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  1. shot 42 today on a par 34 layout. One lost ball. Course was pretty short, but the conditions were horrible also so I got some pretty crappy lies. Off the tee: B- Approach Play: B+ Short Game: D Putting: B+
  2. Played Herman Park last year. Glad you have such fond memories of the place, it’s always fun to think back to places like that. The courses themselves are rarely special but the memories are. The track hasn’t changed much since you left (expect Marshals now...), it’s still a goat track for the most part and lots of hard pan but playing near the monkey cages on the second hole is something I will never forget lol. Played southwyck earlier this year. Whatever was once great is long long gone. Horrendous condition when I played it.
  3. This is me. I only play shorter usually when playing with my dad or a beginner friend. Have only played longer a time or two. It’s a real challenge from more than 6700 or so. If there isn’t a tee option in my ideal range I sometimes mix tees to get into my range.
  4. Yet another round where I can not keep a good score going. 96 at Houston National (70.3/126). Shot 46 on the front and 50 on the back. Was playing bogey golf through 11 holes and then I had a triple followed by several doubles and never recovered. Hit 57% of my fairways which is good for me, and 4 greens in reg which is about average. 8 penalty strokes killed my round. Nearly all coming on the back nine. Haven’t broke 90 since I think March or maybe February...
  5. So would say that's likely a 5 on the Doak Scale? A well above average course thats worth seeing if you are in the area, but not going out of your way to see?
  6. The course is holding up well pretty well against the Tour so far this week. Have played out here 4 or 5 times now, and it is really cool to see the best players in the world take on your favorite local track. So far the players have been very complementary of the challenge the course is brining to them. They seem to appreciate the undulating green complexes and the run off areas. Doak did a great job here with creating a layout that is playable for me, and decently tough for the very good players. Greens have a lot to do with that. Maybe that will mean next time I am paired with randoms out there they won’t talk about how this course is going to get lit up by the pros and they will probably shoot like 30 under par....I hear that a lot more than you would think.
  7. Shot 93 today (6300, 70.3/126). Actually the best score I have had at Houston National. Wide fairways so only two lost balls all day, but if you miss a fairway you are on some large fake mounds (typical Von Hagge...) and it makes advancing the ball tough at times. To be honest though, today the flat stick let me down. Three 3-putts from around 20 feet and in. Ugh. A good note was my wedge game. My friend and usual playing partner said it was the best he has seen me pitch the ball. Haven’t broken 90 in a while...need to do that another time or two this year to end on a good note!
  8. thanks for taking the time to respond @iacas. Glad to know I at least somewhat understand the ball flight laws. Now I just need to understand what to work on that will get my club to a better position in the downswing. I’m currently focusing on the 30 day COVID drills.
  9. With the help of my lovely assistant (my wife) I got some videos of DTL and FO of my current swing. My previous priority pieces have been my takeaway (I used to while the club inside...go look at some past videos lol), and my backswing in general being too steep (and it still may be). Lately, I am pushing the ball or hitting some push fades and push slices. I am wondering if I am getting stuck (but the slicing and fades probably wouldn't be happening huh?). Any help is appreciated, just want to know what my next priority piece is so I can focus hard on that. Oh and don't worry about my windows that little foam ball hits them all the time haha.
  10. Don't Know about 9-hole tracks that side (doubt there are any), but Sharpstown Park is affordable and very playable for beginners.
  11. Played Memorial Park in Houston today. Shot 92 from the whites (6500, 71.1/121). Had 6 pars in the first 10 holes, but struggled a lot on the back. Push slices off the tee got me in a lot of trouble. The course is less than 2 weeks from being shut down for the Houston Open, and the fairway rough is something else. I nearly lost a ball that missed the fairway by 3 inches! Makes you appreciate what those guys can do.
  12. What side of Houston? Not many 9 hole tracks in Houston. However, there are a few public courses that may be good just depends on what side of town you are on.
  13. Both Wilderness and Magnolia Creek are on my hit list. I’m on the northwest side of town so don’t get that way much. Playing Memorial Park tomorrow. Some great holes (especially the front nine) after the renovation.
  14. Figured another update in here was needed and also have a few general questions: I have been working pretty hard these days on my golf swing. Got down to an 18 and stalled out. Started focusing on my swing from studying the golf swing positions or the sandtrap calls them “Alignments”. Really eye opening stuff, was able to get a better handle on my take away and my top of backswing position and I making some great contact these days, and my distance potential grew incredibly. My long drives went from 240-250 to a it’s not rare for me to hit at least one 260-270 yard drive a round. It’s not my average but sure is nice to see the good ones get out there. However, I have noticed my miss right now is a push fade. Actually my ballflight right now is a push fade lol and my miss is just a bigger push and bigger fade! So general question time: - If my ball starts right of target and then fades I have an open clubface relative to Target and a path that is slightly out to in of that clubface? Is that correct? - Assuming that is correct, if I was to square the clubface to Target more would that likely mean a straight fade or perhaps even a fairly straight shot? I assume it depends on how much my path was out to in of my original open clubface position? - I have noticed that even though my clubface position is not “Toe Down or Open” at the top, I get to A6 with the toe straight up and not slightly toe down which I think is the ideal position to square the face at impact correct? - Assuming a good or decent position at the top of the backswing, if my A6 is still “toe up” would I benefit from more palmar flexion of the lead wrist to start the downswing similar to that discussed in the day 4 COVID practice plan video (lead wrist conditions) to have the Toe of the club slightly down at A6 and better square the clubface at impact? if none of this can be answered without Video I understand. I can try and post video tomorrow, just thought these questions may be more general.
  15. Geez. Getting to advance past district, and hopefully play in the state championship is one of those things that a high school athlete looks forward to most. To not be able to do that due the circumstances listed would be quite the disservice to those young ladies. I have sent a letter. Hope things turn out for the best.
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