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  1. Hey @iacas yes I did read your review and saw the video. I was just looking to hear from others as well. I will definitely PM you later tonight after work. Thank you!!
  2. Thanks all. I appreciate it. Last question before I pull the trigger. Any concerns with using it on grass. I have read all the reviews across the web and even called flightscope who said they don't have a built in gyro but as long as the grass is not long and interfering it should be fine. I would be exclusively using this on grass. Seems like it should be fine just wondering if any current users of the mevo have had any difficulties on grass range. Thanks!
  3. Do you feel you are getting accurate data from mevo? Thanks for sharing.
  4. mcconnon12


  5. So overall thoughts on the Mevo, is it worth it? There was a really good review here on ST, but interested in some other thoughts?

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