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  1. fishgolf

    Phil Mickelson Rule

    In light of the Phil Mickelson "event" at the U.S Open, should the rules be changed resulting in a disqualification? It's clear from the thread/discussion on the "Tour" forum that many feel only getting a two stroke penalty is unjust and unfair to other players. It's very clear that Phil set the ball in motion and also hit the ball in motion. It's also clear that it was done to prevent the ball from travelling to its likely point of rest. We're not talking about a ball moving from an earthquake, blade of grass flexing below it, wind, etc. - but rather deliberate action on the part of the player.
  2. And that's my point, they should. His action violated rules. That results in interpretation and application of the rules. How is that not germane to the topic? How is it any less relevant than bring up his integrity?
  3. Oh come on now @iacasyour post #204 certainly suggested that. And since this thread is all about rules, it's kind of hard to stay clear of that. I'm trying to discuss how a change to the rules would be more fair and less subjective should this ever happen again. Do you want to discuss that or just continue to express your opinion of Phil's integrity, whether he deflected or stroked the ball, is on your player shit list, etc.?
  4. Umm, yeah, ok. So do the proposed 2019 rules result in a DQ for taking a stroke, deflecting, or otherwise a ball which the player put in motion to begin with? I'm not seeing it.
  5. I did. http://www.usga.org/rules-hub/rules-modernization/text/major-proposed-changes.html Perhaps I'm missing it but none of these address "the event" and that act resulting in a DQ as I described in my earlier post.
  6. It looked to me like Phil stroked it with the intent of putting it in the hole - not stop or deflect it. This is why the rule needs to be changed IMO.
  7. fishgolf

    Shot Clock on the PGA Tour

    Golf should be sipped and savored like a fine wine, not chugged like cheap, warm beer.
  8. fishgolf

    Shot Clock on the PGA Tour

    Looking at it another way, for the price of admission to Augusta, I'd feel better with it being an 8 hour round.
  9. Missed those posts about Daly and Triplett, thanks. So no, no one as blatant as this. That does say a lot about the action when you consider the long history of the game and number of events. As to not knowing the rule, yeah, not likely.
  10. Can anyone ever recall another PGA golfer purposely doing what Phil did? In a way, if he figured doing this (taking a 2 shot penalty) was his best odds at finishing the hole with the lowest score, perhaps it's pure genius. Without a rule change, this might catch on - I could probably shave off a couple strokes per round if I was fast enough.
  11. fishgolf

    Are you a brand snob?

    Not me either. Callaway Razr driver, PE2 irons, Ping putter (won in tournament about 25 years ago), Warbird 3 wood, Golden Bear SW (was my Dad's), and Sun Mountain bag and cart. All except the PE2's purchased used. I also use a big mix of balls, but favor Titleist and Bridgestone. The same goes for my fly rods and fishing equipment; and I am a scratch fly fisherman.
  12. fishgolf

    When does a fade/draw turn into a slice/hook?

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner!! I've also heard it said that a fade and draw are intended flight paths and the slice and hook are not.
  13. fishgolf

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Before updating from my Callaway GBB to my current Razr driver, I would have answered driving the ball; not so much distance but rather not being in the fairway or first cut. Way too much scrambling. Since changing and getting time with the new technology, it's lowered my scoring by about 5 strokes. I've probably picked up about 20-30 yards in distance but more importantly no longer trying to get out of jail. I'd say my biggest challenge now is short distance chipping 20 yards and closer. Some years back I started using my 7 iron for bump and run to the flag and got pretty good at it, more reliable than lob wedge, but more recently it's been inconsistent. I do practice this shot but find that it's much easier to repeat and group a bunch of balls on the practice chipping greens than replicate on the course. But that seems true about practice hitting in general - much easier to find a groove from one location than it is out on the course. All that said, my "biggest challenge" seems to change with lunar positions; lights out with approaches one week, can't putt to save my life the next. Game Out Laugh Frequently.
  14. fishgolf

    What happened to Mizuno irons?

    Ok, I think this answers the OP's original question. They are no longer a standout amongst the rest of the rack. I suggest they raise their prices, develop a catchy slogan, hire a few glam saleswomen, and give PXG a run for their money.
  15. fishgolf

    Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    It has definitely gotten worse. I have attended about 30+ PGA and LPGA events dating back to the early 70's and the level of chatter during player swings and boisterous idiotic yelling has escalated quite a bit. I'll use Boeing's Champion Tour stop (Boeing Classic) as an example. I attended all but one of these from 2005-2015 and marshalled at about half of those. Each successive year, more emphasis had to be directed at trying to handle crowd disturbances and more folks were being shown the front gate. They had to re-locate the grandstand at the hole #14 because of the yelling with each tee shot. It became more of a yelling contest (hope I can hear myself on replay) than watching the friggin event. The one European Tour event I attended in Hamburg about 5 years ago was a stark contrast and nice to see. I hate seeing what's happening to U.S. golf venues from a spectators perspective.

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