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  1. TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    This is my first try at fantasy golf. I thought I picked a pretty good lineup. I was wrong. I spent most of yesterday in last place.
  2. My favorite clubs were all bought new, but outdated. I got 3 tight lies 2 hybrids for $39, $49, and $29. I also got a tight lies 2 3 wood for $39. All were still in the plastic.
  3. Tee It Forward

    I play a most of my rounds with friends that are a little older than me. We play courses that are anywhere from 6200 to 6600 yds long. I am able to reach the occasional par 5 in 2 from these tees ( i have no chance from the next set of tees). I really enjoy playing these closer tees and have a great time with my friends. I recommend teeing it forward if you are not worried about losing your tournament edge (I don't play tournaments anymore).
  4. TaylorMade M3/M4 Discussion

    If this really works, I am surprised that USGA would call it conforming. Looks like a bigger advantage than an anchored putter to me.
  5. How many rounds did you play in 2017? Avg score?

    77 times. Averaged 79.62. High round 90. Low round 72. Both were on the same course from the same tees.
  6. 2018 Golf Predictions

    Tiger will finish all 4 majors, but not have a top 10 in them (I hope he wins one). Justin Thomas, Dustin Johnson, and Rory McIlroy will not win majors. Jordan Speith will win another Masters. Xander Schauffele will win multiple times. My long shot pick...Chad Campbell will have a win this year (maybe at Bay Hill).
  7. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I am a retired teacher.
  8. When Did You Sell Out?

    The first time I saw somebody playing cavity back irons (ping eye), I told them that it would destroy their swing because they wouldn't know when they hit it off center. In high school and college, I carried a 1 iron thru SW. Now my longest iron is a 6 iron. I used to use an 8802 putter. Now I have a rotation of putters that are all forgiving. I thought range finders would slow down the game. Now I am ranging yardages from 40 yds out. I guess I have slowly sold out over the years.
  9. What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    I retired about 4 years ago and have started playing a lot more since then. I played a lot when I was younger and was a decent golfer. Since I have started playing fairly regularly again I am getting excited about the game again.69 My goals are: 1. Become more consistent...I have shot anywhere between 69 and 93 over the last 3 years (72 to 90 this last year). I need to practice my short game more to regain consistency. My short game was the strength of my game when I was younger and now it is the biggest weakness. 2. Get stronger...I am old and fat. I walk about 1.5 miles a day, but I need to do some strength training. Unfortunately the course I play the most on is almost impossible for this fat by to walk (very long uphill walks between green and teebox on most holes). I do walk at some other courses. 3. Get more limber...I have started a stretching routine that is helping. 4. Get rid of the big hook that seems to creep into my game...I have been trying to hit a fade the last few times out. 1 tip from the GC about finishing with a picture frame finish has really helped my game. For some strange reason when I pull it off I am getting about 20 extra yards with my driver. I am and have always been a pretty short hitter. With the draw that I usually hit my average drive is about 230. When I hit the fade I am getting it out there closer to 250. The course I play is very soft most of the year so I guess I am just flying it farther. 5. Get some confidence with my chipping. I am getting better, but I am still very uncomfortable from tight lies. I am trying to use the bounce of the club a little more. 6. Try to cut down on the big numbers... I need to eliminate penalty shots, 2 chips, greens hit and 3 putts, and most of all missed green with a chip and 3 putts. A lot of my problem is a loss of concentration.
  10. I bought myself grips on ebay. I have been wanting to buy pure grips and found a great deal. I was able to get 17 pure pro, 14 mimaya tour PC, 8 tour velvet supertack diamond, 3 boccieri secret, 2 golf pride new decade multi compound, 3 golf pride cp2 pro, 2 golf pride cp2 wrap, 1 golf pride tour tradition putter, 3 pure classic putter, 1 lamkin iline putter, 1 ping blackout putter, and 1 super stroke ultra thin putter. All for $65 with free shipping. All were new. I also bought myself a $2.99 airgun with needle attachment from Harbor Freight to blow on grips with (works like a charm). I really just wanted to get 13 pure pro grips, but all of this was about the same price. I like the feel of the mimaya's so much that I think that I will start with them. If I don't like them, I will just blow them off. Sorry to be so wordy on my first post.

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