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  1. No I don't (usually) improve my lie. I actually like the opportunity to try and make something out of nothing (even if it doesn't always work out lol). I said "usually" because I have improved my lie when a "lift clean and place" rule was in affect on a saturated golf course.
  2. I hope so. 1. Not playing enough 2. Not practicing enough 3. Not playing enough when I travel.
  3. View this round on GAME GOLF Three bad holes, but pretty decent golf otherwise for such a long course. My putting has been amazing for the last month or so, and pretty good all year really. What was once a glaring weakness became my greatest strength this season.
  4. 93 on Friday. 6600 yard course though, and couldn't hit my driver to save my life on the back nine. Handicap will drop yet again on the 15th!
  5. Another fun hole here that utilizes the nature ravine. I think the front 9 uses both natural ravine/creeks on the property with 2-7 using the more interesting ravine. Giles is correct, #5 was a fan favorite (along with #9 and #15) for those who played Memorial on a regular basis. Honestly though, #5 was just kind of meh to me previously. The Tee shoot did have a chute of trees to drive through, but it often backed up play because so many people couldn't hit it through the chute. And as stated in the video, anything hit right was a total mystery as to what your shot had done once it landed. It was a pretty hole, but not worth the praise it was given IMO. This hole looks fun to me now. I am not entirely sure if I will be playing blues or orange tees (whatever is in the 6200-6500 range) but the typically harder ground and the slightly downhill grade will make for some interesting shots out of that bunker for anyone that hits driver her. I actually think most players will land far short of the bunker, but good players and long hitters will have to at least think about the risk. I wouldn't be surprised if its a 3-wood hole for me, followed by a short iron approach.
  6. Sadly that’s about it for Alabama. Few others I have heard were good, I played Kiva Dunes and I enjoyed the round and resort. The design is a bit overrated though.
  7. Well even then the border is pretty large so don’t know exactly whereabouts your interested. However, if your anywhere near Lagrange Georgia then I would try Fields Golf Club. If your more south on the borderline, then Grand National in Alabama is the only other I know of. Bring your wallet to that one.
  8. I’m not from NC, and I’m just utilizing my interest in GCA to say that Charlotte CC is probably the best quality architecture. Quail hollow and Carolina GC are other good choices. I have no idea what they cost or what you can afford. I can only comment on the perception of the golf by those who appreciate good architecture.
  9. I assume you mean near the border of Alabama/Gerogia?
  10. If you are staying at the resort then either the magnolia or the Buena Vista courses are probably the best, though they are just slightly above average golf courses at typical disney prices. I think @Vinsk lives in Orlando (or near it). He might have some good suggestions that are far better than the Disney courses.
  11. I used to lose a lot of balls. Couple of sleeves wasn’t impossible. Now my worst days I lose 3. Usually 1-2. But first the first time ever this year I have played multiple rounds where I have also lost none!
  12. I hear the course at UNM is pretty good. Paa-ko-ridge is ranked high, but I hear its overrated and quite difficult for high cappers.
  13. 80% of the time I play 18 holes. 20% of the time I play 9. Sometimes 9 just isn’t enough and sometimes it feels just right.
  14. Agreed. Least favorite of international competitions. Though I’m still a sucker and will watch it.
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