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  1. I have to second that. Tried the 4-piece today; it felt like a rock to me as well. It ran much further on wedge shots than my NXT or ProV1s and sounded and felt a little hard on putts as well. I was a little surprised; didn't feel comfortable with them. Maybe this new batch of the 4-piece isn't like the earlier ones that got rave reviews.
  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. And yes, driving home in golf shoes is an added advantage.
  3. At my local Costco here today there were Callaway Hex Soft balls for sale; $29 for 2 dozen. Even though I didn't need to buy golf balls, I bought 'em!! Putted them around and found them to be really soft; next test is distance when I play this weekend. Looked for the 4-piece ball but it was not available. Anyone try the Callawya Hex Soft ball out on the course?
  4. Thanks, folks. I ended up with a FJ spikeless shoe (about $79 before tax/shipping etc.). Wanted to stay under a $100 only to minimize regret. Will try the other suggestions (Sketchers Go Drive and True linkswear) later. Much appreciated all the suggestions.
  5. Driver (9.5°): 240 (carry) 3-wood (15°): 220-230 3-wood (18°): 205-210 7-wood (22°): 200 4-iron: 185 5-iron: 175 6-iron: 165 7-iron: 150 8-iron: 135 9-iron: 120 PW (47°): 110 GW (52°): 90 SW (56°) : 70 (max) - hacks me off when I see tour pros and low-handis hitting a 56deg about 100 yrds!
  6. I have worn soft-spikes for years but keep envying the spikeless shoes some of my playing partners wear. Can anyone that has tried spikeless golf shoes after much apprehension share their thoughts? Also, what brand would one recommend for $100 and under? Thanks.
  7. MGN

    Is the 5 wood dead?

    I carry a 5-wood since I can get the ball up in the air more consistently than with my equivalent hybrid. I also carry a 22-deg 7-wood to replace my 3-iron. They are both well worth in the bag.
  8. MGN

    Do I need a 60 degree wedge?

    I've been following this discussion and given my 2 cents worth. I really appreciate your honesty from a low handicapper's perspective. I vacillated about carrying a 60-degree at one time but due to the 14 club rule and inconsistency of the 60-deg wedge, I nixed the idea. One challenge I've had is when my ball is on a tight or hard pan lie within say 30-40 yards of the green. What do you do here? Opening the club face requires great accuracy not to skull the ball across the green. Is using the bounce of the 56-deg SW and pitching the ball to the flag a low-error alternative over a 60-deg wedge? (even this pitch if fraught with risk since I get my SW 'stuck' in the tight lie if I come in a tad steep). Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. MGN

    Re-Shafting Driver

    Fellow Houstonian, apart from the flex you may want to consider the type of ball flight you like (high, med, or low boring) and apparently spin as well. You could go to a Golfsmith (now Golf Galaxy or Dick's, who own Golf Galaxy) and try out a few shafts and then buy what you like online and get it fixed on your driver head at the store. Let us know how it goes.
  10. Thanks for the info. I've realized that my 981s have the perfect offset in each iron that make it forgiving yet I can work the ball when needed. The 804 (while forged and better feel per my ebay purchase) is a little too much offset. The 755 appears to have less offset that my 981s. I've also tried the Nike forged Pro Combos (eBay purchase; irons from yesteryear) and disappointingly, they are really for a player better than me. So, while I feel I am in a Goldilocks dilemma, it may be a matter of waiting and considering non-Titleist models for a forged iron with the similar set up as my 981s (the Adams Idea 2 forged maybe or others).
  11. MGN

    How old are your irons?

    I have my Titleist 981s since ~ 2000. I love them and looked to move to forged irons but cannot find one with just the same offset and forgiveness while being great in working the ball. I just re-grip them (myself) about once every 1.5 years or so.
  12. We've got some dogleg right holes where I need to find a way to fade; even a straight ball will run out of the fairway. End up using my 3-wood to work the fade as much as I can but wanted more distance. Thanks for your suggestions.
  13. I'm looking for recommendations on current or older drivers that are less than 460cc head size. Primary reason being that I currently use a Ping G10 460cc driver (yes, I know that's old as it is) with a UST ProForce stiff shaft but I cannot work the ball easily; specifically I just cannot fade it (my 'normal' path is a baby draw). With my older driver (Taylor Made 320!!) I remember being able to work a fade when needed. Thanks.
  14. MGN

    Do I need a 60 degree wedge?

    My highest wedge is my 56* sand wedge but I have room to add a 60* Lob wedge. You have to ask yourself what is it that your 58* is not doing today? Importantly, what bounce would you like on your 60* that can fulfill something your 58* doesn't provide. I know for instance that if I end up adding a 60* it will be of a very low bounce (4*-6* bounce). Just so you know, although Pelz has recommended using a 60*, it is well known that the average hacker (not saying at all that you are one) gets inconsistent carry and roll as the loft increases. Hope that helps.

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