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  1. Firmer greens and fairways, less rough around the greens and more tight lies and run off areas, awkward stances from rough on approach shots, more holes where you have to hit tee shots to fairways from angles, better use of water hazards and OB (smaller targets with large rewards of these features are used), fewer bunkers, but deeper more penal bunkers, more centerline hazards. These are all features (not an all inclusive list) that I would like to see more of in American golf course architecture that would challenge the pros in more ways than just “let’s make it longer”.
  2. I don’t believe it was intentional, I don’t know if he realized it or not (he did clean off the putter head so I would think it would have clicked but maybe not), and yeah he got away with breaking a rule there.
  3. Not surprising give your Par 3 and Par 4 stats to be honest. Par 5's are longer so it's easier for more to go wrong because typically more swings are involved. Post a My swing thread or take a couple lessons to get your full swing headed the right direction. You should see improvement. I am finally starting to look at Par 5's as scoring opportunities though sometimes they still bite me.
  4. May be kinda dumb to post about such a small move but I am now a 19.5 instead of a 19.6. The cool thing is even if its .1 stroke its the lowest I have officially been. 12 rounds in a row under 100. I think I can reasonably get down to a 17 or so by the end of the year. Not gonna try to force it, just keep playing solid golf and let the chips fall where they may.
  5. Well they haven't covered the 16th yet (though we have seen a good deal of it in other vids), and we haven't seen the 18th at all but we have otherwise seen the back nine and nothing on the front. This hole will be a good one, but nothing overcomplicated here for the Pros. Should play under par as a par 5 typically does for them. May play a bit tougher for the high handicapper as a hook player has the stream to worry about and the slicer will make the hole considerably longer. It is feasible that a tour player will finish the stretch of 13-17 at 5 under par or more if they are on their game.
  6. 69! on a Par 3 course lol. First time playing this cow pasture of a golf course. A few fun holes though...#10 over water with a green sloping hard towards it. Completely blind Tee Shot over water and trees on 17, and a tee shot over a grove of oaks on the finishing hole. I walked it on my lunch break. Ill play again...when its cooler.
  7. "WOULDA, COULDA, SHOULDA" is language used by those who didn't...a phrase my old high school baseball coach used to say. But yeah I agree with your premise...we often think we could just drop a few just like that in our post round analysis if we "only do this". We con ourselves. There is a good thread around here on that.
  8. View this round on GAME GOLF Challenged myself today...played from 6600 yards. Had to pound driver all day, and for the most part hit it really well. However, a few got away from me and had a few stroke and distance penalties...that ballooned the score for sure. I was proud to break 100 playing that far back. I have now broken 100 in 12 straight rounds. The differential was enough to lower my handicap once again when the revision hits on the 15th.
  9. This is the part that people can’t seem to wrap their heads around. Almost every argument I see from people is essentially claims that they can’t hit driver to save their life but they are Henrik Stenson with their 3 wood (or perhaps Lee Trevino with a long iron). Conning themselves a bit if you ask me.
  10. Geez this is the sixth straight week of these "holes of the week" and they haven't shown one hole in the front! Must still be doing a bit of brush cutting and earth moving on that side. Oh well. This hole is interesting. Previously it had two fairway bunkers and two green side bunkers. It now has only one fairway bunker (which the fairway feeds to) and one green side bunker (I like the look of that one). The feature that puzzles me a bit on this is the "clamshell" feature they refer to. It seems a bit out of place, but who knows maybe looks much better once everything is grown in. It will aid in pushing players towards the bunker. I think this feature came about because Koepka told Doak that odd stances were the best way to get in the heads of tour players. It will be interesting to play, and watch the pros play for sure.
  11. View this round on GAME GOLF Solid round on a course I haven't played before. Good enough for a 18.6 differential. If I only look at my handicap since march (when I had my lesson) I have played to about 17.5!
  12. 92 (6400, 71.6/126). Played a new course today (Gleannloch Pines) and really enjoyed it. Forgiving off the tee but small well protected and VERY undulated greens. Gave me a feeling of what hitting approach shots into greens at pebble would be like....minus the scenery and all:) Driver sucked but in play all day, irons were on and off, but I scrapped my way around to a pretty decent score for me.
  13. Now this is cool. Some of the other holes were already interesting and Doak made them even more so. This was a dull long par 3. Still long, but the green shape is vastly different and it appears there will be a good deal of movement at least in the right half of the green. Going to be a hybrid for me most likely.
  14. yeah, Im not following your point to be honest. All of that was covered in my initial post.
  15. no Im not..thats how you get course handicap... 71/130. A 15 handicap would have a course handicap of 17.
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