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  1. Day 8: Yesterday I did nothing but watch Golf , but nothing to work on my own game so I’ll take a missed day on that one. Tonight I watched the quicky pitching video a few times and practiced the pivot through. The hinge and the float loads feeling I get...the pivot needs work.
  2. I enjoyed watching Woodland take the title yesterday. Seems like a great guy, and simply played the best golf in the World at the right time. Koepka was oh so close to yet another US Open and major championship. He seemed to really handle the defeat well and likely knows he will be in contention at the next one. He is a special player for sure. I never considered Phil or Tiger a real threat to take this championship. I think the last player older than 35 to win this championship in he last twenty years or so was Angel Cabrera. I just don’t see either one of those guys winning another PGA or US Open. Woodland is 35. Now I’m ready for the Open Championship!!
  3. Nope I don’t think I have ever noticed it.
  4. Day 6: Played around with and eventually purchased a new set of irons (gently used actually). AeroBurners to hopefully replace my Superfast 2.0 set. Get a thirty day testing period with them so we will see if they are gamers for me or not.
  5. Day 5: Hit hybrids today. Backyard session with foam balls. Hit the ball solidly for the most part but got under a few that were sitting up pretty high in the grass. Just wanted some faster swings today.
  6. Day 4: Putting practice today. Did the three ball no "three putt" drill. Last time I just did 30,40, and 50 feet from a fairly flat lie. Today I did the same distances from an Uphill Putt and again from a Downhill putt. The goal is for three balls at same hole and no three putts. My scores were: Uphill- 4,2,1 attempts respectively Downhill- 1,1,6 attempts respectively Struggled with uphill putts at first, and significantly with the longer downhills. However, I actually controlled stance within 10% just couldn't make three short putts in a row 😕
  7. Day 3: Mirror work today. My takeaway is the best it’s been, but still working on the transition from the initial takeaway to the top of my backswing. Still can get flat at times.
  8. Day 2: Spent my lunch break working on my short game. Much needed area of improvement right now. I have been using too much lower body. Watched the Quick pitching tutorial on here, then practiced the feelings today. Rough start to the session, but got much better as time went on.
  9. Day 1: Worked on my full swing a bit today over lunch at the range. Just used my 6 iron and worked on swing positions and hit a small bucket of balls. Probably worked too fast. Was able to correct some things though. Would have played a fade today thats for sure.
  10. Day 6: Yesterday was another missed day. Not a great start this time around lol. Rough week. Regardless spent some time getting some backswing mirror work in.
  11. TEXAS Best Courses You Can Play 1. The Rawls Course at Texas Tech, Lubbock (m) 2. Black Jack’s Crossing, Lajitas (m) 3. Pine Dunes Resort & Golf Club, Frankston (m) 4. Butterfield Trail, El Paso (m) 5. Omni Barton Creek (Fazio Canyons), Austin (m) 6. TPC San Antonio (AT&T Oaks), San Antonio, Greg Norman (m) 7. TPC Four Seasons Las Colinas, Irving (m) 8. La Cantera Resort (Palmer), San Antonio (m) 9. Old American, The Colony (m) 10. TPC San Antonio (AT&T Canyons), San Antonio (m) 11. Cowboys GC, Grapevine (m) 12. Crown Colony, Lufkin (m) 13. Wolfdancer, Lost Pines (m) 14. Palmilla Beach GC, Port Aransas (m) 15. Stevens Park, Dallas (m) 16. GC of Houston (Tournament Course), Humble (m) 17. Barton Creek CC (Fazio Foothills), Austin (m) 18. Brackenridge Park GC, San Antonio (c) 19. Cottonwood Valley, Irving (m) 20. Texas Star, Euless (m) I have played a few on here and have a few more on the schedule for the remainder of the year. Pine dunes is a good course and a former number #1 on this list, but its a tad overrated. Belongs on the list but not Top 5 in my opinion. Maybe if the list was based on bang for your buck. Brackenridge is just on here because of its association with Tillinghast. Good course, but not top 20 in the state IMO. I think The Quarry down the road is a better track (especially the very interesting back nine). I play Stevens Park in October so I am looking forward to that one.
  12. Day 4: Spent some time on the practice green on my lunch break. Did the “no three putt” drill from Dave Pelz (well it’s a modification of a drill he teaches in a video. Putted three balls from 30, 40, and 50 feet. Had to two putt of better each ball at each distance or had to start over at that distance. Got 30 and 40 feet in one attempt. Took three or four attempts to get the 50 footer.
  13. Day 3: Missed yesterday (not off to a great start lol). Tonight just worked on some of my swing feels checking positions in the mirror. Hopefully will have some good putting practice tomorrow.
  14. Interesting article @Vinsk thanks for sharing. Some of it isn't very surprising. I think people would have pegged Mickelson as Volatile without a in depth analysis...the Cameron Champ one was interesting though. Swings for the fences every time and hitting too many foul balls? Tiger being the ultimate "steady Eddie" isn't surprising. I think that Koepka being "Volatile" is explained best in his own words when he describes how much he really doesn't care as much about regular events and plays a lot more aggressive. I think he mentioned it right before the PGA when he claimed that sometimes Majors were easier to win...I think that was part of the same press conference but I don't remember.
  15. View this round on GAME GOLF My round yesterday. 7th straight round under 100 which is nice. Handicap should drop again on the 15th (albeit very little). Check out that almost 400 yard drive on 12! Hit a nice draw that apparently caught the cart path and rolled forever haha! Unfortunately, I 3 putted the hole for a bogey 😞. The back nice here always kills me and I start to get the shanks toward the end of the round. I was +2 for Bogey golf with two holes to play and the final two holes are killers and took me down. 8 Penalty strokes with Irons! 😞 😞 and 11 total for the round. The only saving grace was a good driving day and the best putting performance I have ever had! I gained strokes on a scratch golfer!
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