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  1. read this https://www.golfdigest.com/story/the-real-cause-of-slow-play-is The reason these courses are so slow is that the tee times are so close together. Most are 8 minutes apart. Can a group of 4 hit, drive out and all take their second shot in 8 minutes, probably not. And once they have to wait for their second shot because people are on the green suddenly it's 20. If a course has some tee times with 2 people and a couple empty tee times, it works. When every single tee time is 4 people, everyone waits and it takes 5.5 hours. So all golf courses would have to is cha
  2. We did 36 holes at Vista Valencia once. It used to be fine to play 3 years ago. It took me 10 minutes just to get through the line to check in. They lined us up and I waited 30 minutes to tee off. We finished hole one and waited a good 40 minutes to tee off on hole 2. I really don't play well finishing a hole and then waiting 30 minutes. I won't do Vista Valencia ever again.
  3. I have been in Simi about 5 years. They shut down one of the courses and the economy has got better and better. You use to be able to go out late and do a quick round, in the last year it's just been unbearable. There is usually a waiting list on weekends so any open spot gets filled. They push people out as quickly as they can. Golf courses have one priority, getting people to tee off as quickly as possible. They make sure another group is ready to hit the second the group ahead of them finishes their second shot. Now if you tee off 5 hours before sunset, you won't finish. One
  4. Late doesn't help unless you play so late you can only get in 5 holes. Its pretty impossible to get the first tee time of the day and you are playing in the dark the first two holes. I tried driving 30 minutes away and a bunch of courses and it doesn't seem to matter.
  5. I love golf but here in LA, it’s just too crowded. Its just got worse and courses just get greedier and try to cram even more people in a shorter period. The more people complain and give the courses terrible yelp reviews, the more they try to hurry everyone which since they send one group after another it does no good. Why hurry if you just after to wait 20 minutes to tee off on the next hole? Also in the golf courses have one person doing 2 jobs and you wait in line 10 minutes to by a 3$ bottle of water or to check in. Forget about getting a beer at the bar, the bartender is busy
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