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  1. Note that there are serveral types of Super Stroke grips. I use a Super Stroke 2.0 Flatso grip; absolutely love it...used to have the fatter 3.0 (not flatso). Either way, I can't see myself going back to the thin putter grips. Only other one I may try is the pistol grip. Best luck in your search.
  2. Congratulations. My goal has been to break 80 consistently! I shot a 86 a few days ago; not too bad since it was my 3rd round after a long hiatus due to a 'frozen shoulder' problem. It's the couple holes that I double bogey or worse that are killing me. Consistency is improving though. My wedges need to be crisper and my lag putting needs improvement.
  3. I used to play the DCI 981 for over 20 years; really neat set of clubs. I felt the need for more forgiveness so I moved to the Forged 804 os about 2 years ago. Absolutely love the forged feel; and I can work the ball both ways. Never tried the 990s but that may be in the offing soon.
  4. Nice set. I have a pretty mixed bag myself; see my signature section. Ping driver, TourEdge 3-wood, TM hybrids, Titleist irons, Cleveland wedges, TM putter. I love each club and feel comfortable with them, so if you feel the same, nothing wrong in a mixed bag. Not sure about using 2 different sets in the irons though, unless the feel is seamless.
  5. TaylorMade r7 Quad RH Driver 9.5 Stiff flex Fujikura Speeder 757 Shaft including genuine TM r7 head cover. Golf pride grip is also in good condition. No topping marks on the driver head. Includes Launch Control System Tool to change out weights configuration to adjust your ball flight; 24 grams total weights (more than 10% of club head's mass) to help tune your ball flight. Asking for $45 only; shipping not included. PM me. I can ship by USPS Priority Mail to continental US only. Thanks.
  6. Ben - I have removed an original Odyssey putter grip for future use by just using plenty of solvent; some on either end. Haven't used an air gun, but seen some demos on YouTube of the same. I'm fairly certain you should be successful in removing the original grip using a solvent; let us know how it goes. Good Luck!.
  7. I played the Srixon Z565 irons a couple years ago as a loaner set at a company golf event. They had great feel and I liked the V-sole on it since it tended to correct my depth of divot (just fyi...I don;t like the v-sole on my Cleveland 58 deg wedge, but that's another topic!). When I get fitted, I will be leaning toward a Srixon iron. What is interesting is that I also like the Tour Edge brand; I've used their 3-wood for years and will not change it; not sure how their irons will stack up.
  8. I saw two models of Union Green balls at the pro shop yesterday. Both did not have any information on the type of ball I was looking at. Did it have a urethane cover, ionomer cover, compression, what kind of swing speed....nothing!! One of the two had some snake/dragon type design and the other one I can't remember except that it had a blue ink cover packaging; the packaging managed to get my attention but I stopped short of buying a sleeve for not knowing what kind of ball I was looking at. I am not sure what market they are targeting. Any golfer worth his/her salt would want to know
  9. I use a 3 Hybrid (19 deg) and a 4 Hybrid (22 deg); both Taylormade Rbz stage 2. Love them. Reason for switching from my irons was to get the ball to land softly on greens; didn't get enough height with the 3-4 irons deploying my swing speed.
  10. Just a follow-up; the bending from 56 to 54 worked. Took 2 minutes at Golf Galaxy and $5 for the job.
  11. I play this ball currently. It is reasonably priced (full price being $26.99/dz, but I've got them often for $24.99 and even down to $19.99/dz). This is a good deal for a urethane covered ball. It plays well in the wind (which is huge for me in Texas) and has a good feel while putting. I haven't tried the Srixon Z Star but for my handicap (10 ish), I haven't found any deficiency in this Q Star Tour ball. Note that the 'Q Star' (not Tour) is an ionomer covered ball, much cheaper, and does not compare to the Tour ball. Hope that helps.
  12. I've been very happy with the Srixon Q Star 'Tour' (not to be confused with the Q Star); the Tour has a urethane cover and plays great in windy conditions (something we have a lot of in Texas). I was pretty happy with the Costco Kirkland 4-piece but that's not available anymore. I would put the Q Star Tour as having more 'heft' (some may call it feel) than the Costco ball and better feel on the green. Costs range from $26-$29/dozen. $29 is the not-on-sale cost; I've waited for deals on it and got it for as low as $19.99/dz (you can't beat that for a urethane cover ball). Good luck.
  13. Good point. So if my 56-12 is bent to 54 I should get a 54-10 deg bounce club. That is actually what I am looking for. Will give it a shot. Thanks.
  14. I use a Ping G10 and have loved it for many years. Shaft is a UST Proforce (not the stock Ping shaft); made a huge difference. I have not hit the newer drivers better so am sticking with it. As someone earlier mentioned, a shaft matched to your swing speed will make a big difference.
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