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  1. Started playing golf when I was 7. Broke my first 80 when I was 11. First time I broke par I was 14. Not only did I manage to break par, I broke 70 (68) at one of the hardest courses from the back tee, 6600 meters (7300 yards). One of the craziest rounds I have played, I made two chip-ins and I only had 21 putts.
  2. This is simply the evolution of golf. You also need to remember that golf courses are getting longer and more difficult. When I played the Regional College Championship last year in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They were afraid that the course was going to be too easy for us so they made the course more than 7800 yards with extremely fast greens and ridiculous flag positions. Add fast wind to this and on the second round, Jon Rahm, played really good and was the only one to shot under par (-1). They can always make the courses even longer and in fact, I see this as something very exci
  3. Erik Tedfelt

    Erik Tedfelt

  4. More than one thought and it becomes one big mess for me. My focus is to have zero thoughts when I swing as this is when I hit my best shots. Ironically, my long game really improved when my golf coach told me to spend as little time as possible on the range. My teammates at college was always surprised at how I could spend so little time at the range when I was the best striker on the team.
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