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  1. Its surely between these two as far as looks go. But who do you rank number one? If there is any one else you think challenges either of these fine young ladies, please make it known!
  2. It is definitely a mans shaft, although they do do it in a ladies flex. Just was wondering how it compared to other Aldila shafts
  3. I dont use either of these balls but in my opinion would be to go for the Maxfli Noodle. Long and soft! You cant get much better than that!
  4. I have an Aldila NV65 green in my Titleist 905T driver and an Aldila NV65 pink in my Mizuno F50 3wood. Any thoughts on these two shafts? Any comments much appreciated.
  5. Driver : Titleist 905T fitted with green Aldila NV65 regular shaft. Nice classic pear shaped driver I have head for just over a year now. Cant see me changing soon to be honest! Oh yeah, also changed the grip from those nasty Titleist cord's to a Golf Pride tour velvet. Fairway Woods / Hybrids : Just got a new Mizuno F50 3wood fitted with a pink Aldila NV65 regular shaft. It looks the business and all I need to do now is change the Mizuno cord grip to a pink/black Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound! Also playing a Taylor Made Duel rescue 19 degress. Fitted with stock shaft regular flex. I sometimes put a 5 wood in my bag depending on the course, which is a Yonex V-mass mirage, fitted with the stock shaft, again regular flex. Irons : Have been playing the Nike Pro Combo's (4-PW) for nearly two years now. Took out the 3 iron with the addition of the hybrid. The blending of blades-muscle backs-cavity backs in one set works well althoguh I am looking to upgrade to possible a set of Titleist blades for more workability. Putter : In the Summer I use a Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport 2. Got the grip changed to a Lamkin Crossline cord putter grip. Very nice feel and great look at address. Confidence inspiring! In the winter I change to a harder faced putter in the Odyssey DFX 2-ball with a Karakal red/white grip. Drew a black on the two balls to aid with alignment. Works very nicely. Bag : Have two bags. In the summer I use a Titleist pencil bag. As I am a walker it is much more convenient in the hot weather. Carrys everything I need as there is no need for waterproofs/umbrella e.t.c In the winter I use a Ping Voyage carry bag. This is a great all round bag with an awsome stand system. Straps can take a little time getting used to if you're used to the Izzo type. Shoes : Own two paris. A pair of white Nike SP7.5 and a pair of Footjoy Dryjoys (White). Both are top quality pairs of shoes. Not much else to say. Other Stuff : Velvet pouch in which I store tees/ball markers/pencils/pitch mark repairer e.t.c. Tissues. Large cobra towel. Club bag tag. Srixon double canopy umbrella (If weather dictates). Putting string (Training aid). Water bottle. Titleist cap. Spare towels. Balls : Predominently I use either the Pro V1 or the Pro V1x. I always mark them with a single short black line for alginment and a couple of black dots around the number. Have no preference on numbers. Nutrition : Tracker bars. Banana's. Nutri-grain bars. Apples. Sometimes a sandwich. Glove : Titleist Players Glove (Medium). Probably the best glove on the market. Used by a majority of tour pro's.
  6. I recently decided to splash out on a new set of Titleist Vokey Wedges, but couldn't decide which finish to get them in. I eventually decided on the classic tour chrome finish, but was wondering what everyone else out there prefers and plays.....
  7. At the moment all I have is a Vokey Design black nickel sand wedge (56), however, on order I have a 52 gap wedge and 60 lob wedge but this time in the tour chrome finish. This completes my arsenal of wedges and will hopefully provide me with a greater repertoire of shots around the green. Should be able to get up and down from anywhere!!!!
  8. Was wondering if anyone knows the name of the soundtrack played in the background of this video? Cheers.
  9. If you could have the game of any of these pro's who would it be??? Take their equipment into account as well....
  10. Recently qualified for the junior club champ in 1st position with a 75 (+5). Got the main club champ in a few weekends time which will be my first one as it's only my second year playing golf and I was too high to enter last year. (Max is 12 for a junior). My aim is just to qualify, and my guess is that 8 over in both rounds will get me in. Hopefully I can play well in the morning and shoot something in the region of 4/5 over which will take a bit of pressure off in the afternoon round and then I can perhaps enjoy it a bit more!!!!!
  11. A good way of looking at it is to just aim for par on each hole. Whether that means taking the defensive approach and hitting 3-wood, then so be it. Occasionally a birdie might drop, but then occasionally you might 3-putt. Just concentrate on hitting the fairways and greens. Don't be so concerned about lack of birdies and eagles. Just hit for the middle of the greens and make your par. As I said, every so often, you might hole the birdie putt which is a bonus. As for double-bogeys, being in single-figures like yourself, I try to avoid these as much as possible. I find that my round flows a lot more if I don't make a double and all my best round never have double bogeys in them. If you don't get overly aggressive and aim away from the tough pins, you will find the number of doubles you make decrease. Hope this new way of thinking helps.
  12. Well, I play off 6 and in my last round I shot 75 (+5). In that round I had 33 putts. One 3-putt, thirteen 2-putts, and four 1-putts. Its not great but it still got me around in one under my handicap so I'm not complaining!!! When you have aroudn 30/31/32 putts, do you tend to have mostly 2-putts like myself, or do you tend to have lot's of 3-putts and 1-putts?? Just interested....
  13. Have not seen these irons in person yet, but it appears from photo's that they have a lot of offset?? Can someone who has hit these clubs tell me what difference this makes, and if offset is only for higher handicappers??
  14. I started playing a year ago and have managed to get down to 6 handicap. At presant I use a set of Nike Pro Combo Tour irons, but am looking to make a switch to Titleist. I tend to hit the ball relativly low, especially the 5 and 4 irons so I guess some irons that help me get it in the air easier would help. Im also unsure whether to get blades/muscle backs, such as the 695MB's, or cavity backs, such as the 695CB's or 775CB's. Or maybe I should go for a blend of the two, in getting the 735CM's. I would welcome any advice on this subject.
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