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  1. It's really interesting to read people's suggestions. Just wondering, would any of you consider retiring to Utah? I'm a Brit, I've never been anywhere close, but the national parks look spectacular and it's very very different from where I live! I presume it's not as populated or as expensive as the coastal areas?
  2. Coder

    Walk Up Music

    For confidence off the tee: Just keep the chorus in your mind - "sleeddggehammer"
  3. Whether a dispersion is unusable might depend on what your next-best option is. If it's something like 2 strokes per round saved with each 20 yard gain in driving distance, then as long as your driver is 60 yards longer than your "fairway guaranteed" club, then it pays for the 3 OB mishits and is therefore not unusable. That's my amateur understanding anyway! The "famous" driving distance payoff:
  4. If you're doing it for the satisfaction of the project, go right ahead, but... If I were you, I'd simply play them in their current form and/or spend money on another set of irons with a shaft you prefer. Plenty of old-but-good irons on eBay or from used equipment dealers - I have a set of Titleist DCI Black irons from 1993 that still look pretty fresh!
  5. Well spotted @GolfLug! I found this via Google Image search, taken from a Golf Digest piece. Looks like that must have been the source material. So I was completely wrong about saying it was a "very amateur" player. I'm not sure he is the ideal model though...
  6. To be fair, these articles are written by unpaid volunteers (like Wikipedia) and then the images are commissioned by WikiHow from independent freelance illustrators - who of course won't know anything about the subject. You can see how they drew this one based off some video frames of a very amateur player, complete with the bendy golf shaft illusion caused by the rolling shutter!
  7. Just had to post this for laughs... How to Swing a Golf Club Although golf can be difficult while you're still learning proper technique, the... Some of the instructional images are "unorthodox"!
  8. Thanks @Adam C for your detailed post and I will give the stool drill a try. Thanks @trainsmokegolf for that nice compliment! I have just looked at Oosthuizen's swing and he does seem to extend his lead leg quite early, but maybe too early for an amateur like me to be copying!?
  9. Thanks @boogielicious I will give that a try. I also plan to try out a couple of new feels - bringing the left hip backwards into line with the right, and keeping the hands low through impact. I'll report back!
  10. I bought this to help get videos suitable for a My Swing thread, and am pleased with it so I thought I'd share - this one is distributed in the UK (shipped from China, obviously) so you'll have to search ebay.com or elsewhere to find an equivalent in your respective countries. I think it's better than most similar cheap phone tripods because it has a continuously adjustable height, the phone clamp screws down rather than being a fragile spring-loaded thing, and it even comes with a little detachable Bluetooth remote shutter control - something I think @nevets88 suggested to me and which helps me keep video clips short, saving both battery and a lot of scrolling while at the range. 55inch Flexible Tripod Selfie Stick Support Stand with Bluetooth Remote for L0B0 Lightweight 5-section tripod stand, height adjustable from 44 - 140cm / 17- 55". Can be used as selfie stick when folded. The detachable clamp is...
  11. I've been Playing Golf for: 3 years, just a few rounds per year, lots of range time, too much YouTube instruction, not enough actual instruction (none!) My current handicap index or average score is: 110-120 My typical ball flight is: High slice, or worm-burner The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Thins (mostly) and chunks... beginner stuff I finally got the courage to share my golf swing with TST... I believe I started out with a big over-the-top plus early extension move - classic beginner stuff. I now, I think, have a better feel for how the club should shallow in the downswing but I still have the early extension which leads to a lot of thins and whiffs. Sometimes I overcompensate with a squat/crouch into impact that just leads to fat shots. Interested in whether you guys agree that early extension is the priority fault, whether my downswing is in fact still too steep, and any other observations? Thanks in advance.
  12. I know a couple of lefties who have only ever played golf right-handed - because they didn't have access to left-handed clubs when starting out. It makes me wonder whether I, as a righty, could actually be _better_ using left-handed clubs. Could it be an advantage to make your lead side your dominant side?
  13. iPhone 6 (nearly five years old) onwards, Samsung Galaxy S7 onwards, and various other Androids (including my Pixel 2) all do 240fps on their main camera. That's the frame rate you see on many of the videos in the My Swing section. It's a shame that the front-facing selfie cameras aren't as fast because for golf work it would be useful to video in slo-mo and see what you're videoing. The site gsmarena.com is useful for checking canners camera specs.
  14. Interesting topic. Wasn't the favour to organise (but not pay for) what he thought would be minor repair work and find a deserving family to give it to? He wasn't expecting you to spend your own money or even the amount of time that you are now contemplating. In your position I would be looking to sell it as-is and then donate the proceeds appropriately, and I would have a clear conscience in doing so. However, if you're saying you now want to give money and time to this project in his memory, well of course that is a nice thing. Good luck with it!
  15. Shawn Clement videos... I'm sure he knows what he's talking about, and I like his presentation style, but I perceive that he swings with a kind of up-down knee bounce that he sometimes emphasises deliberately when discussing hip turn. For me that just turned into an overactive lower body and early extension move. And yes, of course that's the peril of YouTube compared to actual instruction.
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