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  1. Day 51: 18 holes of Short Game Golf. Bogey golf. 4 pars and 4 doubles. Gotta stop those dang doubles from nGIR range!
  2. Day 50: 10-15 minutes of speed putting practice at lunch today. Planned to do a whole lot more, but they kicked us off the green so they could cut some new holes.
  3. Putter. I have tried the hybrid and 3 wood method and the ball just comes off the face too hot.
  4. I have never completed 18 holes with one ball. The best I have done is two balls multiple times. Each time I broke 90...
  5. HJJ003

    Would You Play A Tough Course?

    No, I would not pass on the course because of its difficulty. If it is so difficult that I would fear not playing well...then why not tee it forward? Or why play stroke play when you and a buddy can just do match play or something? I like the challenge of difficult courses, as much as I love the playability of more strategic layouts.
  6. Day 49: Still too wet to hit at my usual range, so I am did some work indoors today. Spent some time at the gym doing the med ball drill from LSW to increase driver distance. I will work on this weekly. Also- spent some time throughout the morning working on proper hip turn in the backswing. I hope to be able to do some putting practice tomorrow.
  7. For me its always the time between the last putt drops and the next time I get to tee it up!
  8. Day 48: Just gameplanning today. Got buckets and buckets of rain today. Mapped out all my tee shots (not including par 3s) for my next round at Woodlands Panther Trail. Walked myself through how I would approach the greens from different spots as well.
  9. I have been waiting on this post all stinking day lol. Good stuff Jon. Tough course I am sure, but glad you got the challenge out of the greens you were expecting. Stinks about the long round, but that is to be expected at some of these popular destinations. Have a favorite hole?
  10. HJJ003

    The "Stop Conning Yourself" Thread

    Yes, plenty of those people out there. I have no problem if someone deludes themselves into thinking they are ok at golf even if they don't play by the rules. Just don't compete, keep a handicap, or tell me their 89 was better than my 92.
  11. I am in agreement with @saevel25 on this one. Design intent is important, and I wish that more courses out there would be "restored" to their original intent. In most cases the addition of trees just eliminated more angles to the green, while also making the holes play more penal for the average golfer than originally intended. I play a lot of tree lined courses, so I am not against the trees...just not a fan of them changing the intent of the design with them.
  12. Day 47: Rainy day so no outside range time or backyard swings. Settled for 5 minutes of mirror work.
  13. HJJ003

    Give or Take 2-3 Degrees

    It never ceases to amaze me that a “good” ballstriking day and a “bad” one could just be a few degrees of clubface angle.
  14. HJJ003

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Myself. Finally understanding the areas that need improvement in my golf swing and the work it takes to get better have me trending the right direction for the first time in awhile. On a more technical note., my approach game is where I lose the most strokes to par (shocker), though putting was a glaring weakness of mine. However, with Aimpoint express and lots of speed putting practice I have gotten tremendously better in that area.

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