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  1. Ready to get a laser range finder added to the stable. I want one with slope because I'm just a weekend golfer and about every course around me is super hilly. I'm a firm believer in buy once, cry once.. but at the same time I'm a fan of value (not cheap). They all seem to be within $100 of each other, so what would you recommend? It seems like Bushnell and Leupold are the two main players in this game. (V3S, X, GX-4i2)
  2. Excellent! Exactly what I was looking for. I'm going to go look at new/newer irons today possibly.
  3. These are ugly but a good deal 2008 Vaporlite.. $70 shipped I think http://itemlistings.ebay.com/sdcsrp?...ax.Value%3D167
  4. Agreed.. very inappropriate. It's ashame, but we all know on any forum in cyberworld you are going to get those kind. I try not to take it too personal (and yes, sometimes its hard). They don't know you and eveyone has bad days (mentally stessed etc). Nobody is an expert (even if they proclaim themselves to be) but as a whole we can gather good information. I have gotten good information here and will continue to return.
  5. Well my irons are old... I've changed drivers 4-5 times... and putters a few. I always played my irons well so never saw a need to change. But now I'm thinking of working on my precison more.. hence looking to go back to steel shafts. I hit a 7 iron 170-178yds so I don't really need any more length.
  6. No worries brother... all's good. I've been playing the same gear for almost 20 years.. so I never really put much thought into the engineering... and if I did.. wasn’t sure my assumptions were correct.
  7. I play as often as I can.. answer your question? Funny how everyone seems to think putting "I mean no disrespect" negates a backhanded comment. Maybe could have kept that one to yourself. I play in flip-flops too..
  8. +1 Try a dozen of each mentioned and a few others.. or get one of their "samplers" like the "distance" or "feel" or "soft", depending on what you are looking to get out of the ball. I ordered dozens of level 4's (Noodle Long & Soft, e6+, NXT Tours) so far and all seem brand new practically. Have level 3's (TP Blacks) and 2's (ProV's) on the way.. should be here Thursday. I'll post quality vs. the 4's. Best place to go when looking for a new staple ball.
  9. I've been looking into new irons or fixing up my old with new shafts. In this process lots of questions have crept up in my mind. I figured you guys would be able to get me the info I need. 1. Does it matter where you play the ball in your stance for different irons? (i.e. 3 iron in middle stance, wedge in back of stance, or all irons in middle) 2. Why are the shafts different lengths? (this may relate to question #1) 3. What do you get/give-up in going from steel to graphite or vice versa? 4. If I hit the ball high with my current graphite shaft (Grafalloy ProLogics x-stiff) should I go with a standard stiff steel shaft or a low trajectory steel shaft? 5. Does weight matter? I know it's a lot.. but thanks for the feedback.
  10. I just got some AAAA's of various make/models and must say am very impressed. I will purchase more over time.. but have 5 dozen to last me for quite some time.
  11. Economics 101 - Make the best product and set your price to supply vs. demand.
  12. So my iron shafts are all a half inch longer than standard.. but my wedge is a stock, off the shelf wedge with standard shaft. Should I have my wedge setup for extra lenght also? I get mixed responses from various shops I've been at and asked. BTW.. I don't hit it very well.. 56degree and only get about 70-80yds out of it.. but high as hell. My next club is a gap wedge I hit about 110-120. So I have a big void area.
  13. Have old set of irons and about 8 years ago put graphite shafts on them, replacing factory stiff iron shafts. I increased distance but lost some accuracy. Thinking about going back to stiff steel shafts since I hit the ball plenty far and don't need the distance any longer (ate my Wheaties). What are some quality steel shafts that you would recommend? I am tall and have longer shafts (+.5") I think. Also, do you think it would be best to go get fitted again just to make sure the fit still works from almost a decade ago? Thanks, Hawk
  14. I've been playing my King Cobra Oversized Irons (ala' when Greg Norman was on the PGA tour) for about 15 years (damn where does the time go?). I've changed the shafts from the original steel to Graffaloy ProLogics about 8 years ago.. I play them well but not great. I'm a 12 hdcp, is it time to upgrade or change irons? I've changed everything else in the bag a few times ... even the bag.
  15. Try some used ones from here or other used ball places online.. I just ordered 5 dozen of various makes and quality for less than $50. Trying some Level II ProV1's just to see how they compare.. think was $8 a dozen. http://www.lostgolfballs.com/ Here is my post, we have simlar stats: http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25620
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