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  1. Hi Everyone! First time poster, long time lurker. Lot's of great information on this forum. I'm a relatively new golfer, about 4 years now, been taking some lessons on and off at Golftec for the last 2 years. Went from a 20 handicap to a 14 last year, which i'm extremely happy about! Lots of range time and got in about 45 rounds over the course of the summer. The clubs I've been playing were hand me down clubs from a friend of mine, Callaway X16's and a Big Bertha Driver. I've decided it's time to upgrade my clubs and get properly fit. I decided to go check out Club Champion since they are doing a 50% off full bag fitting. I won't go into the full details since many people have already provide thorough reviews of their experience. All in all, it was a fantastic experience! I was able to test out a variety of clubs and shafts. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I have zero familiarity of the types, weighting, brands of the different shafts and not very understanding of the numbers the trackman was spitting out. I really was just there swinging what the fitter gave me, 5-6 swings (sometimes more if it was feeling good) a head/shaft combo (irons, then wedges, then driver, then fairway woods, then SAM putting), with him looking at the numbers, and me identifying what felt good and the shape of the shot on the screen. I thought the fitter was great, patient, and able to explain in layman's terms what he was looking at. He asked if there was anything specific I wanted to try out, but not knowing I really let him take over that experience. I told the fitter at the very beginning that i was getting fit for the first time, not overly consistent in my swing (surprisingly I was swinging relatively consistent, with only a handful of shots removed from the data), and budget around $3k for a full bag. I knew going in and reading reviews about Club Champion that pricing was likely going to be expensive. When all said and done, he provided me with the following recommendations. - Callaway Rogue Pro Irons ($750) with Nippon 850 Shafts ($360) - Callaway Rogue Driver 10.5* ($499) with Diamana RF Shaft ($395) - Callaway Rogue 3 and 4 Hybrid ($249) with Fujikura Atomos Tour Spec Red Shafts ($215) - Callaway Wedges 50*/54*/58* ($149 each) I was a little surprised by the pricing of the shafts, especially the driver shaft. I did hit that one the best out of all of the combinations that i tried, and there were many. And i guess the numbers don't lie, gaining about 35 yards compared to my gamer with lower dispersion off of about 15 hits. So i guess I'm extremely happy with that, but wanted to get opinions before i pull the trigger. I know that folks have tried sourcing the individual components and self building, but that's not something I have the expertise on. Plus with the Rogue being new, i'm not sure how that would work. As I'm typing this, I guess I'm really asking if there are any reasons, outside of cost that should prevent me from just ordering through Club Champion. And secondly, will I just look like some big douche bag with these nice clubs and shafts and not being a low handicapper! Ha.
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