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  1. Steel-shafted Drivers?

    Some times I wish they still made drivers with steel shafts, I was using my dad’s Cobra classic (steel head w/ steel shaft) up until about 2-3 years back, then one day at the range the head didn’t want to be part of the shaft anymore and it just ended up in the garage. I replaced it with a used Titleist I have now. I feel I hit them both about the same distance, but I just liked the feel of the Cobra w/ the steel shaft more, plus I’m not a fan of these new HUGE club heads (400+cc). I have contemplated getting the head rejoined with its shaft, but have just been to lazy to go get it done. Best of luck with your issues.
  2. No wonder I can't hit my SW!!!

    Look in his signature, he's using older Titleist clubs (check the club archive), my old set also had/has a SW (56º) with 19º of bounce also. I currently am keeping this club for those situations of softer/thicker rough and deeper sand shots. I need to add a GW with a lower bounce eventually, but for now I’ll handle situations with either my PW or LW. IMO I'd get a GW (52º) with a lower bounce and keep the SW (if you have the space) for situations when you need the bounce.
  3. Yeah I'm going to the range tonight after work, going to go through my normal routine I used to with my old irons.
  4. It's all personal preference… It hit both and liked the AP2’s better than the AP1’s, but that was my personal preference. Now for me I came from an oversize cavity back cast iron to the AP2’s, I still hit them straight as an arrow (sometimes a slight fade), but I am not getting the same distance. Which I believe is due to just adjusting to new irons. It’s also going to comedown to what you can afford, with the AP1’s being cheaper they might be more appealing. I’d also hit some other clubs, Mizuno makes some irons that are competitive with the AP2’s, but cost about the price of the AP1’s. I wish I would have tried a few others I might have chosen something else. Good luck
  5. They are great clubs, I was initially looking at the AP1s, but the Titleist Pro had me hit the AP2s also just to see how they feel and they did feel great! Plus I tend to keep my clubs for awhile so I thought it was a wise investment. I’d had my DCIs since ‘96/’97, so I’ll get my moneys worth out of the AP2s.
  6. After each shot I would check the face of the club and a small mark would be left from the range ball. I would clean this off each time, and each time it was right in the center of the club, sometime a little on the lower side, but for the most part dead center. I’m going to hit the range again tomorrow and see if I get any better results, I think I may just need to adjust to the change. If I get some time of it the pro shop is still open I may pick up some impact tape and see how they look. It could be the shaft but not 100% sure; I was going from a more forgiving setup with the DCI to a more skilled/workable set with the AP2s.
  7. Sorry the +2* I am referring to is the lie angle, the lofts are standard. As for ball flight, it appeared about the same.
  8. So I have just switched from Titleist DCI Oversize to Titleist AP2 irons. In the DCI irons I had the basic Tri Spec steel shafts in stiff and in the AP2 irons I got fitted with Project X 5.5 (1/2” longer and +2*). I took the new AP2 irons out to the range yesterday and noticed a considerable drop in distance from the DCI. For example I used to (week prior) be able to hit my 7 150 with little effort when I get a hold of it about 160 with crummy range balls. But with the new clubs I seem to be falling short at about 140 even about 135 with the same crummy range balls and using a 7 iron. I also was hitting the ball square just about every time. I’m wondering if I just need to adjust to the new clubs or if it is the new clubs. I also am due for a lesson to work out a few little kinks I have.
  9. favorite grips

    Winn PCi Hybrid on my woods (like the tack they have) GD New Decade MCC (Red/Black on irons and Blue/Black on wedges)
  10. Titleist Delivery Time

    I'm awaiting for my AP2's, I ordered them on June 16th from Golfsmith (1/2" longer and +2* Upright w/ New Decade grips). They claim they will be shipped on July 21st... I hope they get shipped sooner! Best of luck.
  11. Help me decide which set to buy

    We just picked up a decent Wilson set for my GF at Sports Authority, it was on clearance plus we got an additional discount because the only right handed set was the floor model, and then we also got an additional discount because it was missing the head covers. She got a $350 set for like $180 (clubs & bag), we also got the insurance/warranty for an additional 2 years for $10 just incase, after all it was a floor model. This is my 2 cents: Personally if you're just getting into golfing look into the bargain sets, its better not to waste a lot of money if you're not going to make it a habit/hobby. Go back and look at the Big 5 and the Sports Authority and see if they have any clearance sets, or even check out your local craigslist. Look for a set with a few woods (1, 3, and 5), some hybrids (3, 4 or 5), irons (6-PW/SW) and a putter. You can always buy a bag later and you can always upgrade. As for shaft, that is a tough one… You might want stiff if you are a some what stronger more athletic person, but if you consider yourself more average maybe you want flex/regular. It’s hard when you’re first starting out, typically once you get better you can get fitted.
  12. New from Los Angeles

    Just wanted to drop in and say 'Hello'. Have been playing golf since I was about 13-14 (14 years) took a little break from it for about 3-5 years and now I am getting back into it hardcore. Just ordered some new irons and changing up some of my other clubs, slowly getting a really decent set together. Other than that I am work in the largest terrorist target west of the Mississippi, US Bank Tower. Live in downtown a few blocks from Staples Center. Enjoy golfing, bike riding, photography, and other random stuff. For the most part I am really easy going.
  13. cats or dogs: which do you prefer?

    "The fact that you have 'REPLICA' written down the side of your guns. And I have 'DESERT EAGLE point FIVE O' written down the side of mine..." -Bullet Tooth Tony I FREAKING LOVE that movie! Dogs hands down! We have a Bullmastiff, she's just about to turn 2 and she is the dopiest dog but awesome and super affectionate.