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  1. We've got some dogleg right holes where I need to find a way to fade; even a straight ball will run out of the fairway. End up using my 3-wood to work the fade as much as I can but wanted more distance. Thanks for your suggestions.
  2. I'm looking for recommendations on current or older drivers that are less than 460cc head size. Primary reason being that I currently use a Ping G10 460cc driver (yes, I know that's old as it is) with a UST ProForce stiff shaft but I cannot work the ball easily; specifically I just cannot fade it (my 'normal' path is a baby draw). With my older driver (Taylor Made 320!!) I remember being able to work a fade when needed. Thanks.
  3. Do I need a 60 degree wedge?

    My highest wedge is my 56* sand wedge but I have room to add a 60* Lob wedge. You have to ask yourself what is it that your 58* is not doing today? Importantly, what bounce would you like on your 60* that can fulfill something your 58* doesn't provide. I know for instance that if I end up adding a 60* it will be of a very low bounce (4*-6* bounce). Just so you know, although Pelz has recommended using a 60*, it is well known that the average hacker (not saying at all that you are one) gets inconsistent carry and roll as the loft increases. Hope that helps.
  4. What ball, and why

    For years, its been Titleist NXT and Pro V1. My game at a 15 handicap doesn't need this quality and am planning a switch to TruSoft if I can get some good feedback from folks here.
  5. I play to about a 15 and use the Titleist NXT Tour. Any thoughts from those that have actually played the Titleist TruSoft on the course with regards to driving distance, movement of the ball in the air, and feel around the greens (and possibly compare to the NXT if they've used it?)
  6. For someone with a 2-3 days time driving in from the TX area (I-10), is there a recommendation of courses (maybe 2-3) that can be done on the RJT trail not too far off from the I-10 latitude?
  7. While the place to look (eBay) is perfectly good start, the kind of clubs you should look at should be game-improvement or super game-improvement variety; i.e. something that has a lot of forgiveness, until you get the hang of the game. Checking your swing speed is also a good recommendation; and here your driver may be a different stiffness shaft from your irons. In my case, although I play with a regular flex shaft irons, I use a stiff flex UST ProForce shaft for my driver. Good luck and enjoy this wonderful game.
  8. I'm interested in knowing details of how you added weight to the B60 (how, where, what did you do etc.)? I am planning to cut the shaft of my B60 but will need to increase the head weight. Sorry, can't help with your questions apart from the fact that I've changed my grips to Super Stroke Flatso 2.0 and added lead tape to one of my other putters.
  9. I am a fan of sticking with clubs that work for me. So, my irons are Titleist 981s from 2000/01 time frame; work well but only thing I'm looking for a change is to have this exact spec on forged irons (same offset, loft etc.). My driver is a Ping G10 with a UST proforce Stiff shaft from 8 years ago (or older); works well for my baby draw. My sand wedge is a Cleveland 588 RTG (56 deg) from over 15 years ago; got rust and all! I can't recall having any clubs that are less than 5 years old at least. I am trying to focus on my swing and mental aspect and have found improvements in my score. Chasing new technology seldom brings sustained results IMHO. Hope you find peace with your clubs.
  10. I would not cut off the shaft as much as you mention; it will severely change the swing weight. If you are consistently missing right with your driver, your shaft may be too stiff for your driver swing speed where you cannot close the face in time before impact. If you move to a less stiff shaft you could combine it with a smaller length at the pro shop. On a side note, does the 460cc head of your driver bother you? If so, look to older drivers of the 430/420 variety; they helped me close the driver face much easier.
  11. No reason to spend the extra money. Make sure the shaft (the engine, imho) that comes along with the used club is up to snuff.
  12. MGN

  13. I have been using Titleist 981s since about 2001 (yes, a long time ago). I am about a 15 handicap. I was checking ebay to look for forged irons on account of how soft they feel when hit but I was looking for some forgiveness as well. I've looked at the Titleist 804 os and Titleist 755 forged irons but cannot get a picture of how they set up from an offset perspective compared to my 981s. Any thoughts? (I do understand that the 804 os may have more offset than my 981s). Thanks.

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