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  1. HJJ003

    Would you watch a Ryder Cup style of NFL vs NBA?

    I voted no. I typically don’t watch any Golf other than PGA Tournaments, Champions Tour and LPGA Majors (occasionally).
  2. Day 20 of 22: 20+ minutes of putting on my lunch break. Did my ladder drill. 10/10 from 3ft, 8/10 from 6ft, 6/10 from 9ft, 4/10 from 12ft, 2/10 from 15ft. performed the drill pretty well but struggled a bit more than I should have on the 12ft putts.
  3. Driver fitting is not a bad idea for sure. However, do you own a gamegolf or Arccos device? I highly recommend one so that you can truly see where you are losing strokes and can even compare to specific handicap levels?
  4. HJJ003

    Hole in One on a Temporary Hole

    Yeah I have wondered that too, but grew to understand it’s just the nature of the game. The game is so hard that even when you do well it costs you!
  5. Day 19 of 21: Between 5 and 10 minutes of mirror work. More elbow work on the downswing. I am hoping to get out to the range/practice area over the next few days.
  6. Day 18 of 20: Watched the quickie pitching video again today, and did a little more than 5 minutes working on the float loady feeling and turning through the pitch instead of swinging my arms at the ball.
  7. Driver, 3W, 3H, 5I, 7I, 9I, PW, SW, LW, P
  8. I’m a HHC player. I use the 60 and it’s my go to club around the green. Once I learned how to pitch it became a great club for me. My handicap is on its way back down and using this club properly is one of the reasons.
  9. Day 17 of 19: Hit 25 putts ranging from 3ft to 5ft at one of those undersized golf holes. Mostly straight putts working on bead. Made 13 of 25 of them.
  10. Day 16 of 18: Cutting it close today, but got 5 minutes (at least) of mirror work in today. Same elbow work, though I am also making sure I rotate/slide my hips to start my downswing because I have noticed one of miscues with this swing is leading with the right elbow, but not pushing forward enough and swiping across the ball.
  11. HJJ003

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    Great Round! You weren't kidding about your iron shots...and it looks like you scrambled fairly well also whenever you missed.
  12. Day 15 of 17: Half Hour of mirror work with long irons/hybrids. Slow specific swings working on elbow chasing belly button and turning through the shot. Sometimes I pull the club across trying to get to my belly button instead of letting the elbow lead and follow my torso as I turn through the shot. Also worked on ball position and posture.
  13. HJJ003

    2018 Valero Texas Open

    Good to see Zach Johnson playing so well today. Always been a fan. With the weather looming tomorrow, being in or near the front today may be extra important.
  14. Cant help here, but just wanted to say glad your alright. Take it easy getting back into it.
  15. Day 14 of 16: 5 minutes of mirror work. Same elbow work. Would have done more but I am exhausted today.

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