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  1. I've got this one. https://www.amazon.com/Suncast-Golf-Garage-Organizer-Rack/dp/B0000V0L9Y
  2. I've got the Cleveland CBX2 wedges in 50, 54, and 58. Super easy to hit on full(er) shots, but plenty versatile around the greens and out of bunkers. Extremely, extremely forgiving for wedges. Would definitely recommend you check them out.
  3. I hit the Pings at a free Ping fitting a few weeks ago and again at this formal fitting. I still like them, though the results weren't quite as good as the Mavrik or the T300s I was hitting (which I was hitting almost identically). I'm going going back next week to hit the new Mizuno Hot Metals and will compare them to the Mavrik. And hopefully, I'll have a better day then because I was sort of off and tense this past week for some reason. I went in hoping to fit into the T300 because I liked the look of them overall, but the sound on them was...strange. It definitely wasn't what I w
  4. That doesn't seem like too bad of a wait. I was talking to the fitter I'm working with and keep bringing up the G410, which I've hit and liked because they look clean at address compared to my current Cobra F9s. I'm going back in next Friday the 4th to test the new Mizuno Hot Metals, but he's said I should just forget about Ping. He said he placed an order for a customer this week and Ping told him early December, but it could be sooner. When he asked them what "sooner" meant, they said, "it might be early November." He said Callaway is probably 2-4 weeks at this point (and that most
  5. Why not get them ordered upright for now, and then if you do eventually start hitting it too much heel side, you can always have the lie flattened some?
  6. You can still use it - it's iPing 2.0. At first, I didn't think you could because it asked for account name, fitter name, etc. and in those, I ended up just putting "ping" and then my phone number and it's worked great.
  7. I was going to get that exact grip put on my O-Works 1 in the next day or two. Did you go with the 104cc or the 140 cc?
  8. Could try some Srixon Z-Stars. Current generation has an MSRP of $40/dozen, but in addition to the times they go on sale BOGO, you can currently order the 6-ball performance packs of the current generation from Golf Discount for $10 each. So, you're effectively getting them at BOGO prices but just ordering them in packs of 6. Going to be hard to find a better ball for $20/dozen.
  9. So, I ended up doing a fitting with Bo at Golf Tech in Plano, TX today. It was very helpful in seeing the numbers and my tendencies with my stroke. I went in fully intending to want to add a mallet to the couple of putters I have at this point, which are both Anser style - Cleveland Classic I and an old Ping Ally. I hit several with the Cleveland since that's the one I play. They all rolled on line, slight in to out path, face averaged about +0.4 degrees open at impact, average of about 1.46 efficiency, all of the putts were in the putter's sweet spot, and I was hitting the ball basically
  10. I am considering/interested in getting a putter fitting, mainly to confirm my stroke type, and then get the length, lie, loft measurements and what not. I've dabbled with the iPing 2.0 app on my phone, but not 100% sure I'm entering in some the info correctly to ensure a proper result. I'm in Frisco, TX, so I've got basically all of the choices in a reasonable distance from me - PGA SS, Club Champion, GolfTec, Cool Clubs, etc. I know the general suggestion is to at least find a place that uses a SAM, but beyond that, does anyone have insight or thoughts as to which might be the best
  11. NativeTxn


  12. Might also try: http://www.clubfinders.com/index.shtml
  13. I'm not sure where they ever say that their product PERFORMS BETTER - it says "Compare features and performance to ____". It never says that it performs better (or at least I couldn't find such a statement) - it simply says compare. That being said, Pinemeadow does state that they provide a BETTER VALUE. There are two sides to that coin - one says that you can pay more for something that is higher quality and it should theoretically last longer; therefore, providing a lower cost per unit of time (whether it be months, years, etc.). The other side says that if you can get performance and/
  14. By all means that is your choice, and I certainly respect your opinion on the matter. As you can see from my sig, I've only got one clone, and other than that hybrid, I don't use them. However, I still see absolutely nothing wrong with someone who wants to play them, and I never will. I've really never read a truly cogent argument as to why clones are bad. Sure there are negatives to them, but there are positives too - just like anything in life. I've heard people say that their stealing the OEM's designs, etc. They're definitely using the designs to make their own clubs, but that is cer
  15. I've never really said anything on the other "clone debate" threads, so I'll just throw my opinions out on this one. To me there is nothing wrong with clones. However, everything is wrong with counterfeits. Pinemeadow and GigaGolf are not trying to fool you into thinking that the clubs they are selling are actually Ping, Callaway, Taylormade, etc. It is VERY clear that they are not - i.e. the clones definitely resemble the brand name clubs, and it is often very easy to tell which exact club they are modeled after, but they put their own company name on the club and their own model names
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