get close to, the greens are a lot faster. KEEP THE DAY JOB.
  15. Ol Grandpa Sadlowski punks people at the range

    I loved it. Nice one.

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