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  1. Nice to hear it went well and thanks for everyone's advice. My son is 2½ and I am really looking forward to playing some golf with him in future. He already fires foam balls around the garden using a kids' iron (it's for 4 year olds so he has to tuck the handle under his armpit...) but I don't know whether he'll continue to be interested!
  2. Thank you, I will!
  3. Hello @iacas - it's an honour to hear from the man himself! Here is my "hips first" attempt. It definitely feels different, and I think looks different at top of backswing. And here with shaft across shoulders, I realise now it should've been a full swing motion rather than stopping...
  4. Hi everyone, 1 year since last update, and only 9 holes played in that time! Golf was put on hold for various reasons but I did still visit the range occasionally, and took my first proper lesson just before lockdown began. Looking forward to a lot more golf soon... I think (?) I am getting better hip turn now. Swing feels much less cramped-up at impact compared to before. Body weight falling back and staying back, tending to hit thin shots?? Not sure. All comments appreciated!
  5. Apparently the Samsung Galaxy S20 does 960 FPS at 720p - pretty impressive!
  6. Winters in England are not particularly cold (depending on your perspective) - average overnight minimum in December and January is around 3C. Snowfall is rare, maybe one or two days per year. When it does snow, the whole country goes nuts and shuts down because unlike properly cold countries, we aren't equipped to deal with it. What makes English winters unpleasant is the lack of sunshine. If it's not raining it's overcast and threatening rain later. You probably get two or three sunny days per month in mid-winter, and it's still dark by 4:30pm. That's why we have such good pubs
  7. Agreed. The only thing comparable across countries/regions is the death rate and even that is affected by differences in attribution, population age, and so on. The Financial Times has a good set of summary charts comparing the situation globally, updated regularly: Coronavirus tracked: the latest figures as the pandemic spreads | Free to read | Financial Times The FT analyses the scale of outbreaks and the number of deaths in countries...
  8. It's really interesting to read people's suggestions. Just wondering, would any of you consider retiring to Utah? I'm a Brit, I've never been anywhere close, but the national parks look spectacular and it's very very different from where I live! I presume it's not as populated or as expensive as the coastal areas?
  9. Coder

    Walk Up Music

    For confidence off the tee: Just keep the chorus in your mind - "sleeddggehammer"
  10. Whether a dispersion is unusable might depend on what your next-best option is. If it's something like 2 strokes per round saved with each 20 yard gain in driving distance, then as long as your driver is 60 yards longer than your "fairway guaranteed" club, then it pays for the 3 OB mishits and is therefore not unusable. That's my amateur understanding anyway! The "famous" driving distance payoff:
  11. If you're doing it for the satisfaction of the project, go right ahead, but... If I were you, I'd simply play them in their current form and/or spend money on another set of irons with a shaft you prefer. Plenty of old-but-good irons on eBay or from used equipment dealers - I have a set of Titleist DCI Black irons from 1993 that still look pretty fresh!
  12. Well spotted @GolfLug! I found this via Google Image search, taken from a Golf Digest piece. Looks like that must have been the source material. So I was completely wrong about saying it was a "very amateur" player. I'm not sure he is the ideal model though...
  13. To be fair, these articles are written by unpaid volunteers (like Wikipedia) and then the images are commissioned by WikiHow from independent freelance illustrators - who of course won't know anything about the subject. You can see how they drew this one based off some video frames of a very amateur player, complete with the bendy golf shaft illusion caused by the rolling shutter!
  14. Just had to post this for laughs... How to Swing a Golf Club Although golf can be difficult while you're still learning proper technique, the... Some of the instructional images are "unorthodox"!
  15. Thanks @Adam C for your detailed post and I will give the stool drill a try. Thanks @trainsmokegolf for that nice compliment! I have just looked at Oosthuizen's swing and he does seem to extend his lead leg quite early, but maybe too early for an amateur like me to be copying!?
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