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  1. a few swings from last night. Spent some time on key #1. After doing some of the wall drill per @billchao suggestion, I found a feel that I think helps. In this FO swing I feel like I’m “sticking my butt out” & pointing right back pocket at target. I’ve also been playing around with feeling right shoulder move straight back behind me. This is to stop early left lateral bend at takeaway, which I think contributes to hip sway backwards. Separately I think someone ( @iacas ?) might’ve changed my profile pic to the key I’m supposed to be working on? 😂 if so, thanks for the reminder 👍🏻
  2. It looks like AimPoint is rolling out a 3D green mapping feature. Any thoughts @iacas @mvmac?
  3. I didn't include face-on videos, because the two angles were so different (proximity of the next mat prevented filming from same location in second vid). Agree the clubhead looks well outside, but I think that's partly due to the late hinge? If A2 comes earlier in backstroke, I think that would tend to make clubhead look closer to hands...
  4. Here's a 7i DTL from Saturday before last: I thought it looked like my lead wrist was breaking down a little at the top, so I tried to strengthen my grip a bit. This is from this most recent Saturday: Wrist set looked a little late in the more recent video, but I was focusing more on adjusting to the stronger grip. Sorry for the higher angle in the top video, my cameraman needs coaching, too! Kyle
  5. Haha not sure I have any “influence” much less enough to get some traction. The pro I’ve been working with locally is with TM, and he thought they’d replace it. We’ll see...
  6. So I think I caved-in the face of my ‘17 M2 3W today? I’m not some LD champ, either. 3W swing speed was 104-108. Sucks, because this club was a rocket launcher. Anyone else have issues with poor TMAG metalwood durability lately?
  7. I've followed GG on instagram and enjoyed some of his over-the-shoulder youtube lessons, though I consider it more entertainment/education than practical advice for my golf. Be wary about implementing "tips" without someone taking a look at your swing (live or onlineline). I'd suggest reaching out to George or one of his guys (Jake Gilmer / Jake Ledbetter) directly, if you're interested. FYI, he had a falling-out with his business partner who was running the GGSwingTips website, and no longer has any affiliation with that site/brand/youtube. georgegankas.golf has his open letter about the issue.
  8. Thanks for the input, @b101. Agree I need to feel more pressure on trail side in backswing. RE: sway, I assume you meant away from target, and not toward target?
  9. I’ve been wearing out a few ProV1s in the garage while winter won’t give up in Essex, MA. Currently working on: - shoulders before hips at takeaway - more width in backswing without whipping club head behind me - maintain “some” flex in right knee thru backswing - lead shoulder moving away from left ear in downswing to emphasize turn not all at once, of course. The practice video was just the ~5 swings I hade the iPhone set up behind me, with some feels I was trying to emphasize between swings. Typically, I dedicate 5-10 mins on each focus item, depending on how good it feels. The swing feels much different and I’m striking the ball more solidly, but I’m struggling with start line, especially with driver. Lots of straight left pulls or push fades. With irons, the miss has been a dead straight ball that makes a hard left hand turn. I assume I’m not committing to the rotation, and flipping? open to any thoughts! -Kyle
  10. Thanks for chiming in Randall. Centered hip turn is definitely close to the top of my list. Here’s a swing sequence from last summer: I was weight and pressure forward from the start of my swing all the way to the end. This winter I’ve been working on getting pressure back (but keeping weight centered, not forward like before) in backswing. Right now, I’m still probably pushing too much laterally towards the target from the top of my backswing, which gets everything “past” the ball and forces the flip. Trying to work on starting downswing with lower body rotation for better sequencing. I know weight forward is one of the keys, but I think I’m a strange case that probably over-did that move. I was pretty much self-taught for the first 10 years I played golf. Looking back I seem to have fallen into a poor version of stack and tilt unintentionally? cheers, kyle
  11. I've been Playing Golf for: 2.5 years seriously, 14 years casually My current handicap index or average score is: 10.6 (GHIN 7748534 if anyone cares to see some scores) My typical ball flight is: High draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: High percentage of mis-hits (fats, thins), hook/over draw with irons, "foul ball right" with driver Hey, friends. I've been lurking on the site for a few months (mostly here in member swings and trying to digest all of "Swing Thoughts"), but was able to get a few videos last night so thought I would start my own thread/practice diary here. I've been playing golf casually from my last couple years of high school ('04-'05), but started taking the game more seriously / trying to practice and improve since spring '16. I'm currently working with a local instructor, so this thread is primarily to share/document my progress, but I love talking about the swing and am always open to thoughts or second opinions. I've got decent clubhead speed (I swing 7i in the mid-90s and driver ~110), but have struggled with a high/spinny ball flight stemming from under-rotated & flippy impact. The flip can also result in embarrassing fats / thins and is generally prone to inconsistency. I can see that I'm still going shallow-to-steep from A3 to A5, any thoughts there would be particularly appreciated. The videos below are after ~6 weeks of regular work. I'll see if I can dig up some uglier ones from longer ago for us all to laugh at. The lighting and angles aren't perfect, but filming in the garage at night without a tripod is somewhat challenging, so I tried my best. Feel free to fire away! -Kyle Videos:
  12. Interesting. Well I'm an newbie/amateur, so I'll defer to pros like @iacas and @mvmac , but it seems like once you have the picture reasonably close to where you'd like it, you would want to shift a decent amount of your practice to more external focuses. I think you'd be surprised at your own ability to top/fat/thin/pure the ball with a little bit of skill practice.
  13. Hey, Bill-- Have you done any work with an external focus / strike intention? Something like using foot spray or a dry erase marker to intentionally hit toe/heel/center/high/middle/low? For someone whose swing looks A+ from a technique perspective, it seems like some skill work around strike would help settle down those Mevo numbers. Kyle
  14. How would you define cramped up? If you have 15' between the Mevo and the net you're hitting into, will it give accurate readings?
  15. Hey friends, I was fortunate enough to be gifted an Optishot2, along with a nice mat and Net Return net, so operation winter swing maintenance is launching in my garage. Before getting too steep into OptiLand, I was hoping that I might get a bit of help answering a few questions: Does anyone have experience relying on an Optishot to provide swing feedback? Or is it better suited to serving as a novelty? I understand that it will only measure face angle, swing path, and clubhead speed, but can anyone speak to the accuracy of these measured parameters? It seems the only other measurement tool that is in the same price range is the Mevo. They obviously measure different things in different ways, but is it worth exploring an exchange of the Optishot for a Mevo (esp. considering space is somewhat cramped in my garage)? Thanks a ton! Kyle
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