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  1. Quick question My golf swing is very up and down at present. Having lessons which will hopefully help, But wondering in your opinions how much a tight back, neck and shoulders would affect a good swing? I do a lot of driving for work and always have suffered with my back. Could this make a difference to my swing or am I just making excuses?? Cheers Stuart
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  3. First post on here (or any forum for that matter!!) I took up the game as a 43yr old a year and half ago and am going through various degrees of improvement and set backs!!! Currently playing off a not very impressive 21!! After about 6 months I developed a big slice which Ian working on and gradually getting on top of,. I'm also hit the ball fat most of the time with my irons,. As I work away from home a lot I recently brought a eyeline speedtrap too see if this would help me when on a range, tried it today and really struggled, constantly hitting the base. My biggest challenge is
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