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  1. Strange. I find listening to music helps me stay relaxed and allows me to focus better at the driving range because I don't get as upset when I make bad swing. Maybe you listen to the wrong type of music. To each his own.
  2. I wish everyone was as considerate as the OP. Some people just bark out swing tips and expect someone to apply them immediately on the course. For most people's problems, there is nothing you can say on the course that will magically make them swing better. They need time to digest the advice and then build the muscle memory through repetition. There just isn't time for that while playing a round. Combine that with the bad player's frustration and you are going nowhere fast. I don't understand why some people (not the OP) have such a hard time realizing that. The advice about helping
  3. Reading this has just made Ryan Moore one of my favorite golfers. I hope he doesn't change his mind about endorsements any time soon. Its nice to hear that he is so focused on the sport. With the millions he wins with his solid tournament performances, there's no real need to take endorsements. I'll be rooting for him in future tournaments.
  4. I would have definitely sucked if it was cold. I hate that because I lose sensation in my hands. But yesterday the temperature was perfect and there wasn't much wind.
  5. I just played my first round of golf that had a significant about of rain. For the first 9, is was raining on-and-off with some moment of hard downpour. I loved it. There's something about standing on the tee box fighting the elements and still making a solid gold swing that makes me feel "Aaaah!" I don't think anyone else in my group liked it at all. Anyone else like playing in the rain?
  6. Two things. 1. The shaft can/does bend forward some in the lower part of the swing. 2. Camera effects in some cameras will create an artificial forward bend appearance in an image. These two facts make it difficult to determine how far the shaft is actually bending in a video still. The bend seen in the swing check pictures is very extreme. This leads me to believe that it is number 2 exaggerating number 1. I could be wrong. Google "video camera shaft bend" and you'll see some interesting discussions.
  7. Thanks a lot! This sounds like a great rule. I'll try it next time I practice. It's good to have rules like this to follow. When people say stuff like "let your arms hang naturally" it doesn't help me because whatever I've been practicing feels natural, but it might still be wrong!
  8. I'm having a difficult time understanding the proper position of my hands relative to the shaft and club head at address for the different clubs. I don't know how far forward-to-back in my stance my hands should be relative to the ball. This also relates to the angle that the club shaft makes when viewed from the front. From face on view pictures I've seen of the pros with irons, the shaft makes a vertical line when viewed from the front. Sometimes it leans slightly to the right with the hands in a bit of a forward press. The face on pictures of the pros show this in this Swing Check arti
  9. Last time my car was in the shop I rode my bicycle with a full set of clubs to the course. It was a two-shoulder bag like you are talking about. Just make sure you put the rain cover on so you know the clubs won't shake loose and remember that you are a lot wider with the bag than you normally are when riding a bike. I really had to look out to make sure I didn't get snagged by coming too close to telephone poles, etc. 45 minute ride. Overall it was easier than I thought it would be. It helped that I have a bike with low gears to go uphill.
  10. I recall someone saying that his lack of multishot victories was due to Tiger playing more conservatively. Once he gets a lead of a couple of strokes he stops taking the risky shots and just plays conservatively. Earlier in his career he would keep the pedal down to bury the field. In other words Tiger realized that a win by one or two strokes is as much of a win as a win by eight. Why take the risk by continuing to play the hero shots when they aren't needed? Anyone think there could be truth to this?
  11. I was having a total meltdown round. Hooking, slicing, and dribbling the ball off the tee. Scoring 8s, 9s, 10s. Thinking about selling my new clubs on ebay. 18th hole. Par 4 from an severely elevated tee. I hit a serviceable drive to withing 100 yards followed by a pitching wedge to the wrong side of the green. I figure I'll 2 putt and be happy to end with a par. I stroke the putt pure and is curve into the hole. My first birdie ever ! That's the kind of shot that keeps me coming back.
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