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  1. My girlfriend has just gotten into golf so we’ve been hitting a lot of par 3’s lately. If there has been one positive thing about this entire Covid-19 deal, it’s actually that the courses have completely ruled out pairing people up and are spacing everyone out further, making it an excellent time for her to learn with me. Not like there’s anything else to do (: Anyway, I’ve noticed my scores have been strikingly better on these courses. I currently play off of a 17 handicap, but in the past 5 rounds I have shot +3 or +2 over thru 9. This is also playing at five different courses each time, for the first time ever. I’m wondering what sort of takeaways I should take from this, or if it is common for golfers to do better on shorter courses (my impression was par 3’s are more difficult holes)? I have always spent most of my time practicing irons/wedges, then putting/chipping, and driving last. But I’m thinking perhaps this is a signal I should be practicing my driver (admittedly the weak part of my game) a heck of a lot more than I currently do.
  2. Last year I cracked the head on my old faithful R1. I took myself down to the second hand club shop and after a couple swings I picked out a 9.5 degree Calloway X Hot driver for under $80. It felt light and easy to swing, but a degree lower in loft that what I was used to. After playing with it this past season, I’ve concluded my ball flight is way too low with my driver. Top Tracer is giving me a flat carry of 265 yds average with 118mph swing speed but my apex is barely 70ft. My angle of attack is 3.8 degrees down. After reading about this online, a lot of advice I see seems to say I should fix my swing, not my equipment (i.e. learn to hit up more) as to not continue developing a bad habit. But others argue fitting the equipment to the swing has it’s merits, noting DJ even uses an 11 degree driver from time to time. Where do you guys fall on this argument? Should I allow myself to change into a higher lofted driver, or continue to work on my knuckle ball and potentially change my swing? I’m a 17 handicap and I read higher handicaps benefit from more loft, but I’m not sure if that is moreso due to low handicaps generally having lower swing speeds.
  3. Sounds strange I know, but all of my close friends are female. Sadly I can’t much think of a guy I’ve hung out with on the regular over the past decade. Several times I’ve had them tag along while I practice just to sip on a marg and talk between shots. The set was bought at a garage sale to put on the back of the cart mainly to avoid no ride along policies or something for them to play with if they wanted to hit a shot.
  4. I started dating a gal about a year ago and she has taken up interest in coming golfing with me. I gave her an old Wilson ladies set I happened to have in my closet and this past fall she came out about 10 times with me to local par 3’s in my area. She is rather athletic being a rock climbing fanatic herself. She takes me climbing and I take her golfing 🙂 Her swing is good. She hits a natural draw that lands right along her target line. Doesn’t really have a problem with contact or direction, though I can tell she struggles a lot with distance. I want to be able to play full distance courses with her someday but right now her drives are about 120 yds max. Anyway, I’d like to keep the momentum going with her interest in golf. I play on average twice a week and I cannot think of many things I enjoy more than spending time with her and golfing. Do you guys have any recommendations or success stories with your significant others picking up the sport? I am thinking of buying her a lesson package somewhere come this spring.
  5. So I had to take a couple weeks off due to the gosh darn flu followed by a rainy start to June in Minnesota. When I returned to my club this past week, I was suddenly unable to get the ball in the air (an issue I haven't had since I started playing!). Everything was either a horribly toed shank or a worm burner. I finally took the afternoon today to hit the range. After 3 or 4 shots, all issues were suddenly gone. I probably hit something like 80 near perfect shots in a row. I went out on the course, shot a decent round in the high 80s and left scratching my head. I'm guessing my arms were just a little tight and perhaps I was rolling a bit. It seems like maybe once or twice a year I completely lose my swing. Usually it's when I have to take a few weeks off like in this case. When it happens, I literally have the swing of someone who couldn't break 100. It makes me feel a little embarrassed if it happens in front of strangers and I often cut the round at 9 when it does. How do you guys go about it when this happens? Are there any cases of a lost swing that just never came back?
  6. I think when most people hit the range, they tend to start with the wedges and work their way up. At least, that is how I do it. Sometimes I don’t have time to hit the range or even the putting green before the first tee after work however, and in those circumstances I’ve found it dramatically helps to take a few practice swings on the tee box with my wedge before pulling out the big stick. I tend to hit it a lot straighter and eliminate any feeling I’m going to slice just by doing this. Sometimes when the driver gets out of wack, I’ll do this on later holes as well. Any thoughts why this is or others that have noticed something similar?
  7. At 16 I played in a high school tournament the morning after getting my wisdom teeth out. There were complications with my procedure so I was on a lot of pain medication. I'll never forget walking up to the tee dizzy as a drunkard and missing the ball on my first swing... then on my second swing... and then WAP! Shanked one into the pond right over my coach's head. Needless to say I didn't finish the round. Ended up having my dad pick me up and I passed out in the passenger seat. Coach was cool about it and it made for a pretty funny story in subsequent practices.
  8. ZANDER1994

    First Time Out

    We've had a really early end to winter here in Minnesota! *knocks on wood* A couple courses have opened up and I got my first full 18 in this week. I managed to shoot a solid 91 into the wind on a somewhat higher tier course I had never played before, so I'm happy with that. Hopefully it means I'll be shooting in the mid-80s on my home courses come this summer.
  9. Yesterday I called a golf course and asked to make a reservation as a single. “Yeah sure let me see here... er, um” After listening to about five minutes of the guy on the phone clicking a computer screen I hear him whisper something to his boss and he responds ”Oh, uh, actually we do not take reservations for singles” I say “oh, alright that’s okay. So if I just show up tomorrow you think you’ll be able to get me out by pairing me up with someone? I don’t mind that at all” The response I got was “Uhhh, I mean. We will try our best”. This morning I showed up to the golf course and stated I had called, but they didn’t take reservations for singles. The guy behind the counter sort of chuckles and just tells me they are fully booked and there is no way I could get out today. So I packed my bag up and I’m about to drive somewhere else I find this incredibly annoying and it is not the first time this has happened to me. I understand golf courses need to maximize their profits by booking as many foursomes as possible, but I think this could be done a lot better. Imagine if you wanted to book a hotel, or a flight or something people commonly enjoy by themselves and were told ‘sorry, we prefer vacationing families and thus you’ll just have to take your chances without a reservation’ every time you wanted to travel somewhere alone. What are your thoughts on the policy? Has this happened to any of you before?
  10. Here is my first lesson ever (just had one at Golf Galaxy on Saturday). I was struggling with hitting a few push fades recently which is not my standard golf shot. Some adjustments to the grip fixed it right away, but I think Clint provided me a lot of other really good swing thoughts. http://www.v1sports.com/Academy/include/player.asp?academy=GGXY&accountid=2414958&swingid=4340187
  11. I've been Playing Golf for: 3 years My current handicap index or average score is: 17 My typical ball flight is: Push Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Pull It's still several months before it warms up here in Minneapolis, so I recorded myself warming up with a driver and 7 iron before a round of virtual golf on Lifetime's TruGolf simulators. I've noticed I really cast the club (especially with the driver) and seem to hump the goat no matter what club I'm using. These are things I will be working on in 2019 to hopefully improve my accuracy. Videos: [Delete this, Embed Videos Here]
  12. Thanks for the info on So Cal! I've spent a few hours searching while this thread has been up and I've found this in Austin, Texas: Looks to be $65/month for unlimited range balls, and golf at 5 courses for $10-17 with a cart included. Austin Texas seems to check all the boxes too. Only very slightly more expensive more than Minneapolis, good jobs, very comparable housing prices.
  13. I'm curious where a guy could possibly move that has good year round golf, without super high green fees or housing costs in comparison to Minnesota. About me: - Currently living in Minneapolis - 25 years old - Working in international business (annual income in the $45k range before tax) - Spending roughly $850/month total on housing - Spending roughly $2k/yr on golf (playing 3-4 times a week 7 months out of the year) There seem to be a lot of top 10 lists out there, but from what I've seen, the metrics are moreso aimed at retirees or people without the realistic budget/concerns of a young person. Any suggestions are appreciated 🙂
  14. Oh we have a dome with that here about 15 minutes southwest of Minneapolis. But it's only implemented on 10 of the bays which fill up fast. They charge $9 for 80 balls Mon-Fri and $14 for a half hour on the weekends. I'd probably go there a lot more if I didn't work 30 minutes in the opposite direction, and like others have said, the timed thing on the weekends really takes the relaxation out of it. I like to spend time after most shots thinking about it, catching my breath etc. The dome I actually go to is a lot cheaper and closer to my work. They have a punch card too, so I get a lot of my buckets for free.
  15. Oh Minnesotans love golf!! Somewhere around 1 in 4 of them apparently. I can't really say "we" yet... my beloved Wisconsin has a different kind of love and the beer bellies to prove it 😄 Golf in Minnesota Fact Sheet : Explore Minnesota According to the National Golf Foundation, Minnesota consistently ranks at or near the top in golfer participation in the U.S. Minnesota Golf - Golf.com Quick. name the only state to have hosted every one of the 17 championships conducted by the U.S. Golf Association. Surely a warm...
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