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  1. 88! More pars than doubles, and no triples! we are at the beginning of a week of “spring training,” which has nothing to do with baseball. We are in Arizona and plan to play at least one round every day, and possibly take in a pre-season game or two.
  2. pre-shot-- My handicap index has gone from 28 to 14.9 in the past 10 months, and I credit my pre-shot routine for that. SMART choices, PRECISE set up, and a single swing thought. My post-shot routine is mostly mental/emotional, briefly asking myself how that worked out for me. Then moving on. But to improve a lot more, I may need to do more analysis, or at least learn more feeling in my body of what just went on.
  3. I got married about a year ago, and first my ring felt weird so I took it off in the car before playing. But I like it, and like to wear it, so after a month maybe I started wearing it again. It didn't take long to get used to it, may be slightly out-of-round, and the glove keeps the diamonds shiny! We were cracking up because he still had the putter in his hand from his birdie on #9!
  4. I was going to vote zero or one, but thought I would just go see what really happened. So. Good conditions, not much left/right break, but more maybe more than a foot elevation change. I don't know about Stimp reading... is 8 pretty slow? I made the first putt, got the next 18 pretty damn close, and made the 20th.
  5. I don't think caddie knew player very well at all, though he had caddied for him the previous week... And the player was absolutely in contention, I'm pretty sure he would take a close look at the ball to decide what to do, not just give up and take a drop with a playoff on the line. Caddie's supposed "rules expert" didn't give him the right number, either.
  6. I just wasted 8 1/2 minutes of my life. bottom line... no, you never touch a ball in play!
  7. On Monday, I put together an outing for 8 of us at one of my favorite courses, Coyote Hills. I was concerned about everyone having a good time and the details of carpooling and who would play together and whether there would be enough Fireball and whether the course would let us all have the Senior Deal. So I didn't play all that well, 94, and didn't keep all my stats like I normally do. But I had so much fun and introduced a few women to a fabulous course, and to a fun group of golfers, a marvelous day! Today I shot a 91 on my home course, pretty average for me. I didn't drive the ba
  8. Damn, I missed practice yesterday, sigh. DAY ONE - It's freezing out ("freezing" is relative, I understand), so I practiced my putting on the living room carpet. It should be simple, no break and stripes on the carpet so I should be able to roll it straight, right? I worked in front/side of a mirror, to check my stroke. We are playing later today, so hopefully I will get the bead on every putt out there. Read, Bead, Speed.
  9. This is the best Welcome thread I've ever read! Best to you @YoungTad, and please do let us know how it's going. Re-read this perfect advice once before each round for awhile.
  10. Shot a 90 today! 42 on the front, and I had that in my mind at the turn, so I messed up a few holes Best hole #3: it's a short par 4 with a lake maybe 180-200 from the tee; I can't reach it. My drive was good but not fabulous, and I needed my new 5 hybrid over the side of the lake. The pin was tucked back left, so I just go for the fat part of the green, but it rolls out. leaving me a double breaking, sidehill putt of about a mile. I read it and stroked it just right, and tapped in for a par. Yeah, me!
  11. I had a friend with a Lab who lived on a golf course. One day she saw her dog swallow a golf ball, and later in the day he acted ill, so she took him to the vet... turned out, the silly dog had like 20 golf balls in him! I can't remember but I think surgery, and he was fine. On our course today, (I've never seen or imagined a dog coming along for golf), the group two behind us had a medium sized dog with them, and man, he was having SUCH a great time! No barking, or chasing squirrels, and when they were putting he just sat near the green!
  12. Thanks, I will apply the concepts and improve my game! It's just discouraging to hear you guys talk about your drive distances when mine is about 160-170. Day Four - before we played today, I tried the six-footer challenge. I didn't film it, and didn't succeed... I'll work on it again and at least provide the stats.
  13. I write down fairways, score, and putts, and if I'm playing decent for me I kinda know how close to bogey I am, but I don't add until the end. Once I had a super great round going (and of course I knew I was playing better than ever), and around #15 or 16, my husband added my score and started getting really antsy. He asked if I knew my score and I said, "no, and don't tell me," but I could tell by his expression it was amazing. It got in my head, and I doubled those final holes for an 83. Still that was my lowest ever score, but shit, don't get a number in your head, dude! JUST. THIS. S
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