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  1. single best golf video on YouTube, MONEY. The best way to get nowhere fast is to NOT watch YouTube. This video reveals the correct motion of the shoulders, explains what several of the best ballstrikers on the planet have done including the best player of all time. It also reveals the what dogmatic poison the ground up feet then knees then hips then shoulders then arms then club, the dogma Golf Digest sells to hackers, does to poison the golf swings of millions of people. this video is the cure.
  2. http://blog.secretgolf.com/jason-dufner-and-the-importance-of-shoulder-plane More on Duffner shoulder plane, flat as a pancake at P4. Number 6 ball striker in the world before his kick in the nads by the Ex Mrs Golddigger, took all his dough. Now he's growing his belly back, new girlfriend, and he won the other day. The Duff rules. Stack and Tilt, you get a completely different shoulder plane. Tom Watson, swears his big secret is shoulder plane...keep it the same, something else. Tiger Woods, something else entirely, 20 degrees steepening on the down. I guess you have to find a model or concept that you can live with. IMO, NOTHING MATTERs BUT IMPACT POSITION P7 and through P9, focus on that. You get shaft lean and no flip, you are good to go. You have to video that to see what you are doing. Any and all worries or thoughts you have on the golf swing, can be entered into a search on YouTube, and there is 10 people with answers, you're a professor, do some research. In your absence for 10 years, youtube has exploded like a hydrogen bomb. Once you think you have your solution on youtube, bring it back to TST, and 10 guys will attack you, and you'll get slapped around, but eventually come to a solution for your swing. The key for coming back after a long layoff is drill baby drill. I don't recommend hitting a ball. Full swing will get you injured. Do 100 swings a day at a foam ball on a string on a rubber tee, half speed, you'll be back to a three handicap in a month or two. 100 half speed 9 to 3 drills a day for one month. Design your own drill. Video tape every damn swing, and review them. Eventually your professor brain will zero in to what makes sense to you. Professor of what, Psycho-proctology? What I did is take a foam golf ball, poked a hole through the middle and ran a nylon string through, tied it off, tied the other end to a rubber tee about 4 feet of string, poked the rubber tee up through a 5x5 piece of carpet, found a room I could take a 5 iron swing, and I do about 100 reps a day with drills I made up for myself to cure a bad flip caused by lunging forward with body first....... instead of...... arms first, then body the club. (ABC). I designed my own drills, but that Luczak flaminco drill is killer. Rubber tee is crucial don't be hitting anything off the ground getting impact stress on elbows. Actually I;m doing more like 300 reps a day after a 3 year layoff. Went to the range, and I was crushing the ball, but still flipping. So I designed a new drill with a 20 inch shaft extension past my grip, (another shaft stuck in the shaft), and I swing with that, the game is don't touch my back with that shaft. Talk about a no flip swing. We'll see how that goes this weekend, finally getting some 40-50 degree weather. Taking that to the range, can't wait.
  3. Old Man, you suffer from a lack of youtube watching. The answer to your question is NO. Golf digest and Jim Flick came out with "Square to Square", and then tiptoed away from that like a yellow dog. Golf digest will tell you endlessly about Jacks massive "leg drive" as the source of his power. WRONG, FALSE, watch some Malaska. Golf digest will say 8 different things a day, all wrong, and contradictory. fast forward to 6 minutes into this analysis. You could land an airplane on the duffs shoulders. almost all pros steepen their shoulders dramatically on the downswing. Tiger more than anyone. Can you do that? no you can not. Should you try to do that? Hell no. Should you try to steepen your shoulders at the top of backswing? Refer to question one. Refer to the duff. you already have a pretty good post impact P7.5. Work on that. Get your nose out of Golf Digest old older than dirt old man, younger than me, cause I was 10 years old when dirt was born. Here's my list of the best teaching pros on the planet. top five in no particular order, all on youtube, all for free. Bobby Lopez, Mike Malaska, marty scheinblum, Clay Ballard, Tony Luczak. First thing in the morning, I sit my enormous ass down on a recliner and watch one of those guys for free on YouTube drinking cup of joe. 20 minutes later, i'm like a caged tiger, I have to do an hour of drills in my man cave with a 16 inch weighted club. The Luczak flaminco drill is the single most important drill, he didn't invent it, but he's bringing it back from the dirt. I did 20 minutes on that this morning, what a perfect drill.
  4. OMG, what an honor to have this guy signed up as a member of TST! I would recommend his videos on YouTube, he has hundreds on there, high quality information and production, a gifted teacher. IMO, and for my state of the game, his videos have added missing pieces to my golf swing, especially the release and shaft lean, those videos are life changing for me. I've spent many hours watching his videos, and didn't know he was signed up as a member. Wow. Of all the guys on YouTube, considering his incredible body of work, his series the road to 125 Club head speed, his videos on the release and shaft lean, his ability to articulate accurately complex information, I'd put him in the top 5 instructors on the planet. For free. On YouTube. Right now. I've watched Foley, Clements, Mike Bennet, Ledbetter, McClain, on and on, Ballard has had more positive effect on my golf swing than all the others combined by a factor of 20. Others I consider in his league are Monte Schienblum and Mike Malaska. Mr. Ballard, if you still get emails or messages from this site, I PM ed you, and would love to hear back from you on this site or just a PM. I was wondering if you are any relation to Jimmy, and was wondering how in general your teaching ...business? is going, and what are your future plans. Thanks
  5. 9 to 3 drills, pay no attention to all the words, just watch the pictures and listen to the music.
  6. you look like a hundred mph to me. that will get you 230 to 240 with variables listed on the right. I was trying to find anyplace that measured CHS here in Columbus, one place Golf Galaxy has it, Golfsmith damned if they didn't go out of business, didn't know that, bought by Dicks. Golftek has a ball speed radar, and they back figure CHS for $135 an hour. I have a little gaget, just like the one in the below chart, gives CHS, but they are not very accurate. BTW, if that's your barn you are hitting golf balls at, I'm not responsible for any damage to cows, turkeys, chickens, sheep or other farm creatures while you are exploring "long game inconsistency".
  7. get the book stack and tilt. Yes, you maintain the posture nicely, and like I said before, your impact position/shaft lean is awesome, that's what everyone is (I am) trying for. There is a nice description of how to finish the swing, in SnT as well as many videos on YouTube, you get a lot of power from that final stand up move and tucking the butt. Maybe you already do that, and were abbreviating follow through for that video. Cheers.
  8. Good swing. Lots of power there, and for your age a very athletic swing. At P10 your back is facing the caddy, good flexibility. It looks like you are swinging with about 100 to 105 club head speed, which if you catch it in the middle, will get you about 230 in the air. It takes a while after that long a layoff, to get the timing back. The way to get your timing back is do P5 to P9 drills, or some call it 3 oclock to 9 oclock drills, with about 70 percent power, hit a foam ball on a string on a rubber tee, just get some reps, the timing and solid strikes will follow. Look up "slicefixer 9 to 3 drills" on the internets and watch that to get an idea. BTW, you have good post impact positions, your shaft is pointing to the center of body at P7.5 or so. BTWx2. The perfect way to damage elbows is to lay off for 10 years and then start swing full driver. Also the perfect way to screw up timing. You've got plenty club head speed, just do 100, 9 to 3 drills a day for a couple days, you'll be back to the center of the clubface.
  9. from face on: really good shaft lean at impact. Pro level shaft lean, awesome. I'm trying to do that arms driven swing, coming off a body bump which lead to a flip. The more I let my hands/arms lead the swing, the more the body gets these great shaft lean impact hips open positions. The hips legs follow the arms/hands. They get out of the way. You don't over swing, or over follow through, another condition I suffer from following a feet then legs then hips then torso then shoulders then arms then hands dogma. I can show you over 25 instructional videos from top level teachers that all want a arms first approach for single digit golfers. I wouldn't change a thing with your swing, not with that impact position. You could work on coming out of posture and tucking your butt in the follow through, which might be less hard on that abrupt stop at P9 you have, and might add yds.
  10. voted no, I hope if JD is voted in he would refuse, keep his rebel image and have a laugh about it after a fifth of Kentucky. JD in the hall would diminish the hall and JD same time. I voted DL3, I saw him rip a drive in the Fort Worth Colonial off of number 2, effortless, never forget it. Andy North is freaky. 3 Wins total on pga tour, and two of them US opens. Weird. I think when they grow the rough and get the greens about 13 or more, it doesn't reward the best all the time, in fact it opens the door to a freak to sneak in there and win. I remember Daily having the ball rolling back to him on a green in the open, and when it got to him still in motion, he hockey sticked it. That was classic JD. Is Happy Gilmore based on JD?
  11. http://www.businessinsider.com/politics-sports-you-like-2013-3 look at the chart. Golf fans even more right than Nascar. Would you agree that the participants of TST would conform to this chart? I think it would be hard for somebody on the Men's tennis side of the chart to feel they fit in with a group all the way over to the extreme of PGA Tour fans, even if the conversation was just about mechanics. Not that people say political comments on here, but between the lines.....maybe you can feel it. I was a very active participant in "The Dirt" forum, then I quit golf for about 4 years when I moved my mother out of assisted living into a new large house we bought. She's still alive, almost 2 years on hospice. She'll out live me. Now I'm back to golf like a greyhound been caged up. I learned a lot about golf forums there. I think to know something, you have to learn one, do one, and teach one. The process of explaining something as If I'm teaching is beneficial to me, and when someone attacks that, fine, then I really learn it. I have to fight not taking that personal, especially when the attacker is wrong. What I don't appreciate is ad hominem attacks. I have that tendency to take things personal, and it reflects my insecurity, increases the feeling I don't fit in. Luckily, we have more money than we'll ever spend, and live in a nice house, great wife who understands golf addiction, and after ignoring the nonsense people say, and focusing on the amazing explosion of stuff on YouTube, I forget all about it. I get pissed, I do 5 minutes of golf drills, break a sweat, feel better.
  12. I think golf is divided now into two eras. There was the era (BDDJ) and after (ADDJ) where DJ means Dustin Johnson and BD means BEFORE the 420 yard DRIVE to 4 inches short of the hole during the Sentry tournament, and AD is after that. So, this is the 0th century, year one ADJD. No pro on tour will ever not think about that Drive. That image will burn into the subconscious and life there and even Tiger will feel the fear. Even Rhambo. I don't care how tough Speith or Thomas is mentally, they are now whistling in the dark, trying not to think about that drive. It like the book says, driving is SV4. I say its SV5.
  13. I have evidence your age old dogma has prevented me from next level results, and evidence from multiple highest level teachers that arms first is the concept and feel to go with, especially as a drill. I've followed that feet, then hips then hands dogma for years, and it doesn't work for me. I'll name two tour pros it doesn't work for either. Justin Rose and Jack. All Jack was doing was trying to get the hands in front of chest as soon as possible. The rest of his lower body reacted to that. If you think he was driving the legs to whip his hands to impact, please review Malaska's videos, he should know, he asked Jack personally about it. Please review Justin Rose's video I included earlier. Arms first. https://www.bebettergolf.net/home/tony-luczak-making-the-case-for-a-right-arm-lead-motion arms first is a concept and a feel, just like the dogma feet first then hips then arms then hands which ruined any chance of getting next level results for me, I've heard that 50 years ago and followed it just like everybody else and it contributed to a life long flip and poor ball striking when I was playing college golf.
  14. James Parker, lots of videos online, good analysis of O'Grady, modeled his swing obviously with O'Grady, SnT and Justin Rose in mind.
  15. Love this 10 degree weather, forcing me to drill baby drill. Learning way more this way than machine gunning range balls. Scales have fallen from before my eyes, I see the world anew. You can see what I see, watch Bobby Lopez shoulder videos, especially the one where he's analyzing tour pros swings on slow motion video and tracing their left shoulder. Watch Mike Malaska videos where he's explaining what Nickalus was trying to say. Watch Monte Scheinblum videos no turn cast drill. Watch Toney Luczac its arms first baby. Body bump first feels like power, but it just a flip city after ball move.
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