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  1. Here is my first lesson ever (just had one at Golf Galaxy on Saturday). I was struggling with hitting a few push fades recently which is not my standard golf shot. Some adjustments to the grip fixed it right away, but I think Clint provided me a lot of other really good swing thoughts. http://www.v1sports.com/Academy/include/player.asp?academy=GGXY&accountid=2414958&swingid=4340187
  2. I've been Playing Golf for: 3 years My current handicap index or average score is: 17 My typical ball flight is: Push Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Pull It's still several months before it warms up here in Minneapolis, so I recorded myself warming up with a driver and 7 iron before a round of virtual golf on Lifetime's TruGolf simulators. I've noticed I really cast the club (especially with the driver) and seem to hump the goat no matter what club I'm using. These are things I will be working on in 2019 to hopefully improve my accuracy. Videos: [Delete this, Embed Videos Here]
  3. Thanks for the info on So Cal! I've spent a few hours searching while this thread has been up and I've found this in Austin, Texas: Looks to be $65/month for unlimited range balls, and golf at 5 courses for $10-17 with a cart included. Austin Texas seems to check all the boxes too. Only very slightly more expensive more than Minneapolis, good jobs, very comparable housing prices.
  4. I'm curious where a guy could possibly move that has good year round golf, without super high green fees or housing costs in comparison to Minnesota. About me: - Currently living in Minneapolis - 25 years old - Working in international business (annual income in the $45k range before tax) - Spending roughly $850/month total on housing - Spending roughly $2k/yr on golf (playing 3-4 times a week 7 months out of the year) There seem to be a lot of top 10 lists out there, but from what I've seen, the metrics are moreso aimed at retirees or people without the realistic budget/concerns of a young person. Any suggestions are appreciated 🙂
  5. Oh we have a dome with that here about 15 minutes southwest of Minneapolis. But it's only implemented on 10 of the bays which fill up fast. They charge $9 for 80 balls Mon-Fri and $14 for a half hour on the weekends. I'd probably go there a lot more if I didn't work 30 minutes in the opposite direction, and like others have said, the timed thing on the weekends really takes the relaxation out of it. I like to spend time after most shots thinking about it, catching my breath etc. The dome I actually go to is a lot cheaper and closer to my work. They have a punch card too, so I get a lot of my buckets for free.
  6. Oh Minnesotans love golf!! Somewhere around 1 in 4 of them apparently. I can't really say "we" yet... my beloved Wisconsin has a different kind of love and the beer bellies to prove it 😄 Golf in Minnesota Fact Sheet : Explore Minnesota According to the National Golf Foundation, Minnesota consistently ranks at or near the top in golfer participation in the U.S. Minnesota Golf - Golf.com Quick. name the only state to have hosted every one of the 17 championships conducted by the U.S. Golf Association. Surely a warm...
  7. Interesting you ask this. I currently carry: SW, PW, 4-9 (Callaway Steelheads) SW and Putter (Maxfli Black Max) R15 3 wood and R1 Driver (Taylormade) Why the extra Maxfli SW? Because when I upgraded from my 10+ year old box set, I missed it. That club goes 20 yards shorter than the new Callaway SW, has close to no bounce (which I prefer for short chips) and is still probably my favorite club in the bag. During lunch today I went to my local 2nd Swing shop and found a Titleist Vokey SM4 62 degree for $40 (looks nearly new). I went with the 62 because I feel the only shot I struggle to produce and want to add to the bag is that straight up, quick stop chip. I'm going to experiment with this during the upcoming season.
  8. Have you actually ever found a heated bay range here? I've never seen one. The only mention online is Golf Zone and apparently they closed down this past year.
  9. Currently I only carry a pitching wedge and a 56 degree sand wedge. At my home course I've noticed there are a lot of greens that are essentially mini elevated mesas. If you are off the green even by a yard, you are often left with the green above your shoulders, making my usual bump and run method useless. I've noticed I struggle getting the 56 degree up and stopping quickly. I can do flop shots, but they are really hard for me as a 17 handicap (I started truly playing about a year and a half ago). Should I buy a lob wedge for those shots? Or should I work on just becoming a lot more accurate with my flops with the SW?
  10. I live in the Twin Cities. The population here is 3.3 million (Chicago is 2.7 for comparison). Minnesota has more golfers and golf courses per capita than any U.S. state. Last week I was visiting the folks in Wisconsin and to my utter shock, I found several driving ranges in the surrounding area with heated outdoor bays. The range was self service, with a ball dispenser charging $7 for 100 balls. Why aren't these more common? Here in the Twin Cities we have a couple domes on the outskirts of the metro, but I find them to be a lot more useful for ball striking than much else. You can't see proper ball flight or accurately measure distance in a dome. We just got a TopGolf this year, but that's not really a practice facility a person could reasonably visit a few times a week in the winter.
  11. I did not see this! Thank you very much! Not sure how I missed it after several google searches. I think this is only marginally more expensive - only a couple hundred dollars more per year. If anyone here has golfed these courses, I'd love to hear from you 😄
  12. I grew up in Milwaukee but moved to Minneapolis in 2012 for school. Here in the Twin Cities, there is a wonderful, amazing deal called the Public Country Club. For $55/month (roughly $700 per year) I can play unlimited golf at most public courses in my area, if I walk, for free. This program has been a significant quality of life factor for me. As a recent graduate, I have a very small budget for entertainment. For the past few years, I have golfed pretty much every afternoon, seven days a week through Spring, Summer and Fall. I am now thinking of moving back to Milwaukee to be with my family. But I've done the math, and without a program like this, I'd be looking an increase of a couple thousand dollars a year. I haven't been able to find anything remotely close to this other than joining an extremely cheap country club. Does anyone in the Milwaukee area know of any good deals I am simply overlooking? Is a program like this as unheard of as it feels like? At this point it's becoming a significant factor in not moving cities.
  13. Hey guys, I live in Minnesota and I've probably only got a couple outdoor sessions left before I start having to hit the dome this winter. The crappy thing about domes is you can't really see ball flight more than a few yards so I often don't know until the Spring if I've been drawing or fading the ball as intended. I read up on the R-Motion and realized the product actually comes with an app that shows you ball flight stats. For $200 you can basically clip motion sensors on 4 of your clubs at a time and it will give you data like swing path, face angle, estimated distance as well as trajectory. I think that is just awesome, and something I would love to have in my pocket at my dome practice sessions. Not only that, but if I move out of my tiny apartment to a place with a garage next year, I could invest another couple hundred bucks and have my own golf simulator. Has anyone tried the R-motion? What do you think of the app? For someone who doesn't currently have the space for a simulator, is it worth it just as a tool at the dome?
  14. Something I often do when I golf is keep a second, imaginary score in the margins beneath my actual score on the card. I started doing this in the Fall because of how common it was for me to lose a ball in the leaves that frankly should have been easily findable. I'd take the required drop and penalty stroke for the lost ball, but then keep the second score just to keep track of what my score would have been had I found it. This helped give me a better idea of how well I was actually playing at the end of the round. In the Spring I kept up with the habit, but it slowly turned into a way for me to keep my spirits up when my score was suffering for things that didn't feel as much in my control. For example, when I play blind at a course I've never played before, if the ball ends up in a hazard solely because I wasn't aware it existed (i.e. purposefully allowed myself to miss long being unaware there was a hazard on the other side of a green), the imaginary score doesn't count the drop. The imaginary score makes all those *gimme* putts I missed in a moment of laziness. The imaginary score also doesn't count a putt that missed because of all dead spots on a poorly maintained public course green. I do this solely to keep the game more fun and account for the "aw, come on" moments golf seems to have. I've noticed keeping track of the imaginary score in addition to my true score gives me a really good confidence boost walking up to the next tee because it's an easy way for me to think "look, you aren't playing bad at all without counting all that stuff". It gives you something to still play for on the days your score is looking bad and I recommend it to people whose games are easily shaken by a couple bad shots/holes.
  15. Hi all, In the past 3 years of golfing I've been able to bring my handicap down to a 15. In doing so I switched my stock shot to a draw with all my clubs. Part of the benefit of changing my stock shot from what it was for years is that I can now play either with relative ease. One thing I've noticed with my driver however, is a significant difference in height with the draw and fade. The draw is a low, penetrating shot (practically a stinger) while the fade is a towering swoop that easily clears trees even a few yards off the tee. Has anyone else struggled with hitting a draw with a driver as high as their fade? What did you do to correct this?
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