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  1. Making solid contact most of the time. Accuracy is still a major issue. Haven’t tried any others so I’m interested to see when I do change to some more forgiving irons if it changes my game dramatically like it did with the driver (what made me upgrade my driver was using my buddies Callaway in the course- consistently 50-75 yards farther and straighter )
  2. Yea after looking through my set again the driver was the priority. My previous driver looked more like a 3 wood
  3. Some are more forgiving though no? I don’t pretend to know the tech behind the clubs, and how they work, just want the best clubs within a given price range. I’m pretty clueless to know what makes “good” clubs. I was initially going to go with just the full Callaway Strata set but after talking to several people and getting some advice on here I decided to go better quality, used clubs
  4. Sorry for the late response, been looking on and off between being busy last couple months. More recently I found a few within my price range- TaylorMade R Bladez, Cobra s3 irons, and Callaway RAZR irons. Any thoughts on any of these? The Cobra s3s felt pretty good but I couldn’t find much on them. These are all right around 200. I’m debating just waiting until I can afford something in the 300 range. Any thoughts on any of these? on a side note- I did find a Callaway XR 16 used for 120$, hence my decrease in available funds for the irons haha
  5. Yea I'm starting to maybe realize that in just a short amount of time
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Ended up picking up the Calloway Executive putting mat at Dicks. Not really impressed (I know, can't ask for much for 30$). Seems kind of hard to lay flat and I would prefer one with an actual hole for it to drop into. I like the birdieball ones I saw on their site but not sure if I'm willing to spend that much right now. Feel like I would need the double thickness one for it to lay flat as I dont have a permanent spot I can keep it for now and would roll it up after each use
  7. Hey guys, was curious to see if anyone had any experience with any of the indoor putting greens? I've done some searching here and the google and haven't come up with much. Not really interested in building my own just looking for something I can easily pull out and putt around the house on a regular basis. Based on looking I was considering these three.... http://www.birdieball.com/classic-putting-green-builder/ https://www.amazon.com/Callaway-Golf-Executive-Putting-8-Feet/dp/B00BF9JL8M/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1525630386&sr=8-3&keywords=callaway+putting+mat https://www.amazon.com/SKLZ-Accelerator-Pro-Indoor-Putting/dp/B013BYCKDQ/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1525627181&sr=8-4&keywords=putting+green+indoor+mat https://www.amazon.com/Putt-Bout-Grassroots-Putting-9-feet/dp/B001B6CH0S/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1525627181&sr=8-3&keywords=putting+green+indoor+mat Anyone have any experience with these or any other product? Looking for a good mix of quality/convenience for something between 50-150 Thanks
  8. Thanks for all of the suggestions!
  9. Actually am a lefty but golf right handed. Thanks though Honestly haven't had time to go to a shop yet, going to try this weekend and go from there. Thanks for the responses
  10. Hey all, looking to maybe buy some new irons for cheap and was wondering if anyone had any particular opinions on the most affordable options. I’ve been using an old set from a friend- which are apparently more difficult irons to hit (blades, I’m new to the game- wasn’t awar). Anyway I’m not looking to spend a large amount now, I figure I’ll wait a few years and get the set I want when I can afford it. As far as getting the most for my money- is the best option generally online used or in a local store used, or just buy a new cheaper set? I’m in Augusta and have a couple different used golf shops around here. Thanks in advancd
  11. Thanks for the feedback- anyone know any good alternatives to the Oakleys? Dont really care for the look of them. After doing some research it looks like they are pretty unanimously the best though
  12. Thanks for the feedback. For those who notice a difference.... is it a subtle difference or pretty drastic? Like to the point where you may have difficulty tracking shots without the sunglassses?
  13. Hey everyone, so I’ve been having trouble with tracking the golf ball inflight since I started playing. I’ve tried using the colored balls which help somewhat. (I see an eye doctor and have contacts, correctable to an extent). My question is do certain polarized lenses help more than others? I have a pair of Maui Jim sports that I have had for a while (Brown). Noticed that Oakley advertises some specifically for golf. any thoughts? thanks in advance
  14. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with these? Had another thread a couple of weeks ago regarding beginner clubs but I’m leaning more toward buying a set for now until I can afford the set I want (will be 4 years or so) Did a quick search and found great reviews on them from Amazon and such and a few posts in here but it’s been a while. Thanks!
  15. Thanks for all of the responses! Went to a few places today, think I’ll be upgrading my putter first. Unfortunately I liked the Taylormade Spider Tour the most after putting around with a few, even used it’s a more than I want to spend ha
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