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  1. I currently only have 13, but will be adding a 14th during the fall/winter when finances allow. I'll answer based on what will be in my bag once I buy the last club. 10.5* Driver 15* 3 Wood 20* #3 Hybrid (Doubles as a 5 Wood and 2 Iron) 3 - PW Iron Set 50* Gap Wedge 55* Sand Wedge Putter
  2. If you hunt around at flea markets or yard sales, I bet you could find an older bag with the solid plastic tubes. You could buy it cheap and just use the tubes in your bag. If you have graphite shafts, I'd glue some felt around the top few inches to protect the graphite. If it were me, I'd probably use the bag to store clubs I wasn't currently using and place it in the corner for memory sake and go buy a new bag that is setup the way I want it.
  3. I picked up a used Cobra Baffler DWS from 3balls via ebay for $56 and it was in excellent condition and is a nice club.
  4. I'm probably going to be pulling the 5 Wood out of my bag soon when I buy a Gap Wedge. This will leave me with only one fairway wood. Do you guys that only carry one fairway wood just carry a 3 Wood or would a 4 Wood be better if you only carry one?
  5. I am just now getting back into golf after a 9 year lay off and I haven't actually played a round since starting back. I'm still relearning at the driving range. However, when I played before, my driver only came out of the bag on par 5's and very long par 4's and I usually regretted using it even then. I usually teed off with my 3 Wood.
  6. My current clubs are listed in my signature. I plan to add a gap wedge in the near future. Probably either a 50* or 51*. I'll need to pull out a club to make room. Since I just added a 20* #3 Hybrid, it seems like the logical choice is either the 5w or the 3i. Which club do you think is more redundant with a 20* Hybrid in the bag?
  7. 1. Only use reputable dealers. My minimum is a 500 feedback AND 98%+ positive. 2. Unless the item you are looking for is rare or you are in a hurry, put a few on your watch list and let them end before you bid on one so you can see what they are going for. 3. Don't bid until the last 20 seconds. 10 is better if you trust your internet connection. 4. Whatever you plan to bid, add a nickel. I just won a hybrid club with a bid of $52.05 with about 5 seconds remaining. The previous high bidder had set his max bid to $52.00. I'm sure he was pissed, but I won and got it for about as litt
  8. I just recently made my first purchase from 3balls. I got a Cobra Baffler DWS Hybrid that was listed as Very Good. It was in better condition than their description gives for it and the head cover was brand new with the tag still attached and the bag of number tags still attached. I was very impressed.
  9. I currently have a 46* PW and a 55* SW. I plan to add a 50* or 51* GW soon, but that will be my 14th club. If I ever got the urge to add a 60* LW, I'd probably either give up my 5 Wood or 4 Iron. I currently have a 3 Hybrid that could probably fill the gap of a 5 Wood if needed so that would be the most likely candidate.
  10. I like Adams clubs, but it has nothing to do with what tour pro uses them. I am just getting back into golf after a 9 year lay off, but when I played before, the best club in my bag was an Adams Tight Lies 3 Wood. I plan to buy one again soon. I also have my eye on the Wedge Set. None of those decisions are made in stone yet, but they are my front runners.
  11. Definitely Callaway knock offs. For a starter set, I'd recommend these... http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/adams-...-with-bag.html If I had known about them before I bought my set earlier this year, it is what I would have bought.
  12. I was watching the pgatour videos someone posted last week and it got me thinking... what do you guys carry in your bag other than clubs? In mine I have... - Golf Balls - Tees - Towel - Rain Cover for the bag - Golf Glove - Small bag to store wallet, keys, phone, etc... while I'm playing. It also contains sunscreen and a first aid kit. - Bottle of water I do plan to add golf shoes (I'm just getting back into golf so I haven't bought any yet) and a divot tool soon.
  13. I've never had a problem with theft but I also don't own any $400 clubs so if someone did snatch a club or two from my bag real quick, it wouldn't take much to replace. Heck, I have less than $400 in the whole bag including the bag itself and all the misc stuff in the pockets. If I was to add an animal headcover it would just be to add some personality to my bag.
  14. I've never ordered from them but planned to soon based on feedback on this forum. That link has me rethinking this idea. There are a LOT of pissed off customers there. So far, the only on-line golf retailer I've used is 3balls.com and it was a flawless transaction. I might still give Rock Bottom a try, but I think I'll start with a couple of small orders first and see how it goes before I order anything big from them.
  15. Here's my take on it. I am just getting back into golf after 9 years. I bought a light stand bag for now. I like the stand bag for the driving range because it makes it easier to access all the clubs. I also like that I can walk or ride with it. Down the road, I plan to buy a cart bag for the extra storage but will still use the stand bag for trips to the driving range or for when I play a Par 3 course and don't need that much stuff. If I walk an 18 hole course I'd use a pull cart anyway, so either would work. I'd likely use the cart bag once I have it since I like the extra storage. I
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