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  1. HJJ003

    Shorter Rounds?

    I understand that in some areas 9 hole rates are hard to find. Houston has some but strangely it’s pretty rare. Guess cause we have Golf year round. I understand why some courses don’t do it though. More 9 hole courses would be good as well. Less land, less budget, cheaper golf, etc...
  2. HJJ003

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    I am going with overrated. I think as someone gets better (say like better than 15 handicap) then it may become underrated, but for the vast majority of the golfing population I would say it is overrated as golfers just aren't making solid enough contact. The cost doesn't provide enough value for them I think.
  3. HJJ003

    Match Play- Never Again?

    I love match play. Have a really bad hole? Its ok just re-set on the next tee box because one bad hole only costs you ONE bad hole. Great way to play the game IMO.
  4. HJJ003

    Scotland - Summer 2019

    Murcar is underrated IMO. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wasn’t even breaking 100 at that time of my golf life.
  5. HJJ003

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    I feel like scrambles or best ball matches with my buddies are great examples of enjoying the game without it necessary being tied to my score/our score. Yes we want to play well and I want my team to win or place or whatever but in truth even the matches where we don’t win or have no chance to place in a scramble I am still having fun. The post round banter over a good burger is always a good time.
  6. HJJ003

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    I play because it’s fun, so that’s my vote. Though one of the largest contributors to the fun I’m having is my score.
  7. Tiger just because his domination was so fun to watch during my childhood. Got me more into the game than I already was.
  8. Pretty cool. It would be pretty humbling to be paired with a guy like that on a normal Saturday round! Lol.
  9. HJJ003

    Importance of Strike on Distance

    More like 10.5 or so (to be equivalent to 130). Maybe closer to 10 seconds. North of 130 will compete (or at least qualify for) at many long drive competition with the champions/contenders being over 140 like you have stated. 11 seconds is probably closer to 120 as it couldn't even compete at the D1 collegiate level (at least not seriously). Sorry for being picky about a half second or so, but in the T&F world it matters quite a bit....and Im a trackhead. The gist your point remains though. Someone running 11 seconds isnt beating Bolt and someone with a swing speed near 120 ain't competing in any legitimate long drive competitions.
  10. HJJ003

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    who else in golf could have ever caused this type of scene? That is quite a bit of influence.
  11. Day 2: Long day at work and I’m exhausted. Mirror work only, just working on not getting out over my toes on downswing. Proper weight shift and all.
  12. HJJ003

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Tough one for me. I’ll go with overrated simply because I agree what what @saevel25 has said. They don’t have the toughest fields in most cases (Due to small field or open qualification process). I also don’t think they can underrated simply because they are thought of generally as the greatest tournaments to win so it’s hard to underrate that...
  13. Had to start over again: Day 1: 15 minutes of pitching work trying hit utilize the bounce more especially off tight lies. Good results mainly.
  14. Day 20: Cold day so I did a lot of gameplanning on some courses I want to play, and also did some downswing work.
  15. HJJ003

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Overrated/Underrated #3: Arnold Palmer

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