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  1. At my best before back issues stopped me from playing I was push draw with my irons. And after reading a couple of the long threads on hitting driver here I found that hitting a fade was easier, match up with my swing pattern better. Hybrid was also draw. The 3 wood was the one I hadn’t quite got dialed in at the time. I still had a two way miss there
  2. It’s a good idea. I have a pic of the checkout line. But yeah. It was crazy.
  3. Gas prices are down. That’s really all I got
  4. Ugh.....stuck in the dictatorship of Washington
  5. I hope I’m wrong. But I’m not very optimistic about inslee. Here on the east side it’s pretty much just people getting stir crazy and really pissed that they can’t social distance while doing outdoor activities. And yet everyone can go to Lowe’s and be jammed against each other and stuff like that. It’s frankly getting dumb
  6. I have to say, I have never actually heard people consider golf elitist. Maybe it was at one point. But the cost of golfing is fairly reasonable compared to most hobbies in today’s world. I don’t get a reaction either way from people when I tell them I golf. Most people don’t care.
  7. Great question since at this time we seem to be the only state that shut down fishing also. It’s pretty bleak at the moment here
  8. Well, all I k ow that here in Washington I am not counting on being able to golf, or fly fish which is my other hobby for the very foreseeable future. Governor seems to be hinting at not opening anything up for quite some time
  9. To play a round for the first time in 4yrs is the top goal for me!!! then as long as things go well with my back build a good practice routine
  10. I dont know what it really looks like in other parts of the country. I am in Spokane WA. Even with the shutdown of some businesses, and stay at home orders it really doesn't seem too much different here. They are saying traffic is down. But my guess is it cant be down more then 20-25% because its not really noticeable. I know that alot of small businesses are closed and i haven't been "downtown" to see what it looks like but i dont see ghost town at all driving around.
  11. Here in spokane washington, steakhouse called clinkerdaggers. Spendy but love the prime rib. Also looking forward to some good mexican food. I'm not really a take out guy by nature
  12. Hello all. I figured I would say hi here since it has been about 3yrs since I have been active on this forum. I always loved this place. However, some chronic lower back issues have stopped me from playing for the last 3+yrs. it’s been frustrating enough that I actually threw my clubs in the trash about a trip ago. However, it seems that I have turned the corner enough that when this shutdown is over I can start working into playing again so I dusted off my “lsw” book and I’m gonna get to work Hopefully building a better swing along the way
  13. I think that they will both get it done. I think McIlroy will get it done first. Although i wouldn't be suprised either way. McIlroy has shown that he can play Augusta well, and the PGA has the toughest field.
  14. I'm kind of trying to wrap my head around this whole thing still.....sooooo.....are people mad because the lpga is limiting the ability to see more skin of young ladies playing golf because they only watch to stare at the girls bodies.....are people mad because a company is enforcing a dress code just like thousands of other companies due in all different fields of work.... I guess i just don't quite understand it.
  15. "Length of skirt, skort, and shorts MUST be long enough to not see your bottom area (even if covered by under shorts) at any time, standing or bent over." This one stood out to me. I quick google photo search showed plenty of outfits that probably wouldn't fit under this. I guess i haven't paid super close attention. Some of those skorts are super, super short.
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