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  1. As much as I appreciate everyone's advice... I went with the Gios head covers. I freakin love them! Easy to put on and take off, durable, and love the wooden ball between the sock and tassel. Highly recommend!
  2. i got these <a href=”https://giosgolf.com/”>head covers</a> I've had a few people recommend this one recently. Looks insanely beautiful and like an epic course to shoot pictures! Thank you for confirming this course to be one of my destination courses of 2018!
  3. I am looking at getting some new head covers for my Driver, 3 wood, and hybrid. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've taken a look at a few options... 1. https://giosgolf.com/shop/ : I like the authentic look of the covers with the modern twist. They seem like pretty durable head covers for the knitted style. 2. https://sunfishsales.com/ : the website is kind of doo doo but I've heard of these covers before. Not sure on the quality but seem decently priced. 3. http://www.jancraigheadcovers.com/store/headcovers/ : Seem like quality head covers but a little pricey for my taste. Not sure if any of you have any of these covers but if you have any input on some quality knit-style head covers.... please let me know :) Thank you!
  4. Just wanted to see what kind of hidden gems you guys know about in California. I live in Southern California and am always road tripping to Northern California, trying to find courses along the way to play. Anyone know of any cool little nine holes or muni's that have some history behind them or just have a cool vibe to them???To get an idea of what I'm talking about, check out this little 9-hole course called Ben Brown's in Laguna Beach, CA. Tucked in the canyon right off of PCH (pacific coast highway).https://www.theranch...om/gallery/golf
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