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  1. Is it too much height in my shot a good thing?

    Wind will do bad things to your game it's what it does. If the wind is at your back a high shot is what you want. If the wind is in your face not so much. From the side you have to allow for it. I would not worry about it so much you are doing just fine.
  2. 3 wood or 5 wood

    It's all about your comfort zone. You might want to put the three wood in the trunk of your car or in the garage and see how it goes. That way you can always put it back in your bag if you have to. A 7wood is a nice alternative to a 3iron.
  3. That's about right....

    Now there something you don't see every day.
  4. Pinehurst #2

    Sand And 2ft of weeds to the right. Sand and a forest to the left and not much in between. Then all kinds of nasty traps around the green. Simple don't miss.
  5. New Irons

    YES! When you get older you want more flex ability from your club shafts to make up for slower club speed. They are lighter as well making your bag a little lighter. You will be glad you did.
  6. Have you ever lost a ball in the fairway?

    It's happened to me a couple of times. It's the most frustrating thing to have happen, to hit a great drive and not get rewarded for it.
  7. Golf Snobbery

    iIt's there and there is nothing you can do about human nature so why worry about it.
  8. At what point do I realize I'm not good at this game?

    DFon't worry about your score so much. Go out there and ger some sunshine fresh air and a little exercise. Enjoy the company of the golfers you are playing with. The rest of it "FORGET ABOUT IT!"
  9. 103 year old hits a hole-in-one!

    It's nice to know at 62 there is still time for me to get a hole in one.
  10. A funny golf story

    It just goes to show you that funny things happen on the golf course and you have to keep your sense of humor, Oh yea trick shots happen like the ole bounce the ball off the rock on to the green trick.
  11. Do you keep close watch on your score during a round?

    I used to keep a close track of my score card but I found that it just distracts me to much. I just write down the score and go to the next hole. I do keep tract of my putts.
  12. Accidentally hitting into people...

    You did the correct thing going up and saying how sorry you were. If you run into a hot head you just have to stay as calm as pssilbe, which isn't alwways that easy to do, Good job and nice shot.
  13. Playing golf with your dog in tow?

    I can see the pros and cons of dogs on the course. I would be worried that if I hit a great shot the dog would go ,get the ball and bring it back to me thinking we are playing. Of course I probably would ot loser a lot pf balls.
  14. Describe Your Bad Shot/Great Result Moment

    When I was a lot younger I hit a 7 iron to the green. I caught all of it and it should have hit the green and kept right on going. When it came down and hit an acorn went to the right and into the hole foe an eagle. Another time I was playing and I hit a 5 iron because I really did not know what to hit. I pulled it left and when it came down It hit something and changes course and went into the hole. like I always say anyone can role the ball into the hole but it takes real talent and a lot luck to bank one in.
  15. The Problems With Golf

    Cost of equipment is a cop out. You can find inexpensive clubs ob EBAY, yard sales, or maybe even a second hand store. Time tro play a round of golf okay I will give you that one. The biggest thing is all the electronics the kids have today. People are getting into golf when they are older for business and the kids are grown up. I don't hear golf courses complaing to much they are still packing them in.

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