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  1. i play an R5 Dual Type D 9.5 stiff and i hate it i cant hit it for the life of me but i demoed the burner 09 and i liked it alot i tried the speedline and didnt like it too much and im thinkin of tryin the r7 limited
  2. all i can say to you bro is to make sure that in the back swing make sure your weight is totally on your right side by going into your back swing and balancing your body on your right foot and then pause at the top of your swing just long enough for your hips to start first
  3. when you go to the driving range if you have a chipping green practice your short game more than hitting balls practice flop shots, bump and runs, bunker shots if possible, and putts
  4. im lookin for a new driver its gotta be a 9.5 or 9* stiff flex and under 200 im thinkin of the Taylormade Burner 09 which is 200 or the Cobra Speed Pro S or the Cleavlend Hibore Xls and a few others
  5. Affordable, Forgiving Irons

    i would go with a set of taylormade r7's their forgiving and 400$ but if u need something cheeper than that then go with the r7 draws their 300
  6. Help me pick the right ball

    I would go with the nike one platinum or black or even the titleist NXT tour Driver-Burner 07- 9.5 stiff 3 wood- Cobra X Speed Pro- 15* stiff 19* hybrid- Burner 07 rescue Irons- Mizuno MP32 forged irons- 4-pw Gap Wedge- Vokey Spin Milled 52 Sand Wedge- Titleist Vokey 200 series 56 Lob Wedge- Sonartec Spin Milled 60 Putter- Taylormade Rossa Mondena 8 Ball- Titleist ProV1 or Nike one Platinum
  7. How many holes have you played in one day?

    i ususally play 27 holes a day
  8. Why do I hit the ball so high?

    set up a tee a few inches in front of the ball ( not in the ground, just laying down ) try to make the tee dissapear and that will make the ball go out more than up
  9. What ball do you play and why?

    id play the prov1 or prov1x and if ur on a tight budget play the nxt tour Driver- Burner 460 07- 9.5. stiff 3 wood- Cobra Speed Pro X- 15* Stiff 3 hybrid- Burner rescue 07- 19* stiff Irons- Mizuno Mp32 blades- Stiff rifle shafts 6.0. Gap W- Titleist vokey spin milled 52 Sand W- Sonartec Spin milled 56 Lob W- Titleist Vokey spin milled 60 Putter- Odyssey White Hot XG # 7 Ball- Titleist Prov1