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  1. With the ball on the cart path, the player wants relief. Ideally, he would like to hit his 3 wood onto the green, but his point of nearest relief would be in some deep rough. However, nearest point of relief playing a wedge to the fairway would be in a much better spot. If the player drops, intending to hit the wedge, but then changes his mind, can he play the ball using his 3 wood while standing on the path? That is, is the requirement of complete relief fulfilled? If not, what are his options if he doesn't want to play his wedge?
  2. Hi. Having an old Ping G10 460cc driver head lying around, I thought I would try to install a new shaft. After considering multiple shafts, I decided to experiment with a steel shaft for the first time in my life (with the driver), due to price and curiosity :) The trimming instruction for the shaft reads: A. For M1 metal woods add 1 1/2" tip trimming, for M2 metal woods add 1" tip trimming, for blind bore add 1/2" tip trimming, for through bore do not add to tip trimming. (Applies only to True Temper Dynamic Gold wood shafts) Not knowing what M1, M2 and bores are, and not being able to figure it out using google, I hope there's some help here :) Does anybody know how much to tip trim to fit the G10, or how I can find out on my own? Any help is truly appreciated, thanks!
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