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  1. I’ve checked it several times, and backweighted it with lead tape under the grip and regripped, checked the weight and came in at D4. Checked one at local golf store, with their balance beam, D8! Next step. Open weight port and see what weight is inside. Maybe someone added heavier weight.
  2. Why are M2 drivers swing weighted so high? Checked the swing weight of a 2016 M2 Driver I bought. It came in at E 3, a M2 3 Fairway at D7 and my M2 was at C8. My M2 irons vary between D7 and D5. I went to my local Golf Store, picked a 2017 D2, weighed it on the store’s balance beam and it came in at D8. My clubs were weighed on my balance beam. I’m now going to back weight the driver, 3 metal and irons by wrapping lead tape under the grip to try to get consistent swing weights of all my irons around D1-2, driver a bit heavier. What is very interesting to me is that I hit a slight fade wi
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