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  1. Srixon Q-Star Tour; about $29/dozen. The Tour version I use has a urethane cover. (Regular Q-star is an ionomer cover.) I like how this ball plays in the wind; it feels real good putting as well. Earlier ball preferred was Titleist NXT Tour S; still play them if I can buy them.
  2. You may be right. I play traditional loft clubs (my PW is 47 deg if that helps). I've toyed with getting a new set but they are just juiced 1 club stronger. For my game, short game improvement definitely will result in lower scores before I can capitalize on 10 additional yards per club.
  3. I am not a long hitter; and play to a 9 HI recorded on GHIN system. Provided below are approximate yardages. I don't know if could I hit longer that my handicap would get better but I am certain if I align better to the target and get the expected movement of the ball that I am looking for AND chip & putt better, that I could lower my HI. Driver 245-255 3W 225-235 5W 200-210 7W 190-200 4i 180-190 5i 170-180 6i 155-165 7 140-150 8 130-140 9 110-120 PW 100-110 52 80-90 56 70 or so (max) For gaps in yardages, I choke down on a higher length club. Hope that helps. Cheers.
  4. I use a 7-wood (a 22-deg Orlimar) instead of a 3 iron. I use it on 185-195 yd shots. The biggest learning I've had playing this old club is to slow down my swing so I hit the center of the club; I get a lot of height and dial in the right distance this way. Its not very forgiving on the areas away from the center of the club-face. I still prefer this over my 3-iron since I can quite easily pull off a controlled fade or somewhat straight direction shot. Hope that helps.
  5. I carry a 22-deg wood and leave the 3 iron out. This club gives me about 190-200 yds and importantly more loft on the ball flight so it can land softly on the green. I cannot do that with my 3 iron; hence the replacement. Also, I can hit a control fade or (more or less) straight with this; neither of which I could with my 3 iron. Hope that helps.
  6. I play the Titleist DCI 981 since year 2000. The irons are great. I play to a 8.8 HI currently and they've worked well for my game...if that gives you any reference. If I do change, I'll try Titleist AP1s probably.
  7. I experienced the same challenge. Finally realized I was more comfortable with a smaller head 3-wood and landed on Tour Edge exotics CB2 (15deg) with a Fujikura shaft about 8 years ago; love it and haven't looked back since. A smaller head 3-wood makes it more comfortable for me to hit off the deck on par-5s and the ball goes a ton long. I can work it both ways off the tee. I play to a 8-9 HI; so in your case (playing to a 2.5) this 3-wood should not be a problem. Best.
  8. I use a Ping G10 from (probably) 9 years ago (or more). It is a 460cc driver and I love it because I changed the stock Ping shaft with a UST pro-force stiff flex shaft. Moving from a TM320 (320cc head) driver to a 460cc driver required me to have a stiffer shaft than the stock shaft to handle the larger head. I subscribe to the saying that 'the shaft is the engine of the club'; do not ignore its importance. Best.
  9. Been working on my short game. Had a nice quick round starting at 4:45pm this evening; drove the ball well, missed some GIRs when I was in the fairway, but shot an 83. Need to work on not missing the green when I'm at 150-165 yds from the green. Had a lot of wind here in Texas today (we are famous for it); did not adjust well to the headwind as much as adjusted to the tail wind better. Anyways, happy that I shot a score that will maintain my HI.
  10. Started keeping a GHIN handicap after many years of golf. Shot an 84 this weekend with a birdie, par, par on 16-17-18 to make a 42 on the back 9. Was very uplifting to finish well. On another note though, do others who maintain a GHIN handicap also see their handicap as a whole number only? I thought it would be a 9.x after posting about 8 rounds and even after the latest revision of handicap scores, it still shows 9.0. Just curious.
  11. I have 4: Ping B60, Ping Anser 2, Odyssey HG mallet (white insert), and current one I like - TM Monte Carlo Ghost.
  12. Thank you @Club Rat, @Patch, @billchao, @MrGolfguy67, @MarvChamp. Looks like you appreciate the conditions we face in the Gulf Coast of Texas where these tight fairway lies with bottom hard-packed soil feels like the ball is sitting on green spray-painted cement at times. Since I take a decent divot during my normal iron shots, these conditions are a problem for me. I will try your suggestions this long-weekend. Cheers.
  13. Folks, I have trouble getting the ball airborne when hitting off a tightly cut fairway with a 7 to 5 iron shot (range). The soil below the tight cut fairways here in south Texas are like hard compressed clay and it poses a challenge. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Over time I had gotten accustomed to the increased release with my old 588. When I tried my playing partner's new Cleveland RTX 2.0, I found the ball holding the green much better on full shots (which I prefer), but of course releasing less on chip shots around the greens (due to more spin). I will adjust to the latter on chip shots and end up getting some new wedges.
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