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  1. I kinda like the extra wedge, from the fairway I don't have trouble to get the right distance for my shorter shots, and could use basically a pw or sw, but if I need to get there from the rough I struggle with those 3/4 shots and I tend to close the clubface and loose the ball to the left a lot. For me my setup is the best possible. I don't have any gaps in there.
  2. My setup for 2021 finally completed. in The Bag: Putter: Mizuno M Craft VI with 35inch shaft and Superstroke 3.0 grip Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore 50,55,60 KBS Tour Wedge flex shafts Golfpride MCC Aline Grips Irons: Mizuno JPX 921 Forged KBS Tour Stiff Shafts 4-pw Golfpride MCC Aline Grips Hybrid: Mizuno CLK 19deg loft Tensei CK blue stiff shaft Golfpride MCC Aline grip 3wood: Mizuno ST-Z 15 deg loft Tensei CK blue stiff shaft Golfpride MCC Aline grip Driver: Mizuno ST-Z 10.5 deg loft Tensei CK blue stiff shaft Golfpride MCC Aline Grip Pretty ha
  3. 12 weeks in still no wedges. I got An option on some stock RTX Zipcore wedges i will buy those if i don’t get them before my golf trip.
  4. I think it depends on your game basically and for the pro’s what kind off course they are playing. My setup will basically stay the same always. dr,3wood,3hybrid 4-pw 50,55,60 putter However i saw the setup from collin for scotish open, he carries 2 60deg wedges. One is the high toe version.
  5. I am waiting 10 weeks now on my wedges, with kbs tour stiff shafts and golfpride mcc aline grips standard length only the 56 deg wedge bend down to 55. But i am from the Netherlands clubs should be made in UK and than transported so it might take a few extra days. Lets hope i get them next week.
  6. It looks weird to me to have an iron with a lot offset. I get the feeling i can’t get a straight flight out of it. I guess people who hit the ball all over the clubface will benefit it. I prefer a cleaner look, thats why i love my mizuno jpx 921 forged irons, clean look with a little help
  7. We golfers can use all the help we can get is my opinion. There is a reason why peo golfers carry 5 woods or hybrids as well. It just makes the game easier. I played blades for to long i guess, i am not to far off but the little extra help my irons give is just worth it. ( i play mizuno jpx 921 forged ) i recently switched my woods from titleist 917 d3 to cobra radspeed xb and my 3 hybrid is a radspeed as well that one is so easy to hit. I will trim down the length of the driver and 3 wood to 45inch and 42 inch. To give me some more control.
  8. I start to really like the JPX irons, I played the mans competition yesterday and shot a 78. Could have been better but the concentration dropped near the end so I finished with 3 straight bogeys. it took me some time before I got used to the irons tho, I do hit them further than i hit the old ones, because of the stronger lofts I think, it doesn't fit my mind to hit a pitching wedge from 135yards out. makes me want those new wedges I ordered even more ( sm8 50,55,60). But I just love the irons, even when I am just off center the ball still goes, makes me much more precise on my approaches, I
  9. I’ve heard True temper and golfpride are causing trouble. At the shop they told me titleist is between 8 and 12 weeks for custom orders. I went to a woods fitting as well guess i was lucky that the stock shaft works great for me on the cobra radspeed. I will pick them up tomorrow. I got great results on de xb driver and the 3 wood and 3 hybrid as well. So basically if i get the wedges i changed the whole bag.
  10. When i picked up my new irons from the shop the owner said he got some new drivers for me to test. So i went for a new fitting. I was suprised about a driver i didn’t even expect but it is an amazing one. One we all should have a go with. It is the cobra radspeed, as i am seeking more forgiveness in a driver i ended up with the XB version. I got to say i love that one i still hit it about 15 yards further with a decent spin ( about 2800 rpm ) and my dispersion is way better.
  11. The next update is a fact, the irons will be in tomorrow, got a phonecall from the shop today. so now it is only the vokey wedges that still need to come. I thought Titleist would be the first to arrive guess I was wrong there. maybe it is because one of them needs to be bend.
  12. I actually had 2 today. First one hole 2 a 166m ( not yards lol ) par 3, little into the wind with a back right pin position, out here we have had a couple weeks of sunny weather so the greens are dry and hard, I thought if I can land it on the front it would release to the hole, I hit a perfect knockdown 6iron it had a ever so slightly fade on it and ended up 2 feet from the hole. hole 18 also a par 3 182m to the pin today guarded by bumpers front left and right. I actually hit a duff 5 iron off the tee what ended up still in front of the left bunker pin position was about 5 steps b
  13. I played 9 today. Played the backnine started birdie par double double all pars to the end! I mean 3 over on 9 holes isn’t that bad but not like this
  14. Oh i will. I went true a fitting, I could have gone with the tours also, but these where just better with the slight off center hits, and because the slightly stronger lofts I could easy loose my 3 iron and go with my strong 3 hybrid ( Titleist 818H1 19 deg. set in D1 so actually 18 ) and 4 iron in the set, and get an extra wedge in. still waiting on the irons and wedges to arrive. I tested the taylormade P770 and Titleist T200. I could have tried ping and callaway also but with ping I just hate the look of the hosel, and well I was never a fan of callaway, so I didn't even bother hitting them
  15. The JPX 921 tours with either the JPX 921 Forged or hot metal pro's. Personally I am not a big fan of mix sets. so I went with the forged set. waiting for them to arrive. I'm gaming the 59's now also, I find the long irons harder to hit, so I ordered the JPX 921 Forged. hoping to game them soon.
  16. I would prob go for a 3 or4 hybrid and replace it for the 7 wood. The way I look at it a hybrid is easier to hit of the tee and from the grass. I always carried an iron set 3-pw. but I carry driver 3 wood and a strong 3 hybrid also ( Titleist 818 H1 set in D1 position ) I did order a new set of irons to make my life a little easier on the course, I play the Mizuno MP59's now and I hardly use the 3 iron, only on a long par 3 with some wind. so in the end it was easy for me to get the new set 4-pw and get an extra wedge in the bag. I will have the Mizuno JPX 921 forged irons soon, with Vokey Sm8
  17. Mizuno Uk is saying they are shipping most within 4 weeks, but they have some trouble with a few shafts and grips. I just hope it isn't KBS or golf pride lol. Than prob Titleist will have the same issue for my wedges. Putter looks awesome if you ask me!
  18. Right I have an update not the best one but I got a phone call today with the great news that the putter arrived. but no info yet about the wedges and irons
  19. To bad Europe is far gone on this event. And what the hack is going on with Louis? He used to have a lazy kinda looking swing likee Ernie Els, his pace is way off on his swing!
  20. I guess what Mizuno says is true. Nothing feels like a mizuno. I ordered my set JPX 921 forged irons. For the first time i am not getting a 3 iron but will have an extra wedge. I’m currently playing MP 59. I could have gone with the tours as well but when i got them slightly off center i just got better results. Because the lofts are stronger it was easy to leave out the 3iron. As i carry a hybrid also. For my wedges i went with the jet black sm8’s. 50.08F 56.08 M bend to 55.07 And 60.08 M. i ordered a black M craft VI putter as well. I always wanted to try a shape putter like that. s
  21. Hey all, I have been wondering what you all think about the delivery times rising these days. I ordered my new Irons like 6 weeks ago ( Mizuno JPX 921 Forged 4 - pw with KBS Tour stiff shafts no further spec changes grips Golfpride MCC Aline grips) together with a Mizuno M craft VI black putter. also ordered 3 Vokey SM8 black finish wedges 50 deg 08. 56.09 bend to 55.08 and a 60.08. So far no news to be told about the ata. I mean the weather here in the Netherlands finally getting better and I am getting excited to play them.
  22. You should get fitted, only way to go if you want to benefit the latest tech. You just got to make sure the clubs suit your profile. I still use my Titleist 917 woods I tried a fitting but well I don't get much better results, I mean I can go up by 4 yards that's about it. not worth the change I think.
  23. I would go for 4i 7i 50deg gw and putter, basically play the par 4 as par 5's and you should be able to still reach the par 5's in 3. with the 2 irons you will have more options for the par 3's.
  24. Well i am slightly open with my stance. But my swing comes from the inside not ott.
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