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  1. Day 38: Good range session today. Focused on alignment and the "Rickie Fowler" feel. Shanks were nonexistent, though I did hit a few pull hooks. All in all a good first day working on some feels seriously. I like the take away feel for sure. probably 45 minutes at the range today...maybe an hour.
  2. This sounds amazing. Always wanted to do a golf road trip. I-10 east runs into Houston...just saying lol!
  3. Day 37: 5-10 minutes of alignment and set up work with some backswings just getting the “Rickie Fowler” feel.
  4. HJJ003

    My Swing (HJJ003)

    It’s possible, though hard to tell with camera angle. Prior videos with proper angles the shoulders are square, but I’ll keep an eye out for it next time to be sure.
  5. HJJ003

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    95. Played poorly, but was working on some new feels. One positive note is I came as close as I may ever come to a hole in one...2.5 feet! Almost slam dunked it..and yes I made the putt for birdie lol.
  6. Day 36: Played 18 today. Haven’t really practiced the feel I tried inenting today, but it worked a lot. Didn’t play well but I didn’t expect to. Just glad to be making solid contact again.
  7. HJJ003

    My Swing (HJJ003)

    Thanks as always Erik. Should I practice with an alignment stick or something on my takeaway to make sure I don’t come too far inside?
  8. HJJ003

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    Yup. I didn’t know or at least didn’t remember hat he also won the Open Championship until I saw it mentioned in one of the articles talking about his retirement.
  9. Day 35: Bad day at the range. Shank City. Little deflated, but I am sure its something stupid. About 30 minutes at the range today.
  10. HJJ003

    My Swing (HJJ003)

    Ok...not a good day. I have had shanks sneak into my last few weeks of rounds and practices, but today it went full boar. I couldn't make the golf ball do anything..it was just hosel rocket after hosel rocket with a few tops thrown in there for good measure. I don't appear to be too close to the golf ball (to my eyes), I am sure I am getting steep but doesn't look near as bad as my past struggles with the shanks. I addressed my knee bend from my last video as instructed my @iacas, however maybe I am haven't addressed it enough or my arms are stlll too far out? Is my backswing setting me up for a OTT move? Any feedback is appreciated...its a little frustrating to be playing some pretty good golf for me for a few months only to go back to shanks. I am sure its something stupid...but I am not seeing it.
  11. Day 34: Putting practice today. My speed control has gotten away from me a little bit lately so I did the "Pull Back" game. I shot +10 or 46 putts. I know that LSW says that 36 is. great score, so I am wondering how 46 putts stacks up for a 20 capper. Its a hard game for sure. Hit a couple of 40+ foot putts to inside (or at) 5 feet only to have a 7 or 8 foot putt for par lol....
  12. HJJ003

    Playing Golf With Fewer Clubs?

    I played in Colorado in September and used a cheap set my in laws bought me. I actually like the set a lot, but it only has 9 clubs. Driver, 3 Wood, Hybrid (which I assume is about a 4H), and then 6-PW and Putter. It was fun having to make club selections that I normally wouldn't make or create short game shots that I normally wouldn't try but was forced to. For example: I had a few instances where I had I needed to hit my 5 Iron distance into a green. Some of those times it made sense to grab the hybrid, and other times it was in my best interest to pick a spot short of the green that was safe and hit a six iron. Also, with only using a PW I had to hit a lot more short game shots that ran more than they flew. Really honed in the Bump and Run game while I was there. It was fun trying to figure out how t pitch a PW from s short sided lie in the rough and still give myself a reasonable chance at par.
  13. HJJ003

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    Broadcasting career. I believe that for at least my generation is known more for broadcasting. He was a great player for sure, but it’s broadcasting that sticks out above the rest to me at least.
  14. Day 33: Range day. Off of mats so instead of wedges as planned I worked on my full swing priority piece...key #4. Established a better posture than as of late and conducted the "pump drill" with my PW and 6 Irons. I would mix in a series of full shots here and there. Hit some really good shots...and some shanks lol. All part of practice I guess.
  15. Day 32: 5 Minutes working on posture at address position. Took a few backswings as well.

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