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  1. My Swing (billchao)

    Interesting. Well I'm an newbie/amateur, so I'll defer to pros like @iacas and @mvmac , but it seems like once you have the picture reasonably close to where you'd like it, you would want to shift a decent amount of your practice to more external focuses. I think you'd be surprised at your own ability to top/fat/thin/pure the ball with a little bit of skill practice.
  2. My Swing (billchao)

    Hey, Bill-- Have you done any work with an external focus / strike intention? Something like using foot spray or a dry erase marker to intentionally hit toe/heel/center/high/middle/low? For someone whose swing looks A+ from a technique perspective, it seems like some skill work around strike would help settle down those Mevo numbers. Kyle
  3. Optishot2 for Swing Changes / Maintenance?

    How would you define cramped up? If you have 15' between the Mevo and the net you're hitting into, will it give accurate readings?
  4. Hey friends, I was fortunate enough to be gifted an Optishot2, along with a nice mat and Net Return net, so operation winter swing maintenance is launching in my garage. Before getting too steep into OptiLand, I was hoping that I might get a bit of help answering a few questions: Does anyone have experience relying on an Optishot to provide swing feedback? Or is it better suited to serving as a novelty? I understand that it will only measure face angle, swing path, and clubhead speed, but can anyone speak to the accuracy of these measured parameters? It seems the only other measurement tool that is in the same price range is the Mevo. They obviously measure different things in different ways, but is it worth exploring an exchange of the Optishot for a Mevo (esp. considering space is somewhat cramped in my garage)? Thanks a ton! Kyle
  5. The feeling of either keeping the right arm straight, or (in this case) the "extensor action" reminded me of Scott Piercy. He's pretty narrow in the backswing, but has a pronounced extension of right arm at transition / start of downswing: Kyle

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