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  1. Have you ever lost a ball in the fairway?

    Yeah I have at some less decent courses, but the worst was a bunker for me. I pulled an 8 iron into a greenside bunker in front of my entire group. No doubt whatsoever it went in the bunker. We get up there and the ball is nowhere to be found. The bunker had one spot on the top side of the bunker with a small hole in between the ground and where the framing of the bunker was. We are guessing it went in there but the hole was maybe the size of the ball itself!
  2. Do you keep close watch on your score during a round?

    I check it after 9 holes, and then usually with 3 to play to get a since if I should change anything my strategy over the finishing stretch to get something done. And then tally them all up at the end!
  3. When Did You Sell Out?

    I am embarrassed to actually write this...couple years ago I was struggling to get back into the game consistently and I couldn’t hit the ball anywhere near straight. I got so frustrated until someone told me about Polara Golf balls. They re-correct if aligned properly and therefore fly straightish. I secretly bought a box even though they are non-conforming and went to play a late evening solo round. I was so disgusted with myself every time I teed them up I couldn’t even finish the round. I never even used a sleeve. Immediately ditched them and went back to proper golf balls. Still feel like I lost a piece of my golf soul even trying those crappy things...
  4. Left/Right Shot Dispersion- Whats Yours?

    Lol!! Yeah I guess I should also say I didn’t consider my massive chunks or or tops. Yeah I’m excited to use longer clubs more...previously hybrids were the longest clubs i hit unless a carry forced me or I was playing a scramble lol.
  5. Left/Right Shot Dispersion- Whats Yours?

    Thanks for the info, and mine may be a bit tighter than yours but I think you are a tad longer. My average carry on my 3 wood is a little over 200 and rolled out to about 225 on average. Looks like yours in the mid 230s on average. Not sure if that makes a difference. If I would have taken 100% of my shots I would have had a 85 yard wide zone.
  6. Left/Right Shot Dispersion- Whats Yours?

    Well my driver is currently out of commission (I discuss that in another thread), but my shot zone for my 3 wood was 65 yards wide! And that only accounting for 80% of my shots like LSW suggests ( I am a 90s shooter). Is that abnormally large or about right?
  7. Yup I will be looking into that for sure. Never occurred to me when it happened, but as yourself and others I have posted its a good thing for me to look into. I appreciate everyones feedback.
  8. Well yesterday I was on Trackman trying to get my shot zones (which was not what I hoped it would be, but thats a different story) and during my driver swings I broke the shaft on my driver!! Caught a couple shots in a row near the heel and all of a sudden it felt like my driver head was loose. It took two more swings to figure out what was causing the feeling, and I looked down and sure enough my driver shaft had a crack in it. I was pretty bummed because I was really looking forward to hitting driver more often, due to what I read about the distant gradient in LSW. Looks like I will either be hitting 3 wood or a Taylormade Minidriver I still have until I can afford a new driver.
  9. Left/Right Shot Dispersion- Whats Yours?

    I have an hour booked on a Trackman at noon today. The pro is going to help me get familiar with the system and make sure I get all the numbers I am needing. Seems like a nice guy. At $40 bucks for an hour it is putting a pretty huge dent in my golf budget this month, but I think it will be worth it in the long run. I will let y'all know what my shot dispersions look like!
  10. Is technology hurting golf?

    In a word? No. Dustin Johnson or any of the big hitters aren’t anywhere near resresetative of the primary golfing community. The largest arguement is that golf design will be made obsolete by distance, and the statistics for the average golfer prove that just isn’t the case. Also, DJ and the big hitters aren’t always putting for eagles. It gets a lot of attention when they do drive a green or when they do make multiple Eagles in a round, but it’s just the way the media presents it to us. I’m sure technology can be hurtful, but right now it’s not.
  11. Hello from Huntsville AL

  12. Do I need a 60 degree wedge?

    I love my 60 degree. It is my primary choice around the greens unless a very specific situation calls for something different. I am starting to get pretty proficient at using it for high pitches and even chips that run.
  13. What'd You Shoot Today?

    First round of 2018...started well and finished very poorly. I am in the middle of quite the swing change so I didn’t expect a whole lot but after 10 solid holes I was very happy. Then three straight triples and the rest of the round was just blah. Heron Lakes (63/107) 43 front, 51 back, 94 total :(
  14. I voted one swing thought. I also try to make that thought simple and not verily mechanical. Sometimes I get a little too detailed with it and I start “practicing” during a round. Other times I get too simple and just start whacking at it with no real plan or focus...that’s when rounds get bad lol.
  15. This is why I like to focus on public courses. If I get the chance to play some high end Private courses then great, but there are some nice public tracks out there that don’t break the bank and you can actually plan a trip around. There are still some pricey public tracks too though especially resorts...

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