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  1. No I don’t leave early. I may, on occasion, move to hitting different types of shots if I feel I have engrained what I wanted to work on for that day. For instance, if I am working on a certain move and I m hitting this ball really well with that feel, I may only hit a certain amount of balls and then start working on trouble shots or partial wedges or something.
  2. HJJ003

    Best Balance Drills

    One legged squats are good in general for balance, but really any type of exercise where you have to hold a static position (in this case your legs) are a good start. As you get better you can introduce some other variables. I know you requested exercises, but I do recommend the following, as it could be something about your swing causing the issue: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/
  3. Day 26: Hit irons and filmed my swing today. 30+ minute range session. Got has been fun as of late. Even my bad days have been closer to my average days of earlier this year.
  4. HJJ003

    My Swing (HJJ003)

    Been working on keeping soft contact between right arm and body throughout swing. I know there are other things to work on with my swing (feedback is always appreciated), but man I am hitting the ball so well with my irons as of late. At least compared to what I am used to. I feel like even my off days I can get it around the course with with my swing, and my worst differentials lately have been 5-7 strokes better than my worst differentials even just 3-4 months ago. I was on today (save for a few fatties), and was working a very soft fade into targets. I felt like a player....if only a little bit. Possible two rounds this week, so I hope to continue the progress towards lower scores! Could be in the teens in the next few cycles! (fingers crossed lol)
  5. HJJ003

    LPGA Caddie this week

    Very cool. Good luck and yes keep us posted.
  6. Day 25: more mirror work while watching the PGA. My wrist was sore late this week, so it’s been nice not hitting balls this weekend to give it a chance to heal up.
  7. HJJ003

    Predict Tiger's 2019 Season

    Three wins with one being major. I think he wins fairly early (maybe farmers) then wins at Augusta. Takes one more victory (maybe a WGC) sometime during the year. Ok maybe that’s more of what I hope happens then what I think will happen but oh well 😉
  8. HJJ003

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    They want to end the season in early september. Which means the playoffs need to take place in August. Among other reasons, none of which involve giving players majors status.
  9. HJJ003

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Koepka pumped that thing.
  10. HJJ003

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    And there is the big miss.
  11. HJJ003

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Now that was a Tiger Woods moment. Fantastic shot.
  12. HJJ003

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    If there was ever a time to bogey a hole...that wasn’t it.
  13. HJJ003

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Yeah!!! Raise that Putter Tiger!!
  14. HJJ003

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    There are people who deny we landed on the moon. Some people will still deny Tiger can win another major even after he does.

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