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  1. 2018 College Football Rule Changes

    Agree and that is largely why I don't care for the new rule.
  2. New Irons

    I'd suggest looking into a well maintained set of Ping Eye 2's with the zz-lite shafts. They are reasonably priced and have a solid history of play. I'm not partial to them or anything.
  3. One of the courses we play in Yuma has 5 different tee boxes; each listing the suggested handicap range. We get a kick out of those who are obviously over challenging themselves - at least until it begins to slow play.
  4. 2018 College Football Rule Changes

    College football is changing the rules concerning kickoff plays. Returners can now fair catch the ball inside the 25 yard line or in the end zone and the ball will be placed at the 25 yard line. Football is a sport involving collisions. I understand the safety aspect of the decision, but at some point this continued march towards an injury free game is starting to make the game kind of dull. Also changing is the inability to block below the waist beyond 5 yards of the LOS. This combined with other changes in recent changes involving QB's, leading with helmet, etc. is trending towards College Flag Football.
  5. Golf Ball Logos

    Wow, that's quite a collection. Any that you found particularly unique? What with all the company/business consolidation and renaming in recent years, one would think some logos would be quite rare. A quick search about golf ball collecting yielded this article. I wonder if Dick Falenski is a TST's member? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2365169/Golf-fanatic-spends-50-years-amassing-worlds-biggest-collection-balls-keeps-36-000-home-FAIRWAY-DRIVE.html
  6. Golf Ball Logos

    I'm an admitted ball hound. That is to say that when able to do so without holding up play, I keep my eyes peeled for lost balls. Over the years, I've come across some pretty unique logos, but none as cool as my Slazenger with a C5 Lockheed Galaxy on it. I was flight crew on C5's during my Air Force days and found this ball while playing at Fort Lewis in WA. My next favorite is the Titleist with Clint Eastwood's name on it. This was found in the icicle plant at a small course near Fort Ord while playing with my FIL. My FIL had heard Clint often plays the course and when we asked about it at the pro shop, they said that was fact. What unique logo's have you found over the years?
  7. Bernhard Langer

    Perhaps this has been covered in another thread, but how exactly does anchoring unfairly increase ones ability to make putts? When this whole issue first surfaced I never bought into the argument and still don't. If is was such an advantage, I should think everyone would be doing it.
  8. Bernhard Langer

    No, that was just my typo goof. I know there is still debate among some whether he is still "anchored" or not, but have to believe that the PGA has studied film sufficiently to assure he is meeting the rule. I never really got the whole anchored putting thing as being an unfair advantage. Certainly the "broom style" putter was a significant departure from the standard to that point, but if it was that advantageous, one would think many, many more players would have adopted it. The few folks I knew that tried that method were soon back to their old putters.
  9. One Word Answer - Standing on the Tee

    Dad (who introduced me to this great game)
  10. Bernhard Langer

    I've slowly become a Bernhard fan as the years roll along. I watch many of the Champions Tour events during the season and this guy is simply amazing - almost machine like. Having attended all but two of the Boeing Classic events at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge, I had the opportunity to see and follow him around the course a couple of times. He always seems so under control and for someone who had to make the switch from an anchored to an anchored putter, hardly lost a step in his continued dominance in the senior tour. He is one of the best finishers with the lead (and in close chase) as I've seen. Plus, his Charles Schwab Cup commercials are a stitch. His playoff elimination at the Mitsubishi today, a bit of a slow start to the 2018 season, and the infusion of some new young bucks to the field might be showing a wee crack in the armor. Nah, I'm guessing he continues to mow down records and solidify his place as the greatest senior player in history - thoughts?
  11. Which side?

    I just spent this past winter season trying to figure out this same question for my wife. She is left handed, but can swing acceptably from both sides. While testing out some new/used drivers in Tempe for myself, I asked the fitting Pro if he could tell which side would be better for her to swing from. His conclusion, after several times left and right, was "not really certain". Then while at a Ping Demo I asked that Pro for the same help. What he soon picked up on is that she more naturally holds/grips the club as a right hand swing and felt that she made a more consistent follow through from that side. The good news from this is that finding her a good set of starter clubs became significantly easier. If you haven't done so, get with a reputable teaching pro for some lessons and see what he/she thinks.
  12. A slightly throttled 6 iron for me. Aiming center left and hoping my slight fade comes through. My normal high ball flight should have it resting real close to where it lands - nuttin to it, a piece a cake .
  13. Winter Depression Thread

    Complete whiteout yesterday. Snow covered roads on nearly half the drive to Bozeman this morning and full sun and bone dry roads on the return leg - that's spring weather in southwest Montana. Still quite a bit of snow on the course in Bozeman, but it won't be too long. There's already been a couple of times my wife and I have questioned our return from AZ, but then again it was 99F a couples days last week. Perhaps we need a 3rd location (St. George, UT)? Any of our forum members full time RVer's? This option would certainly seem the cats meow in being able to follow the optimum weather for golf.
  14. Back after not playing for about 5 yrs.

    I just recently upgraded my driver from what my friends referred to as an antique (Great Big Bertha) to a Callaway Razr Fit. I picked it up used while in AZ this past winter and I like it very much. I should have made that upgrade years earlier is all I can say - big difference in both forgiveness and distance. Definitely go hit a few and see what feels best. Good luck with the comeback!
  15. Have only seen the ad's so far, but it should be worth a look. Those Topgolf facilities look pretty fun. Do they also offer an option to play various courses around the world?

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