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  1. David C

    New irons

    Thanks for reply have been playing for 45 plus years also did demo for mizuno years ago I know I will hit many clubs soon to see what I want just trying to get a feel of what some of the older guys are using
  2. David C

    New irons

    Thanks for reply dbuck I don’t change clubs very often and looking down the road. Hope what I buy now I can still play with 5 years from now not getting any younger. I like titlest products but I guess I won’t know until I hit so just trying to feel out some of the older guys in the forum for feedback. Thanks
  3. David C

    New irons

    Hey guys new to the sand trap need a little help with new irons. i play to a 4 handicap am 64 swing speed with driver is 99, 83 with mid iron, am looking to replace my old Cleveland ch7 looking at 718 ap 3, ping i200, mizuno jpx 900 any of you older golfer have any input I sure would like to here it
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