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  1. Long Irons

    I was watching a guy next to me on the range today hitting irons and admiring his low trajectory, slight draw shots. I commented on his nice ball striking and that I'd love to hit irons a bit lower and with a slight draw. He said, "well, I've been watching your high iron shots wishing like hell I could get them to splash down like that". I did try my friends hybrids at the range and they really weren't that much easier to hit nor were they proving as much distance. I may try some others but at this point would be inclined to buy a 3 and 4 iron (assuming they are available) in any newer irons I'd buy. When I was pricing out the G400's, I didn't see an option for a 3 iron. But as @dbuckmentioned, sounds like the newer designs cover that.
  2. Winter Depression Thread

    This being our first snowbird year has completely cured my winter depression. For me, sitting in Montana thinking about fly fishing and golf is simply tough to bear. Down here, golf is primary and fishing secondary - but once we're back home in April, that changes.
  3. Have you ever lost a ball in the fairway?

    When playing in WA state, it's not of matter of if but when that will happen to you. Over the 30 years I lived and played there, it happened several times, particularly in late spring.
  4. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Yesterdays round of 80 with 4 birdies was my best this year. I hope to repeat or beat my all time low of 78 (over 20 years ago) at some point, but if not, still beats showing up at the office everyday!
  5. Shot Timing

    One of the guys in the pool of players we play with takes a really long time (IMHO) setting up/addressing and hitting the ball. Except for cases where it starts holding up the groups behind, I just take a deep breath, remember that I'm now retired, and go with it. But, it got me to thinking about my own shot time and whether my sequence bothers others. I timed myself at the range going through my normal routine on the tee box and it averaged about 27 seconds from tee-up to tee pick up. Fairway shots about 20 seconds. This compared to ~55 seconds the guy in the group takes. I should probably note that I like to play fast and have always been a bit sub conscious about not wanting to be a slow poke .
  6. I'd really like to have one of those systems like that used at some of the golf stores (Pro Golf Discount, etc.) that not only provides flight data, but can also allow you to play a simulated round at courses around the world - like ones I'll never play. I just completed a shop/RV garage at our place in Montana with plenty of room for a practice area. Anyone have such a system?
  7. The Great Debate. Lob or Run?

    Situational for me as I use and like playing both shots. For the shot you describe, I would use my 7 iron... and tend to opt for that shot whenever I can. I started doing this years ago when I was struggling with PW distance and playing with a friend who was lights out using a 7 iron. It just seemed simpler, so I began practicing then playing that shot. What I like about the roll out is that the chances of going in the hole increases as my lob shots hardly ever roll forward.
  8. Oldest Club in Your Bag

    I still carry and use my Dad's sand wedge. It's a Jack Nicklaus (McGregor I believe) that has sentimental value. My lifetime of golf is all due to my Dad having introduced me to the game at a very young age, paying for lessons, JGA tournaments, and having incredible patience. I'm guessing that SW to be at least 40 years old.
  9. Original Great Big Bertha

    After yesterdays round of 80, my best this year, I see absolutely no need to change irons. I hit the G400 5 and 7 and think they were carrying a little further than mine, but not $1000 worth. I'm thinking the grips on those may have made them feel so different/nice. I had my PE2's re-gripped with the Ping cord style which have little give.
  10. Texas Winter Weather Not What I Expected

    I'm going to place this thread in the "another vote for Yuma, AZ" as a winter stay and play location. My BIL lives in Texas, and they seem to get some pretty crazy weather - nearly matching what we get in southwest MT.
  11. Long Irons

    I still have and hit a 2 and 3 iron that were part of the PE2's I purchased in the mid 80's. I know long irons more often than not are the bane of many golfers, but I've never found them problematic. More challenging yes, but never clubs I struggled with. Having just been fitted and tested the Ping G400's, I see that the standard sets do not include irons lower than a 4. I should note that I do not currently play any hybrids and presume these have more or less made long irons obsolete in the bags of most golfers? I still hit my 3 iron pretty regularly and typically get about 185-195 yards holding most greens. Much like my very late change (like 2 weeks ago) into modern driver technology, have I been limiting my game potential by not using hybrids to replace long irons?
  12. Original Great Big Bertha

    We attended the Ping Demo/Fitting event this morning and were pleasantly surprised that it was not overrun. After having my wife hit left and right handed (she's left handed), he is certain her more natural grip and swing is right handed. More importantly, she finds that orientation a bit more natural as well This is great news in that it really opens up the market for some starter clubs. Moreover, it will make it much easier for me to assist her while practicing. I then spoke with him about my having been "fitted" for my Ping Eye 2's in 1986 and have been wondering for some time whether those are still appropriate for me. His measurements confirm that, had he be selling those same clubs today, they would be the right ones (+1/2" length, green dot). With that, he assembled a few different shafts on the G400's and had me both hit the strike plate and then balls with the flight scope. The Project X shafts felt the best, produced the least spin, and most carry. He stated that shaft is not that much different than the ZZ-lite shafts on my PE2's, I must say that the P400's had a nice feel to them and sure looked nice. I just priced out a set via 2nd Swing Golf and they will set me back $1000.00 (not including a 2 or 3 iron, which I still have and hit)... WOW! I also tested the G400 driver, 9 degree. I'm glad I purchased the used Callaway Razr X noted above... or I would likely have purchased the G400 today. The first few hits were dead straight bullets that rolled out to the ranges back berm. The G400 has a very nice looking profile (not excessively large), and felt great. With 3 rounds done using the new to me latest driver technology, all I can say is that I should have made the change years ago. Everyone was spot on when stating that I'd be hitting much further and fairways more often. My GBB is officially retired. Still early in the change, but I would say it has resulted in 5 less strokes per round. Now the question whether those $1000.00 irons will result in similar improvement .
  13. Original Great Big Bertha

    Our quick trip around Phoenix afforded a stop at Arizona Golf Works in Tempe. Swing speed with my GBB was ~91. I ended up trying a Titleist D915 and Callaway Razr Fit at the nearby Karsten course/range. Swing speed with both was ~93. Both hit well, but I liked the Razr a bit more. It had a lower trajectory and smaller profile looking down. So for $50 including a new matching Callaway grip and head cover, I've now moved two decades forward in driver technology. I still plan on attending the Ping demo/fitting next week and the new 400 driver. I'll post an update on how the Razr is performing over the remaining season here in Yuma.
  14. Why do you want a "Gimme"?

    The friends I play with use the "gimmie" system routinely. For the most part putts inside 1 foot. I think it helps speed up play a little and I don't mind its use for non tournament rounds. Of course 1 foot putts are not always made, so as it pertains to using that for establishing handicap is another discussion.
  15. Original Great Big Bertha

    LOL... my $200 budget is in serious jeopardy. Maybe they'll have a Ping G400 "second" that tends to draw the ball .

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