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  1. Unfortunately, I can’t hit my 3wood off the deck to save my life.. so I always have to layup on a par 5 if anything is over 220-230. I have learned to just lay it up with a club that I know I can hit, to a distance that I feel comfortable taking a full shot. definitely, looking to figure out how to hit my 3 off the deck this year, because I like to play aggressively...
  2. I would say that for the most part, my game has improved. I am still playing Bogey golf because I usually have 1 stupid shot per hole (top or chunk a ball, crush a putt). I’m hitting more Greens in Reg since getting fitted for my new Irons last summer. My driving has taken a step back, but I think I can usually get away with it because I’m a longer hitter. I’m looking at getting a new driver or 3 wood to take off the tee this Christmas. this year I really hope to improve y consistency and cut down, even just half of my “stupid shots”
  3. New to the site. Average score in the mid 90s, but last week I just tied my best round score of 88. Haven’t done that in over 2 years. Ive made two eagles in my life so far.. holed out on a Par 4 from 120yards (first time I shot 88) and my other eagle was a perfectly played Par 5. 3 wood off the tee and Fairway. Made the 12 ft putt.
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