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  1. Hi so lately I've been struggling with driver while hitting irons relatively well with a draw. I posted a memberswing a while ago when I was struggling with a pull hook with driver and since then I fixed that sort of. Ended up turning into a huge slice. In the last week fixed the slice and am hitting draws again but very weak short draws that often are to high. But I believe I may have found a fix and was wondering if this is how others hit their driver. I understand that you are supposed to hit driver on the upswing but I think this has actually been causing me to hit the weak shots by almost trying to sweep the ball. Right as I started to actually feel as though I am swinging down I felt like I had power again. When I say I am hitting down I try to swing down at a point behind the ball. Does anyone else do this?
  2. ohiogolfer

    My Swing (ohiogolfer)

    Ok so after playing today the whole staying down didn’t really help the hook but oddly enough what did was moving my right hand further from my left hand with less overlap. My left hand was extremely strong when I saw it in video so I started to try and change that only made it worse until I moved my right hand. Depending on tempo I hit a nice draw with the new grip.
  3. ohiogolfer

    My Swing (ohiogolfer)

    Yeah in this clip I was aimed very right with a closed stance, I’ve been trying a squared stance lately after I filmed this but no luck will try the low and slow takeaway tomorrow thanks for the tip. Yeah I was set up really closed in this, since then I have been using a squared stance but hasn’t helped at all. Will try to put my head down a bit more and get better posture. Thanks!
  4. ohiogolfer

    My Swing (ohiogolfer)

    For the past week I have been unable to hit driver at all. Widening my stance fixed it for a few holes but ultimately went back to the hook, also tried squaring my stance up more after taking this video and no effect. Before the hook I was hitting a slight draw with some height 250-260 and now I’m hitting a hook that goes maybe 170. How can I open the club face a bit more so it’s not pointing towards the sky?
  5. ohiogolfer

    Golf Summer Job

    Thanks I think I'll have to try that. The course I usually go to knows me pretty well mainly due to the fact I was the only one still calling in tee times in December lol. Although that course is relatively small in terms of the staff I usually see so I'm not to sure if they will have any summer jobs available.
  6. ohiogolfer

    Golf Summer Job

    Hi, I'm 16 years old and I'm really looking to play more golf this summer. But one issue being money so I'm really looking to get a job at a golf course. Should I be sending in emails about interest in a job to my local courses or wait till at least spring? What kind of jobs would be available to a 16 year old with a license at a golf course? Also do you think they would allow free rounds on like non peak times.

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