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  1. Just got into golf last summer and I'm looking to buy a new 3 wood. Ideally, it would be a more forgiving club since I'm a bogey golfer. I'm willing to spend anywhere from 100-200 dollars. Wondering if you guys have any thoughts on what the best 3 wood would be that can be found in that price range new OR used.
  2. Thanks for all of the advice. I might just by one from a few different brands and see which works best.
  3. Looking into regripping my clubs for the first time. Any grip recommendations?
  4. I'm planning on building a retractable golf net in my garage similar to the one seen below to work on my game. Wondering if you guys have any insight on what types of netting to use. I was thinking something cheaper on the sides and more expensive at the end since it will be getting hit the most. Any advice helps, thanks.
  5. I got into golf this past summer and want to work on my game over the winter so I ordered an Optishot Golf Simulator. The problem is that my parents don't want me hitting real golf balls in the garage even with a net. Wondering what your thoughts are about foam balls and if you have any other ideas? Thanks for any advice.
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