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  1. Online Golf Training Programs

    Thanks for the comments. I was skeptical at first, but am having a lot of success with a Martial Arts style training program. This program teaches you how to move your body the correct way during the golf swing. It also teaches golfers how to swing a golf club in a synchronised way with your body with speed safety and strength. All the training can be done at home and I am really surprised with the results so far. There are not many reviews of the program, but I managed to find the following link. https://basicgolfer.com/tathata-golf-review-60-day-training-program The Program is called Tathata Golf and they offer a free 7 day trial. Definitely worth considering if you are looking at improving and finding a way out of swing thoughts.
  2. Online Golf Training Programs

    Has anybody had any success with some of the online golf training programs that are out there? I just recently started one and am 15 days in so far. The results have been amazing so far. Would be interesting to get some thoughts on any that some of you guys may have tried. Thanks
  3. Most Consistent Golfers in Majors over the last 2 Decades.

    Yeah definitely. Jim Furyk has had 22 Top 10s over the last two decades. Padraig Harringtion is another worth mentioning with 3 wins and 15 top 10s. Sergio Garcia has also racked up 23 Top 10 Finishes throughout the journey. Don’t forget Retief Goosen with 2 Wins and 16 Top 10s. Angel Cabrera is another that just seems to pop up in big events.
  4. Most Consistent Golfers in Majors over the last 2 Decades.

    Yeah I totally agree. Tiger has definitely been the most dominant in the last 20 years, but that was all mainly from 97 to 08. The last 10 years would be Phil, Rory and Spieth. The top 5 on that list was 1 Tiger 2 Phil 3 Ernie 4 Rory 5 Vijay I think this is accurate although there are players that have not won majors like Westwood who have been consistent over the journey.
  5. I was having a fun argument with a buddy about the most consistent performers in the golf majors since we starting following golf some twenty years ago. Some players are able to perform in the bigger events and some just simply struggle when the going gets tough. My argument was that it had to still be Tiger Woods with some 14 major victories. His argument was that Tiger had done nothing in majors in almost 10 years so it had to be somebody else. (He's also a Tiger hater) haha Was difficult to find information on this online so would be interesting to get some fellow golfers opinions on the subject, but it is definitely Tiger ;) Did stumble across this blog which has a Top 20 players in majors over the last twenty years https://basicgolfer.com/most-golf-majors-won-the-last-twenty-years
  6. What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    To play more golf than once a month and be a more consistent putter
  7. Who’s most likely to win their first Major in 2018?

    I would love to see Matsuyama win one!!! Such a consistent player.
  8. TaylorMade M3/M4 Discussion

    Thanks! I will check I out!!!
  9. TaylorMade M3/M4 Discussion

    Has anybody been lucky enough to try out these new drivers? Would be interesting to hear some feedback.

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